Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Los Alamos bidders tout their strengths

Teams turn in proposals today

By Sue Vorenberg
Tribune Reporter

July 19, 2005

The packages didn't come from Santa Claus, but officials will find a host of freshly delivered boxes this morning at the National Nuclear Security Administration's Albuquerque office.

Their contents: Reams and reams of paper from the two teams bidding for the contract to operate Los Alamos National Laboratory.


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"Change is hard, no matter who you are, where you are or what it's about," Anastasio said. "That's difficult, but it's also the thing that promises an exciting future. I think Los Alamos will need to stop obsessing on the past and focus on the future. People at Los Alamos are excited at the opportunity to work on grand challenges and projects in the national interest. That's really why we're all here."

My daddy taught me that people who fail to learn from the past wind up repeating it. Last thing I want is to repeat the last couple of years. I'm not obsessing, just trying to ensure the right lessons get learned. I doubt our "friends" in UC have learned any (or at least the right) lessons yet based on Mr. Anastasio's comments. Too bad.
A little Laugh for the day. This was atatement out of the article and it's a "weener" if you know what I mean.

The next step for both candidates, which likely will happen in late August, will be to bone up for oral exams administered by NNSA, they said.
Are the oral exams connected in any way to the "reams and reams of paper?"
Only in that it might take "reams and reams" of paper to clean up after the oral exams.
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