Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Look for minor RFP mods

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Here's an informed prediction to keep the blog afloat: Look for minor RFP mods, SOON, that will be an excuse to extend the bid deadline. The gang that can't shoot straight, or to be perfectly accurate that can't seem to agree on how many pages should be in the IWD, is lobbying hard in the East to get NNSA to extend the bid deadline. My guess is that the Department of Enablers will give them a free pass. Why not, they've already given them 60 years.

This post is bull. I know for a fact that UC has pushed hard to keep the date the 19th of July, but LM has sought a 30 day expension. It is very much in UC's best interest to make the submission early as possible and keep the competition from learning more about the lab. What most people don't know is that LM has reached deep into LANL to get lots of staff on their team (with promises of jobs and titles). I know that about 50 staff have filled 701's and are working on the LM contract. Some of these people are good, and some are in it for career advancement.
And what are these 50 people doing for the LM bid?
Who are these 50 people? Data - names please. If you know so much list them so we know who they are.

Its in the Lab's, meaning the people who work there, and country's best interest for there not be any extensions of the current uncertainty; the staff deserve to have things settled as soon as possible. And if one or the other team isn't ready by the 19th, then that makes the selection process a lot simpler.

As far as 50 LANL staff working on the LM team, I find that very hard to believe, and would suggest that you sir, or madam, are the one posting bull. For people who aren't familiar with what a 701 form is, it is a conflict of interest form that requires LANL and by extension UC's permission for the employee to participate in an outside activity. It isn' a slam dunk that you are granted one, even for things the Lab supposedly supports such as entreprenurial activity, and as a former manager I had several people with 701s turned down for less conflicting reasons than working on a competitor's bid. I wouldn't doubt that 50 or even 100+ LANL staff are working to help LM, but I don't believe it would or could be in official, 701-approved capacities.
From sources working for the on site BWXT crowd: The UC proposal will go in on time. Management team is essentially UC consisting of Livermore Mafia (Anastasio, Mara, etc.) with an agenda of do no harm to Livermore and the Bechtel team including John Mitchell as Principal Deputy (an ex Admiral who makes Nanos look like your favorite uncle), Roland Knapp (an ex Admiral who was a Nanos groupie), and an ex Army General to run the Operations side. Lockheed's team includes James Peery, Kathy Alexander, and Paul Hommert from LANL. Whether LM or UC/Bechtel, you won't be in Kansas anymore Dorothy.
The earlier poster's comments on 701s is wrong. UC is SO worried about having anything challenged in the bid process that they have signed all the conflict of interest statements for working with LM.
Missing from the list as working for LM:
Donna Smith (former DL of TT) and Fred Tarantino.
The UC side includes Beason, Seestrom and Gibbs.

I am not sure anyone should win this "competition".
God help us if LM picked up Fred after UC/B had the good sense to ditch him.
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