Saturday, July 23, 2005

LANL's academic network compared

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

A Los Alamos National Laboratory official said the lab's current network of academic alliances is already three times the number the University of Texas System has included in its proposal with Lockheed Martin for managing Los Alamos National Laboratory.

"We'd have to cut way back to get down to 33 agreements and partnerships with universities in this country; and we'd have to get rid of a fair amount of classified research and developmental projects as well," said Terry Lowe, acting program manager of LANL's Science and Technology Base Programs (STB) Office.


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From the article:

"Among the agreements under current UC management, LANL has formal contracts at the board-of-regent level with the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology that are each funded with a budget commitment of $500,000 per year on a five-year renewable contract."

What is the source of these funds? Sounds like bribes to me. Why hasn't Highlands with its seven engineering students gotten a piece of the action?
Terry Lowe needs to know the difference between an organized and integrated research strategy and a randomized stroll through the academic landscape where you say "howdy" to every researcher you meet and put a few dollars in his or her hand. His statement is like saying there are more pieces of fruit in a cluster of grapes than a large box of oranges.
Doesn't Terry Lowe understand that he is not to be a "UC pawn"? He is an employee of the contract operator of LANL, not the UC. If UC wants to argue against the LM/UT approach let them; others should shut up. (He should also start dusting off his resume.)
UC is looking more and more pathetic, desperate, and scared with each passing
moment. There seems to be a coterie of special people at LANL who are now
getting very worried about their positions. I'm growing a bit weary of their
penis-matching rhetoric. Three times bigger you say? Wow!
After first reading this post Friday, I'm now cooled down enough to write a coherent response.


Pray tell how many of the admittedly many current LANL-University collaborations are the result of the efforts of your office? the sage direction of curent LANL managment? or UC's LANL research strategy? vice the at-times herculean, stubborn, persistent efforts of individual LANL TSMs to work with researchers they believe represent the best in a given field. Let's be honest here, UC has virtually nothing to do with the multitude of LANL/University collaborations that currently exist. To suggest otherwise is completely dishonest. And to take credit for the efforts of all the individuals who have had to push, pull, and force-feed management and SUP to get collaborations in place, is just plain obscene.
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