Tuesday, July 19, 2005

LANL contract bids are in

LANL contract bids are in

ROGER SNODGRASS, roger@lamonitor.com, Monitor Assistant Editor

The Lockheed Martin partnership with the University of Texas system will include a consortium of 30 additional academic partners, their spokesman said today.

The University of California-Bechtel partnership's new entity will be known as LANS (Los Alamos National Security, LLC), they reported.

Proposals are due today in the competition to manage and operate Los Alamos National Laboratory, a role UC has played for more than six decades.

Michael Anastasio, leading the LANS effort, said the UC-Bechtel proposal was delivered Monday to the prescribed office in Albuquerque.

"We got a receipt and a picture," he said.

C. Paul Robinson, the Lockheed Martin team's capture executive for the contract, said his team's basic package was delivered today and included 20 copies of the proposal in 30 large boxes.


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