Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lab-management contenders submit bids

By Diana Heil | The New Mexican

July 20, 2005

Tuesday marked the end of an era, as two big-time bidders put forth their concepts for running Los Alamos National Laboratory in the first-ever competition held by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The University of California has operated the lab since 1943, when the federal government was in a hurry to build the atomic bomb. Now, no matter which team wins in December, a for-profit corporation will be in the picture.

Even if UC wins, it won’t be the same old UC as lab manager. Three industrial partners, Bechtel National, BWX Technologies and Washington Group International, have joined UC in a limited-liability corporation called Los Alamos National Security.


In a slam against last year’s management decisions at LANL, Robinson said he doesn’t believe that halting work for months is the way to fix problems: “Why administer chemotherapy to everyone if there’s one case of cancer?” Errors should be fixed on an individual basis, he said, and basic functions at the lab, such as financial accounting controls, must be put in place immediately.


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“Why administer chemotherapy to everyone if there’s one case of cancer?” Hmmmm? Was Todd the cancer in this analogy? I understand the philosophy of the comment but there continues to be a total lack of understanding of the persistent, often politically motivated, and normally unsubstantiated attacks on LANL. As Brad and many others have frequently said, please give the facts, show the data, and show ALL data. Otherwise refrain from descriptors such as "cancer", "scandal-ridden", "culture", and, of course our favorites, "cowboys" and "buttheads". We are just a bunch of hard-working, dedicated, and weary folks trying to do the very best that we can under a smothering bureaucracy rained upon us by DOE/NNSA.
Understand very clearly: Todd Kaupilla was not the cancer, George P. Nanos was the cancer.
How 'bout starting a new post where predictions on which division gets axed/reorganized/flushed after the new LLC takes over?
Interesting 11:54:21. I personally believe that LM/UT is in for an interesting time if they win. I have a feeling they do not fully appreciate the "culture" of Northern NM.

Neither do Bechtel, BWXT, or WGI, who will deal with most of the "northern New Mexico culture."
Previos post should have been directed at 12:00. Sorry.
To 7/20/2005 11:54:21 AM, a good friend at Sandia told me that not that much will happen in the first year, but a year in, watch out.
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