Friday, July 15, 2005

Former LANL employees who have been showing up in Washington

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As a DOE employee working at Forrestal, it is rather amusing, although not surprising, to see the large numbers of former LANL employees who have been showing up in Washington in the last several months, either working for us, other agencies, or private companies.

I am curious what the true numbers for retirements, and for terminations are year to date. A fellow retiree told me that when he went in to the Nambe shop in Pojoaque to redeem his $100 retirement gift certificate, the shop clerk told him that LANL had advised the shop to be prepared to handle 1,500 gift certificate redemptions.
I am also curious. I notice that LANL HR has been very quiet about how many people have quit or retired this year.
How do you spell incompetent? LANL HR -- they are the challeged !
To DOE employee:

Can you give us their names?
Not a real surprise, given the psychosis at LANL over the last few years, that folks are saying buh-bye and moving away.
Latest posting from HR is 260 - 270 retired less than the 300 expected.

I feel so much better knowing that the outcomes resulting directly or as collateral damage from the actions of your organization's gross incompetence can at the very least provide some amount of humor inside the beltway. I bet the North Koreans and Chinese think its hilarious too.
It'll be even funnier after DOE's screwed up both LANL and LLNL, and a nuc goes off in a city, and this country has no real nuclear abilites to fall back on. I'll bet you'll be rolling on the floor laughing at the prediciment you've put the country in.

Do you get as much joy messing with your pets mind as you seem to get from messing with the lives of hard working honest employees?
Actually, I mess with my pets minds, but in a friendly sort of a way. One of my African Greys likes to mess back: I walk into the bird room and he says, "Hi, Butthead!"

Perhaps the DOE guy was messing with us, but in a friendly sort of way.

So, the bird knows that Doug is one of THEM!
Yup. Smart bird. The really irritating thing is that he uses my voice to call me a butthead.

Actually, a person who has 17 large parrots flying around the house and crapping all over the place is NOT a butthead. He is a FOOL!
Thanks, Dale.

It is less amusing to see how many ex-DOE types have been showing up here. Total lack of any technical understanding and clearly bean counting experts. I accept the need for expert bean counting - producitve and efficieint work is good and should be expected. What I am concerned about is that these folks are placed into technical decision making positions without the ability.
Well certainly Admiral Butthead is now living in the DC area, commuting to Ft. Belvoir.
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