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End this obscenity


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Anonymous said...

You are right, 07:52:09 PM. Lots of people read this blog. I have seen UCOP, LM, DTRA and DOE on the blog. It is safe to assume that many people within those organizations know full well what many of us feel about Nanos, and UC. In fact, unless all the folks at those organizations are complete fools as well, they know that Nanos is not to be trusted in an upper management position.

What remains to be done is to bring the corruption of the system sufficiently into the spotlight that we can facilitate putting to an end this obscenity of Nanos continuing to be paid an exhorbitant salary as an apparent reward for having wreaked havoc ln Los Alamos.

This should provide ample evidence to DOE that UC does not deserve to win the bid. Not only is it demonstrated that UC refuses to admit their mistakes, but it shows that they have obviously elected to continue to keep problem managers on the payroll. This whole Nanos DTRA COS business demonstrates pretty clearly that UC does not posses the skills necessary to manage a national laboratory today.
Two things. First, it has long been a LANL practice to ship managers to DC postings for rehab after they screw up at LANL. After the stench dies down they are candidates for reinsertion and promotion at LANL. Nothing new here. Second, ever hear of employment contracts? Nanos, and all the top LANL management, have contracts, and breaking them is mighty expensive. Easier to let Nanos sit it out at DTRA.
Lastly, Nanos wasn't a "Lone Ranger". Foley and the other UCs knew what he was doing, evidence is they even encouraged it. So, why punish Pete? He was simply the agent of the UC monster. And that is what sucks about this whole scheme. At the end, sitting in the middle of the mess, noone is guilty. But that is the nature of LANL, isn't it? Promote the guilty, punish the innocent, launch a coverup, and pretend it was all a mistake.
Accountability.... the missing component at LANL.
Uh...Don't forget that Brooks supported Nanos too. Why would DOE punish UC for following DOE orders?
People seem to forget that most of the problems that we deal with come straight from the Forrestal building (or at least from LASO).

UC does deserve to lose the bid, but it won't be for Dynes' & Foley's support of Nanos.

Hey - I was prepared to take a financial hit to my retirement just to get rid of The Butthead. If the government is stupid enough to keep him employed, then that is their problem.

Justice does need to be served, but I'm willing to settle for "he's not here anymore."
"So, why punish Pete?"

Short answer, because he deserves it. He was an incompetent, malicious, mean-spirited presence during his thankfully-short tenure at LANL. The damage he did was done willfully, albeit with the encouragement of NNSA, DOE, and UC. If there were a way to punish those organizations as well, I would encourage that too.
UC's "just desserts" will be the embarrassment of losing the contract. I can't see that there is a chance in hill that UC can win. At best they can stall the inevitable through extensions, but the exodus of talent will continue as long as UC is in control.
Another reason why Nanos isnt fired is because most of the people who really feel that he should be are on the hill. NNSA and Congress both felt he was doing a passable job and only moved him to the side because he alienated too many people who might retire too soon.

In the end, the people at LANL have won a battle and probably lost the war as they have cemented the view that they are spoiled brats who forgot who they work for.
Wow! The hatred continues. Nanos the Satan, Nanos the one who did not really get a degree at Princeton, Nanos the maniac. Oh my!

A few good comments, like contracts, can’t just throw the guy in the street without big money default….Dr. Nanos was the instrument, not necessarily the inventor of the actions taken at LANL, there may have been few others that felt that LANL was a disaster waiting to happen (ooopps sorry disasters did happen). . Finally, the poster who notes that LANL may have won the battle and lost the war was spot on….guys, the nation has been reading your blogs and shaking their collective heads.

CLOSE THE PLACE DOWN, relocate the equipment to other labs and pitch the whiners, the nation’s security and safety will be improved 100 fold and who knows? We may even save a few bucks too.
Poster 5:41

Man, you are full of it. The most valuable asset of the lab is the people. As for closing
it and moving the equipment. That will cost a lot of money.
The people are the most imprint thing. Also from my
experience it is the people that complain that are the
best and they complain the loudest because they care.
The nation is not reading the blog shacking their heads. The American people are smarter than that and know all about bad managers. Additionally when push comes to shove the American people really do appreciate the job we do and know it is the scientists that are doing it.

The disaster at Los Alamos was not caused by the workers.
It was caused by politics at its worse. You better believe the American people understand how
ugly and bad politics can get.
I think everyone can agree that when the facts are analyzed objectively Los Alamos is the premier lab in terms of science, safety and security. Shutting down the lab and moving it someplace else will fix "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING". The exact same thing would happen
at any other lab at any time if bad politics gets hold of it.

Finley Poster 5:41, you are the same idiot who posts the
same junk over and over.
Get some facts. Facts are good, they are your friends, they
will help you. Before you post next time, THINK. Are you some
disgruntled former employers who was fired because you sucked so
bad? What a miserable life you must lead.
7/16/2005 at 05:41:19 PM must work for NNSA. Clearly the Crown Jewels of LANL (and any other organization) are the people. This idiot is basically proposing throwing out the baby with the bath water.
Remember Joe Salgado? He fired Walpe and Doran (who deserved to be fired for their unfounded accusations). UC fired him, and did not give him a chance to become vested. He did far less damage (if any) compared to Nanos...
Yes here is an obscenity- it is this relentless and irresponsible exercise in character assassination by a small group of spiteful girls stuck in middle school immaturity. Come on girls, grow up. People you do not agree with are not automatically villains.

Perhaps the most pathetic part of this endless rant is the ageless view of the weak and impotent that those who have been placed in authority or influence MUST have done gotten there and have maintained their place by corrupt means.

Reality is that most (not all) of those you collectively revile are dedicated, hardworking, well meaning, honest, and effective.

Actually, given your predisposition to mean spiritedness, it is good that you have not achieved your own obvious ambitions to to BE IN CHARGE.
10:48 poster.

What the hell are you talking about.
Try being sober next time you post. A small group? What lab are you livin in? Hey kid wake up smell the coffee. IT IS NOT A SMALL GROUP. In my divsion I have not found a single person not, NOT A SINGLE PERSON, who has anything good to say about Nanos. That makes about 200 people right there. Ok let me think? Oh yes
a friend of mine in X found only 1
person in favor of Nanos. Lets gues
about another 150. In DX, I have yet
to find one. In C, well I do not know any. Hell we are up to about
1K. These are the best people and
a number can leave.

Hey kid it is time to face reality.
DOE messed this up so bad. It is clear to everyone. Reality baby,
try it, it is some good stuff. I know you suck and can never leave but that is the way of things.
UC can fire any manager for cause. I know of no case in the sixty year history of Los Alamos in which the "for cause" element was more in evidence that in the case of George Peter Nanos, Jr. That Nanos is still on the UC payroll is a testament to the total incompetence of Robert "Sly" Foley and the total silence of Robert "Ostrich" Dynes. More than anything else, the dirty deed of keeping Nanos screams out that such an injustice cannot be rewarded. UC should not be granted either the Los Alamos or the Livermore contracts.
7/16/2005 07:49:29 PM

Unfounded accusations? That shows how little you know of what happened. Lab management was informed of the long time theft, and did NOTHING!
I support Nanos. He did what needed to be done.
You must be lonly over there all by yourself, chump.
7/18/2005 11:56:52 AM

Hey chump

Your ingnorance is apparent - it is lonely
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