Thursday, July 28, 2005

Decontamination operation conducted at local home

CAROL A. CLARK,, Monitor Staff Writer

Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Nuclear Security Administration and Los Alamos County conducted a decontamination operation at the home of a lab employee in White Rock on Wednesday.

LANL spokeswoman Kathy DeLucas stated in a news release that the decontamination operation was conducted after an investigation confirmed the presence of contamination in the employee's workspace.


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LANL Public Affairs Director Jim Fallin stated in an interview this morning that because of the "extreme low levels of contaminants we were dealing with, it was decided by our experts that there is no credible threat to the general public."

There's the "Happy Face"
Maybe no threats to the general public but what about the employee and his/her family, assuming he/she has one. Are they part of the general public?
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