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The cost of the graduate education that Pete Nanos received from the Princeton University physics department

From Anonymous:

I looked at the only paper that Pete Nanos ever published ("Polarization of the blackbody radiation at 3.2 centimeters," The Astrophysical Journal, volume 232, pages 341-347, 1 September 1979) and compared the people named in the acknowledgements with the current staff listing for the Princeton University physics department. By this method I identified Edward Groth as someone who might shed light on the nature of the graduate work that Nanos performed. I sent the following message to Edward Groth (identifying details are deleted).

Dear Edward,
I am a graduate of the (department deleted) in (year deleted) and a (number deleted)-year staff member at Los Alamos. Recently there have been claims regarding our former director, George Peter Nanos, that he did not receive a legitimate degree from Princeton but instead received some kind of special treatment under a junior officer's program. His only publication mentions your name. Can you shed any light on this question? I will not make use of your name but would like to post your reply on the Los Alamos web log if you are willing.
For background see postings near the bottom of this URL:
(name deleted)

I received the following prompt reply.

From: Edward Groth
Subject: Re: Princeton physics department in 1974
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:46:04 -0400
To: (address deleted)
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(name deleted) -

Revisionist history is just wonderful!

You may use my name.

My wife and I were good friends with Pete and his wife when Pete was a graduate student here.

He was a couple of years behind me in graduate school. We both worked in the same group (the Gravity Group) and had the same thesis advisor, the late Dave Wilkinson. His thesis was the first attempt to measure the polarization of the microwave background. He only achieved an upper limit - most CMB experiments in those days were upper limits or had big error bars. In fact, CMB polarization has only been detected in the last few years.

It was a fully legitimate thesis - he built the hardware, ran the experiment (on the roof of Jadwin Hall) and analyzed the data.

He went through the program just like any other grad student - spending the first year working in the lab (where he helped on my project) and then studying for and passing the general exam before working on his thesis.

So far as I know, he did not receive any special treatment from Princeton. In those days - Vietnam War era - military people were not held in high regard on college campuses.

The junior officer program paid for him to go to graduate school. He went to Annapolis, then served on a ship, then came to graduate school. I believe the deal was that he owed the Navy two years of service for every year they paid for him to go to graduate school.

The NSF paid for me to go to graduate school. So far as I know, no one has accused me of not having a legitimate degree.

(end of response)

In summary, the cost of the graduate education that Pete Nanos received from the Princeton University physics department was paid by the Navy in return for additional years of commitment but he was not treated differently from any other graduate student. In my own experience, the Princeton preliminary and general exams were highly rigorous.

Edward: He's not held in high regard on this campus either. Not because he was in the military but because he is a cruel, vindictive criminal who, with Foley's guidance, destroyed an essential national asset. Bottom line, Nanos was a disaster from the start.
Is it true that Nanos only published one 6 page paper in his entire career? I find that hard to believe.
So look it up.
The hatred of Nanos by some individuals is incredible. The intent of the letter to Groth was to dig up any information to discredit Nanos. I find that action to be very unprofessional. I think it reflects badly on this blog and the administrator for allowing it.

Stick to the issues, else this blog ceases to be useful and credible.
I beg your pardon. As the writer of the message to Ed Growth, my only motive was to ascertain the truth.
One of the issues that needs to be delt with is the feeling of betrayal brought upon by the actions of Nanos. Some official statement should be made that acknowledges that Nanos made huge mistakes severally hurt both the institution of Los Alamos as well as the lives of many people. There is a reason so many people feel the way they do about Nanos. Maybe we should just get over it but it would happen so much faster if Nanos was held accoutable for his actions.
And as the maintainer of the blog, I elected to post the article to set the record straight. Get a grip, 06:20:00 PM. Nanos went to Princeton and wrote one paper. End of story.

Pete who? Time to move on folks.
Hey 6:26:30

Who is Ed Growth?
To 6:46- It isn't time to move on until, as a previous poster stated in another thread, Nanos and his minions answer for their crimes in the same manner that Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay have. The damage done is tangible and severe. There needs to be justice before we move on.
I agree with you, 7:26 pm. In fact, I suspect that those who seem so anxious to "put the Nanos business behind us" were willing participants in the immoral and now-discredited actions that Nanos took.

Further, UC cannot admit their errors in supporting Nanos, because

1) they to not have the moral fiber to do so, and

2) to admit their failings would immediatly and irrevocably disqualify them from winning the bid.
There is a bottom of every class.
FYI: ISI Thomson returns about 20 citation for "Nanos GP". At least six of them look as "scientific" publications. There is a bunch of papers in the naval engineers journals, but some of them may be not science or engineering related (listed as untitled, comments or presidents page).

I think it's easy to kick a dead dog? Get over it, otherwise you look like those "whiners, etc" as Dr. Nanos named you.

If you do your research more carefully, you will confirm that there is only one scientific publication by Nanos.
I count two:

Polarization of the blackbody radiation at 3.2 centimeters.
Source: Astrophysical Journal; 1 Sept. 1979; vol.232, no.2, pt.1, p.341-7

Optical timing of the Crab pulsar, NP 0532.
Source: Astrophysical Journal; 1 July 1972; vol.175, no.1, pt.1, p.217-41
If Admiral Butthead can get on a paper with Dave Wilkinson, he must have shown some promise in his youth.
My last comment was deleted. Again, I say that if you cannot forgive you brother. God will not forgive you.
My last comment was deleted. Again, I say that if you cannot forgive your brother. God will not forgive you. I left the 'r' off of your on the last one. Even Jesus makes mistakes.
I think WingNut is back. Welcome, I say! A much more refreshing kind of anonymity than what we have been experiencing lately.

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