Monday, July 25, 2005

Blog Hit History

Recent posts have requested information on the hit rate trend for this blog. The graph at the left shows the complete history of hits. The tallest peak which occured around April 30 corresponds to the first NYT article, followed shortly after by another spike caused by the NYT article being linked on the Drudge Report for two days. I believe the next big peak around May 18 corresponds to a flurry of stories about Nanos' resignation. The next big peak around June 8 was caused by the Tommy Hook business.


What became of that Tommy Hook business? Never heard anything more about.
I heard that his house was put up for sale.
Interesting, I had completely forgotten about the Tommy Hook case. I would love to know what is going on.
If somebody would go out and beat up Tommy Hook again the blog hits would increase.
Please don't beat up Tommy Hook. He has a nice lawn (or so I hear in the paper)
Any info on the Am241 contamination incident yesterday?
There was a *minor* contamination incident in sigma due to a poorly labeled package. Unfortantly,
nanos-managers live. Wallace ordered the stand down of ALL of sigma, and appointed Ross Lemons to investigate and come up with another Corrective Action Plan. I doubt Wallace even understands what happened, but he is all keen on showing that "he gets it".
Do not expect any difference if Lockheed takes over. If a contamination occurs at SNL, the facility is locked down until cleaned and the people gone through training of why it happened and what to do in the future. The whole lab wont be shut down, but facilities and divisions will be.
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