Monday, July 25, 2005

Bid for lab includes fewer partners

July 25, 2005

LOS ALAMOS - A Los Alamos National Laboratory official says a proposed academic network that would cooperate with the nuclear weapons lab has fewer potential partners than those already working with the lab.

In submitting its bid Tuesday to manage the lab, a team headed by defense contractor Lockheed Martin and the University of Texas touted a national network of universities and institutions that would work with Los Alamos lab.


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So why didn't LANL or UC/Bechtel get such complimentary news out sooner? LANL and UC/Bechtel come across here as reactive rather than proactive, behind the curve rather than ahead of it. LM/UT, Paul Robinson, et. al., come across as the proactive pros, the true leaders, so far. I am a 16 year LANL TSM.
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