Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Anti-nuclear bid for Los Alamos seeks to change lab's mission

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. - Two anti-nuclear groups have filed bids to run the Los Alamos National Laboratory, with the aim of dismantling its nuclear weapons research and turning the lab's research program toward the environment.
Santa Fe-based Nuclear Watch of New Mexico and California's Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment submitted a joint 24-page proposal Tuesday to manage the lab for the Energy Department.
They suggested reversing direction for the lab where the atomic bomb was developed 60 years ago, turning its future toward research on environmental restoration, renewable energy, green manufacturing and combatting global warming.


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This is great news for UC. There is now officially a WEAKER bidder in the competition.
Not convinced.
Good Point
Good Point
How much do you want to bet?
It's too bad all these "activists" could come up with was yet another press stunt. I'd take them seriously if they got together and actually funded a research center similar to the Santa Fe Institute, dedicated to environmental topics.

But that plan would take more than 24 pages.
I agree that if the activists really wanted to make an impact for some of their causes a legitimate research center would be appropriate. It would also have to have scientists without a political agenda to be be credible. It is ironic that so many activists do not trust scientists when in the end, problems like global warming, alternative energy, dismantling old weapons, biodiversity, and AIDS will have to be solved by scientists.

To be honest so many of these activists really are not
concerned about these issues, they simply like to part of a fashionable cause to make themselves look good or feel better about themselves.
...and how does that make the activists different from the Regents?
When I first saw the headline, I thought "Oh my Gosh, DOE/NNSA is bidding to manage the Los Alamos National Security Limited Liability Corporation."
7:02, the Regents have power, the activists do not.
The regents have been asleep for he last two years. The train has left the station and they are still standing on the platform holding their knapsacks while reading the signs that only confirm the departure of their target.
The commentors at 7/20/2005 05:29:39 PM and 7/20/2005 05:54:06 PM hvae it right. These activists are uniformed fools. Probably Democrats!
And you 7/21/2005 07:32:25 AM are an informed Republican, nuff said.
Nanos and Foley are uniformed fools too.
I think the activists are probably "trust fund babies" whose fathers, or mothers, were probably good scientists working their tails off at a large, respected company that values and understands the impact science has on humanity.
Indeed, the activists are clueless fools.
Yes, a bunch of room-temperature IQ spoiled brats!
At least the activists have a clearly stated mission that many of them believe in. Let's face it, Los Alamos has degenerated into an organization whos public face is some weird combination of: "we're the economic engine of Northern New Mexico", "we are safe & secure - trust us", "we are really smart -trust us", "you owe us a good pension 'cause you just do." etc. If National Security REALLY depended on what we do here, Nanos would have been fired last July. Can anyone here state what our mission is now, today?!
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