Monday, June 13, 2005

What's Going on at Los Alamos?

Dave Eberhart,
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
[Editor's note: This is the first in a two-part series on the nation's nuclear weapons laboratory. Part two: "Troubles at Los Alamos Mask Record of Achievement."]

The recent case of a Los Alamos whistleblower – and his claims that he was beaten by thugs who don't want him to talk about corruption at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab – has raised fresh questions about what is really going on there and prompted some nuclear community heavy hitters into defense mode.

Linton Brooks, National Nuclear Security Administration director, pointedly apologized to Los Alamos employees June 10 for characterizing the laboratory as suffering from "a culture of noncompliance" in a recent report to Congress, saying it was "an extremely poor choice of words."


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The infamous Manhattan project?
I thought that was our crowning achievment.
I stopped reading when the first quote was from the political hacks at POGO.
The question is how to rebuild journalism in USA. This article is a new low. Plenty of inaccuracies and manipulations. Examples:
1)" But notable accomplishments aside, the lab's track record under UC management has been, to say the least, spotty.

It was all the way back in 1945 that Klaus Fuchs, a German-born physicist involved in the Manhattan Project, gave the then Soviet Union the main elements of the design of the atomic bomb. Admitting the espionage, Fuchs was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

The lab was the epicenter of a 1999 espionage controversy involving lab scientist Wen Ho Lee. Never charged with espionage, Lee was fired for security violations. He eventually pleaded guilty to a felony count of mishandling classified information and admitted copying classified files. Lee always maintained that he disposed of the purloined files on site, but they have never been found."
Spotty indeed, one problem in 1945 and next in 1999. Besides Fuchs, who should have been under control not of UC for sure, as this was the war then, all "failures" are questionable in this way or another. Compare this "spotty" record with any other record of even very respectable institution to see how spotty they are, and you will see LANL is simply one of these most respectable institutions with very little number of "spots", often inflated by unprofessional journalists like Dave Eberhardt.
2)"UC is competing against at least two other corporate-academic teams, including Lockheed Martin Corp. with the University of Texas, and Northrop Grumman Corp. with an undisclosed academic partner. "
One more onvious crime against journalism, he did not even check that Northrop Grummanmis already out of the competition.

Should I continue. Unfortunately, such approach to work is typical of present US journalists. Because of that the people do not know what is going on with their taxes in hands of politicians, who are even less qualified to do their jobs than journalists, and the result is US loosing its power and respect. The power and respect of which is LANL still a prominent representative.
NewsMax is a pathetic joke. You can certainly find better journalism in the US, where at least an attempt at objectivity is made, and they can actually spell correctly and get basic facts straight most of the time. Even if you want to read a blatantly conservative rag, The Washington Times is a big step up from NewsMax.
This "article" perpetuates all the fraudulent lies of the right-wing Congress and the fair-and-balanced Fox news media about the "culture" at Los Alamos. Garbage, all of it. The Republican Party must someday take full responsibility for the mess it's made of a once-proud scientific laboratory. Will the Republican voters in Northern New Mexico still doggedly vote Republican after the RIF?
If this article represents "right-wing garbage", then presumably there are like examples of "left-wing" garbage. Why haven't we seen any?
That would be an example of an inductive fallacy. No, there do not have to be equivalent examples of horrid yellow journalism on the left just because, at this moment in the US, the far right has so many.
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