Thursday, June 16, 2005

What has been done?

From Anonymous:

It was exactly one month ago at Bob Kuckuck's first all-hands meeting that Don Cobb said "They were already working on it." when he was asked if UC could do something for Todd Kaupilla's family. Todd Kaupilla was scapegoated (fired) over the non-existent "missing" CREM incident that didn't happen last July. Todd died recently, uninsured at the time of his death as a result of having been fired by UC/LANL.

I would like to know what has been done in the month that has ensued since Cobb promised that actions were being taken.

It would appear that nothing is being done. Typical of UC: all words, no action.
7:24, you are mistaken, and paint an extremely unfair picture of both UC and the Laboratory.

Contrary to your statement, LANL's Senior Executive Team has already requested that LANL's Human Relations (HR)division form a working group to evaluate potential actions that might be taken to adress the concern raised to Don. The SET has mandated that this working group provide a written report and Powerpoint briefing to Laboratory Counsel no later than 1 December. Upon receipt of the report and briefing, Counsel's office has been directed to provide a preliminary recommendation to a to-be-identified Associate Laboratory Director (AD)by 1 March 2006, and to form an action team composed of former group leaders to rank the proposed actions detailed in the report from HR. The action team will be required to forward a written report of its findings and recommendations back to HR by 1 April, 2006. After receipt of the report, HR will then prepare a survey to be distributed to all group and division chief of staffs, asking that they provide a second ranking of the potential actions originally proposed by the HR woking group, reviewed by LC, and ranked by the group leader action team. After the results of this survey have been compiled and provided to the SET, the preliminary plan is to form an external review committee to draft a formal request to UC that they consider taking appropriate action.

So there. It isn't at all like no one is doing anything. Most of the SET worked 7/24 last Friday, to come up with a win/win solution.
Nothing has been done because Bob Foley has dictated that nothing be done. Don't be fooled by Bob Kuckuck's pleasant demeanor, as much of an improvement as it is over Nanos. Bob Foley calls the shots with respect to everything that goes on at LANL. As long as UC runs this place, nothing will be done to remediate the damage done to Todd Kaupilla's family because Bob Foley has said so.
09:10:38, exactly what has been done in common language? Nothing but more committees and reports and powerpoint presentations. This will not take care of Todd's family. So you are mistaken.
To 9:10 -- I stand corrected. How foolish of me to think LANL was doing nothing with regards Todd Kaupilla's family.
9:13 has done a marvelous job of describing the great and rapid progress being made to assist Todd's family. The SET has really streamlined its issue-resolving process. There's no doubt the UC team will devastate the LockMart competition.
Pardon me: it was the 9:10 writer who enlightened us, not the 9:13 writer as I previously stated. Humble apologies.
9:24: Indeed. I imagine Rich Mah is preparing a Powerpoint file at this very moment on the details of UC's devastation plan.
Sounds to me like LANL management will spend $200,000-$300,000 on various comittees to decide, eventually, maybe in a year or two, to send Todd's family $1.98 in compnesation. Great response !!!!
My concern is that Staff Relations....are the folks that recommended firing Todd in the first place. That is the usual way things work here. I would not have HR form the team!!
Fellows, 9:10 was being sarcastic. Humerous, but sarcastic. LANL is doing nothing, because has been previously stated, Bob Foley has mandated that nothing be done in the Todd Kaupilla case.

Note to LM: LANL is populated with a disproportionate number of humorless, literal-minded cone heads.
Is the 9:10 comment a parody? I'm still
not sure. But there is certainly not
going to be a win/win. It's going to
be LOSE/LOSE. Lose for the Kaupilla
family who suffered loss of a father
and financial hardship. And big time
financial loss and bad press for UC and LANL when
this matter is settled in Todd's favor. If this matter ever gets to court, the bare facts are not going to
look good for Nanos and UC to a jury. I can't believe I spent two years working for an institution with
such corrupt and evil management.
It make me sick.
D. Simmons
former TSM in DX division
( where never is heard a discouraging word )
Is this the timeline from the 09:10 post?

12/1/05 - written report and powerpoint briefing to LANL Counsel by HR

3/1/2006 - LANL Counsel provides a preliminary recommendation to some unnamed AD and forms a team to rank proposed actions from the HR report

4/1/2006 - written report and recommendations back to HR from LANL Counsel

???? - survey to group and division chiefs of staff asking for a second ranking of the actions followed by the formation of an external (what does external mean, external from where?) review committee that will request that UC do the right thing.

Is this for real? This is what our "wonderful" SET came up with? They worked 7/24 (7 days 24 hours) last Friday to come up with this solution? Who cares about what the division and group chiefs of staff have to say?

Here's a solution. Give the family tax free the amount of Todd's life insurance before he was fired, his salary with projected raises for the next 20 years, reimburse the family for all the lawyer's fees, and then $1 million dollars for pain and suffering.

Somebody please tell me the 9:10 posting was just sarcasm.

We'd tell you, but then you wouldn't look so humorless and literal-minded.
What type of employment contract do employees at LANL have? Most corporations these days have at-will employment terms, meaning that the employer can terminate employment with or without cause ... and likewise the employee can leave at will.

With Lockheed Martin, will at-will employment agreements be the standard or will there still be implicit work contracts?

Todd Kaupilla's death was indeed tragic. I don't know the exact details and most people probably don't know either. I don't necessarily doubt Kaupilla's version or John Horne's version, but perhaps at the end of the day nothing improper was done by LANL. I think it's rather appropriate to take time and to diligently sort through all sides of this issue before a decision is made. Jumping to conclusions and jumping to a settlement may help UC quell some of this bad publicity, but it may not necessarily be the proper outcome. If in fact LANL has at-will employment agreements, then it's hard to see where LANL erred on the legal/procedural side of matters.
Just curious that this matter takes more committees and a longer timeline than actually putting the bid in to run the laboratory. Also curious that the resolution won't be until after the contract is awarded. Once again, things that make you go hmmmmm.
To 7:46PM:

I am familier with Todd Kaupilla and John Horne's case and at the end of the day, LANL did everything wrong. Todd was wrongfully fired, and John has suffered retribution for events that did not occur. There were no missing disks. Neither Todd nor John were at-will employees. At LANL, division management and above are the only at-will employees.

LANL management, now that former director Nanos is gone, is fully aware that Todd was wrongfully fired. The reason that nothing has been done to date to attempt to rectify some of the injustices commited by Nanos is that Nanos' actions were fully sanctioned by Bob Foley, UC Director of Operations in charge of LANL, and Bob Foley controls all top management decisions at LANL. Director Kuckuck is simply working "at the will" of Foley.
Some of the real villains (can you say Kevin & Susan?) are still at large! Through their pathetic croc. tears, they are being paid off in fine form for their willing participation in the Nanos/Foley fraud on the American taxpayer and the LANL employees. Ultimately, Todd's family will win the case and UC will look just plain stupid again. John never had much of a case anyway (afterall who cares about a couple of days at home?). Sadly, he will be forever a disgruntled employee looking to get his share of something that does not exist in the first place. Will anything REALLY be done by the SET? Of course not. For the SET to set things right would take (among other things), courage, integrity, and common sense. Does that sound like the SET that has (mis)lead us for the last few years? Unfortunately, the best thing for all of us is to just watch UC disappear and for LM to take over and clean house. A little bird tells me that Susan and company will not be around feathering their nests very long after the takeover occurs. Nobody will ever mention the other two victims of Kevin's deal with the devil; they will never see justice. The sun will still rise and fall in Los Alamos. How's that for humorless and naive?
How can anyone think of making a career at a place this disfunctional?
09:34 -- That is why so many people are leaving now. I am interested in discovering

a) how many people have left (retired, terminated) LANL since the shutdown, and

b) how many people total will have retired by the end of this FY.
How about these figures from the latest EB meeting?

Each AD addressed their anticipated near-term staffing losses and needs. However people did this task in such different ways it is difficult to compare the data.

ADSR identified ~ 65 people that it will need to replace or acquire
ADWP identified ~ 290 TSMs and 115 Other
ADTR identified ~ 70 FTE.
ADWEM identified ~ 55 FTE (predominately in areas needed to support OE. (Programmatic needs had not been assessed)
ADTS identified ~ 73 FTE.
ADA identified ~ 15 FTE
ADSFO did not report as they had completed their workforce review yesterday.
HR data currently shows ~290 pending retirements.
Nothing has been done as yet. I hope you will all continue to ask these questions because UC will not do the right thing unless it is compelled to do so under pressure. The poster at 8:42 is exacly correct, LANL did do everything wrong and acted in an unwarranted and malicious manner with regard to Todd and to me. To the poster at 9:22 you have it mostly right. Susan and Kevin are in this conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers up to their eyeballs. Both have been paid off in the short term for their willingness to assist Nanos and Foley even after the truth was known. They will eventually have to answer for their roles in Todd's death and the many other misdeeds that they have gleefully engaged in over the last year. But please do not mistake righteous indignation for simply being a disgruntled employee. Your predictions are just that, predictions. You know some of the broad aspects of what has occurred but are lacking in the details. I will continue to hope that justice will be done in the end. We have yet to see which one of us will be correct.

In the mean time please continue to keep Todd Kauppilas name at the forefront of LANL discussions. It would be a travesty to allow his name and the injustices he suffered to be forgotten.

Again, thank you for the wide spread support that so many of you have shown to me, to Todd's family, and to Todd.

John N. Horne
So is it time to hold a 'citizen's inquiry' on what happened to Todd? Set up a meeting, once a week; call witnesses; get public statements; make public what really happened.

In other words, do what should have been done. A death of an employee would require an inquiry; I think we consider Todd an employee, since he was wrongly fired; therefore, there needs to be an inquiry into his death.

This inquiry could be conducted in a very public place.
Excellent idea.
Where do we start? What's the right organization to put this under? CLE? UPTE? I'm willing to come out into the open if I've got a little cover on this one ...
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