Thursday, June 02, 2005

What has been done?

From Anonymous:

I was at the all-hands meeting a few weeks ago where President Dynes introduced us to our new director. I was also present during the questions session when it was asked if there was anything that UC could do to help the family of Todd Kaupilla. After much fumbling, Cobb finally answered the question with "We are already working on it."

I would like to know what has been done.

Absolutely nothing has been done and I don't believe that UC intends to do anything. The answer you got was simply an attempt to deflect attention away from the issue. Foley's response should have made it obvious that UC has no intention of making ammends for killing Todd Kauppila. Foley and Nanos are not honorable men and we should not expect them to act as such.

If anything is to be done to help the family keep up the pressure by not forgetting what was done to Todd. Ask this question in every meeting: What is being done for the Kauppila family and when will you admit that Todd was completely nonculpable in the CREM II incident.

John N. Horne
I agree; whatever Cobb may have said or intended, it was all completely reversed by Foley's response.
Why should we be surprised that this cabal risked the careers, reputations, and lives of its employees when that same cabal risked the security of 295 million Americans by standing down their premier nuclear weapons and nonproliferation laboratory for months? Honest and decent men and women find it compelling to say "We are sorry" when they are wrong. Why should be find it strange that the Foley and his cabal find it impossible to utter those same words even in the face of the tragedies, physical and financial, they wrongly have visited upon their Los Alamos employees? Even so, I remind hopeful that Director Kuckuck might find the grit and courage to reverse this inexcusible silence and right the course of this institution.
Remind me to make that "remain hopeful"
"risked the security of 295 million Americans by standing down their premier nuclear weapons and nonproliferation laboratory for months"
As one of those 295 million Americans whom you think were at risk, we didn't and don't think we were. Open your eyes the rest of this country doesn't think LANL is what is keeping us safe. Sorry.
6/3/2005 08:53:41 AM writes: "Open your eyes the rest of this country doesn't think LANL is what is keeping us safe."

National Security is a team effort, and an unfortunate aspect of that effort is seldom does the public know when the team, or a part of it, has literally saved the day. Often times, much of the team doesn't know either, though they may have contributed important resources to the effort.

It's apparent that 6/3/2005 08:53:41 AM doesn't have any clue as to what LANL has done to allow them to remain alive and free under our Contitution. Usually that's by design, but it's so unfortunate, because it perpetuates a myth among a substantial fraction of our population that we sit here in America relatively safe and secure by virtue of fate, goegraphy, or the loving benvolence of the rest of the world.

Tell the millions Stalin slaughtered about loving benevolence, which LANL helped check, and the thousands who have died of terrorist acts, more of which LANL helps keep in check.

So, 6/3/2005 08:53:41 AM, continue to live your happy, ignorant life, which you owe in some measure to those who work in obscurity, all across our National Security agencies, for their whole careers to ensure it remains safe from our real-life enemies.
Yeah but what has LANL done in the last 5 years to keep America safe? People keep bringing up ending the cold war.. well that was over 10 years and so many mortgage payments and food bills ago. As a long time LANLite.. people have to realize that unless you can sell LANL as "what have you done for us lately?"

Harping about building the bomb and other things doesnt make sense to the average American. Problem for the student of marketing LANL... what will LANL do in the next 5 years that is so important that it should stay home and not a Sub base in Maine that employs as many people directly and indirectly?
What has LANL done for you lately?

I don't see people asking what the Defense Threat Reduction Agency has done for them lately. Or what UNM has done for them lately.

The fact is that much of what LANL has done for you lately is not known in the open, and much may never be known in the open.

The cold-war was as much a public spectacle as it was a clandestine one, yet now the threats we face are much more difficult to address, and much less public.

LANL plays as big a role in the security of our nation now as it ever did, and in the personal security of everyone who selfishly asks what it has done for them lately.

As much as the Pollyannas of the world would like to believe it, we are not living in a magical time of a peace dividend, world unity, love and understanding, but in a time when enemies of the United States would be filled with joy at the wanton murder of millions of Americans and destruction of much of what we hold dear.

The business of Los Alamos is to deter this action, attribute those actions that others commit against us, and as in the cold war, buy time for the world to learn to govern itself without war, and now, terrorism.

That's what we've done for you lately.
Very well said 06:26:08.
6:28 got it right, in more ways than one.

The problem is that we (at LANL) often forget that the American public doesn't know the details of what we know - that the world has its share of formidable threats to the US and its allies. The public is not well educated on this subject, and we would do well to remember that fact. Some members of the public will always rail against LANL, and some do so out of ignorance. Thanks 6:28.
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