Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Warning: Your clever little blog could get you fired

Like a growing number of employees, Peter Whitney decided to launch a blog on the Internet to chronicle his life, his friends and his job at a division of Wells Fargo.

Then he began taking jabs at a few people he worked with.

His blog,, did find an audience: his bosses. In August 2004, the 27-year-old was fired from his job handling mail and the front desk, he says, after managers learned of his Web log, or blog.


A blogger can even get the ear of Congress. Douglas Roberts, a computer scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M., started a blog (, and anonymous posters blasted management as incompetent. During a House subcommittee hearing in May, the blog was mentioned in a discussion about the fate of the nuclear research facility.

"I was quite surprised. I had no idea it would be this popular," Roberts says, adding that lab management has been supportive of his blog and that he believes blog policies in general are unnecessary.

Says lab spokesman Kevin Roark: "Open, honest, constructive discussion of issues is a good thing ... (but) the personal attacks were unnecessary and disappointing."


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"Says lab spokesman Kevin Roark: "Open, honest, constructive discussion of issues is a good thing ... (but) the personal attacks were unnecessary and disappointing.""

OPEN???? The blogs, albeit underground, allow freedom of speech.
The censorship of the LANL NewsBulliten Letters to the Editor section by LANL management following the shutdown was unnecessary and disappointing.
Thanks for the concerns you express in your message. First of all, everyone who writes to this blog has the personal right to express themselves as guaranteed by the first amendment. Secondly, the so-called personal attacks have been statements of fact. If Nanos didn't wish for his behavior to be criticized, he should have behaved better. Third, anyone who submits comments to the blog and provides their name here should also realize they must make it clear that their comments are personal opinions/statements and that they do not represent the Laboratory in any way. Fourth, it is illegal for LANL to "fire" people for expressing their personal feelings, comments, or opinions in public. I believe LANL is far more responsible than you give it credit for when it comes to that! Signed anonymous because I'm not that stupid.
The admiral is seriously lacking in the social graces. Mom did not teach him some manners.
She also didn't teach him ethics, honesty, humility, or common human decency.
Some might question if he had a mother... but that would be rude and unnecessary.
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