Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Udall asks DOE to move quickly on contract extension

Posted on Wed, Jun. 08, 2005

Udall asks DOE to move quickly on contract extension

Associated Press

A New Mexico congressman said Wednesday that extending the University of California's contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory would create stability for employees while the federal government moves forward with a competition for the lab's next manager.

Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., contends the timeline of the process has generated anxiety about employees' status from the time the university's contract ends in September until the new contractor takes over in July 2006.


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Once again Rep. Udall is the first, and seemingly only, politican to pay attention. St. Pete, you continue disappoint.
Its great to compliment Udall, but do you really need to insult others?
To 12:59:50 PM
Yes, they do work for us whether they like it or not.
Maybe we should move quickly on
putting that Hook guy in jail for
the problems he caused. By the way Doug I had a lot of respect for you before you but not after you put that stupid thing on
about the 6 guys beating up Hook.
The blog is starting to lose something. We need to call it like it is. I think they should through the book at Hook. I feel ashamed that anyone in Los Alamos belived that this could have any thing to do with LANL.
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