Saturday, June 11, 2005

UC's Lab Contract Extended to May 2006

UC's Lab Contract Extended to May 2006

By Adam Rankin
Journal Staff Writer

The University of California's contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory has officially been extended eight months.

The university's contract, which had been scheduled to terminate at the end of September, will run to the end of May 2006 in order to accommodate the pending competition over who will run the weapons lab in the future and to provide a transition period for a possible new contractor.

Linton Brooks, head of the National Nuclear Security Administration, made the announcement to Los Alamos laboratory employees Friday during an all-hands meeting.

"That was the first order of business," said LANL spokesman Kevin Roark.

Roark said the contract extension includes language that would allow a further extension of the existing contract, but NNSA officials didn't anticipate that would be necessary.


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Darn! An extension on the UC contract.

Well maybe that is because DOE has not rented the moving trucks to move what they want to SNL.

PLEASE DOE shut LANL down and put its over educated whiners to work at Burger King where they can learn about the real world.
To 9:28 Seems like you want to implement the great thoughts of Mao in the US. Let us hope DOE is still working on this side of mental health, though sometimes one has doubts.
Sounds like 9:28 is one of the outsiders who would rather see the insitution turned into organic foods farm.
9:28 needs to visit the Massacre Museum at Nanjing and the crematoria at Dacha and see for her or himself the consequences of weak responses to tyranny. Then we can talk more rational about the dangers we face in this New World where peace still must be achieved through strength and resolve and not through visualization.
09:28:48 PM isn't worth the keystrokes people. S(he) only wishes they were educated (much less over-educated) and desires being able to qualify to work at Burger King.
To 6/12/2005 08:21:01 PM, no more keystrokes.
8:38 DO NOT equate anything that is happening to us with Dacha you should be an outsider to the human race. We are going through a change in job status nothing more you really do examplify the world class whiners that we have up here. Not an outsider and not an organic farmer, but that does sound better all the time at least I would be doing something to help the world not this mess.
This extension .... does this mean that our benefits are also extended?

Also, just because we see the contract (and possibley benefits) extended does this mean it's legally binding??
Is there anything in writing from HR to LANL UC employees that says UC benefits and UCRS for Los Alamos employees have been extended beyond Sept 30, 2005?
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