Friday, June 10, 2005

Tommy Hook

Ok, about Tommy Hook:

On the one hand I receive daily complaints that comments are turned off so that people can't spew more venom on the subject , and daily complaints that there are too many articles about the story on the other hand. So let's make this posting the last one on Tommy Hook, and I'll leave comments turned on for a while. Spew away.


I have no idea what the "true facts" are in this case. There will probably be some official conclusion drawn, but it also probably will not be believed by a lot of people. The point is that even with Nanos gone there are a lot of folks who believe there are managers still working at the Lab who are capable of this sort of thing. There are also a lot of people incensed at the idea that "The Lab" could be even suggested to be involved with such thuggery. It is more a comment on the state of angst, fear and with appolgies to Hunter Thomson's memory loathing that hang like a cloud over Los Alamos these days.
The spewing is the least appealing part of this blog- While I appreciate the items that are posted relevant to Los Alamos, I can't believe that I work with such hateful and sometimes outright stupid people. No wonder Doug is retiring!
Doug, I am very interested in the story by CLE about the meeting to discuss the recompete. Can you remove the misplaced posts on that article about the Hook story-

"From Anonymous:

Street wisdom (i.e., coming from anonymous Cerrillos Road merchants in the vicinity of the infamous bar "Cheeks") has it that Tommy Hooks was beaten up by "six Española guys" who were worried that Hook was going to expose a racket they had going to smuggle goods out of LANL.

Makes more sense to me than anything else I've heard about this whole business."

I found this offensive. Why does the fact that he got beat up by six Espanola guys make more sense than anything said so far? Racket to smuggle goods out of LANL? Come on. This sounds like it makes the least sense out of anything I've heard.
Probably the most positive thing to come out of this whole sordid tale is the clear demonstration of how foolish, gullible and easily manipulated POGO is.

It's made my day to see their so-called credibility shot.

LANL, like all parts of Government, needs qualified, credible and honest critics to motivate change and improvement.

I've never seen POGO meet any of these qualities, and now they've proved it outright!
I think it's shameful that someone would lie about why they were in a fight and make Los Alamos look bad -- Los Alamos, not UC, not LANL, just the community of Los Alamos. Shame on Mr. Hook and I feel sorry for his wife of 30 years that he lied about the reason he went to a strip joint.
I am no fan of Tommy Hook, but I don't think the police investigation proved anything. Last I heard it was still illegal to beat people up, even in Santa Fe. Why were these people not arrested? Why was his phone log not checked to see if such a person did call his house and office and from where?
I know Tommy has alienated many people over the years, for reasons having nothing to do with his audit results.
Nevertheless, I believe the public, not to mention his wife, deserves a better explanation than this. Where is the FBI when we need them?
It's my understanding that the phone logs were checked at the very beginning of the investigation and that's why Hook's story was being questioned. From the start, his story just didn't sound right. I only hope Mr. Hook comes clean now and doesn't blame painkillers or something for the false story.
Well, let's see now. So far we've had "he's innocent", "he's guilty", and the inevitable claims of racism. Now if we could just work "daycare", "the 9/80", and a few complaints about "parking at LANL" we will have succeeded in maintaining our image to the outside world as "World Class Whiners and Complainers". Maybe we should change our wonderful LANL motto to

"World Class Whiners Complaining About Everything for America".

Good work, all!
The guy is an idiot. I did not beleive his story of the events in the beginning. He is a pervert and a liar. Then we have Chuck Montano standing up for the guy. Another loser.
RE: Slogans

I prefer

"World Class Complainers, Because We're Entitled"

I believe that more accurately captures the essence of LANL.
It truely is sad/shameful to see that someone would go to such lengths to decredit LANL. As I recall a false police statement, and a hit & run, are also against the law and isnt' that now what Mr. Hook is being accused of. (Just like the Runaway Bride story, Mr. Hook cried wolf). It's too bad that somewhere along the way LANL winds-up in this mess. Since there has been bad press circulating about LANL people with low impression about eather are the first to jump and take notice of the bad side of things. Those individuals would be the last to see or say anything possitive about LANL and continue to praise Mr. Hook for his own wrong doing.
LANL needs to take note of the bad publicity out there and start to counter it with the possitive side to LANL, get LANL/US out there for the good of the Lab, be Proactive rather than reactive to these situations. The secrecy is only for some areas not all.
I only hope the truth is presented in a factual manner and anyone involved in the beating or hit&run is brought to justice.
I live in white rock. Within a few hundred yards from my house live or used to live:

Tommy Hook. Lies to wife and police.

Bousolini. Buys lawn mowers using lab credi tcard.

Wen Ho Lee. Illegaly download classified information.

Pete Nanos.

One can not help but wonder. How many more of these ...... are out there? Do I want my kids to go to the same school with their kids?
"Anonymous Cerrillos Road merchants" is the perfect way to get the positive example of LANL out there. LANL and Los Alamos always blame Espanola and our citizens, legal or illegal for everything, so why not Hook's problems.
Espanola citizen, proud of it, and tired of you always blaming us for your shortcomings.
I say let's us Espanola guys go down there to Cerrillos Road and bust up a few anonamous merchants.
CBS News is now reporting the FACTS on this case. It doesn't look good
for ol' Tommy boy. He is now a bonafide liar, and may face prosecution
for it. I hope the Congressmen enjoys his testimony:

Cops Debunk Whistleblower Beating - CBS News
From the "FBI Leaking..." thread, the article states:

"Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico, a group that works with Los Alamos whistleblowers, said Hook is "a shy man, and I can't see him just frequenting a strip bar for no reason. It doesn't jibe."

I just love how now Nuclear Watch NM has walked into looking like buffoons defending Hook as POGO has been!

For folks who've been attributing misguided credibility to these organizations for years, this should be a plain clue they'll say anything to advance their cause, without regard to facts, balance or truth.

Think for yourselves, don't let POGO and NWNM do it for you.
Yeah, I'll let Dan Rather and CBS think for me. No, wait; I'll get the real story from O'Riley. That's the ticket!
If Tommy Hook hit a pedestrian, why didn't those 4-6 people hold him and phone the police rather than beat him up ? Isn't phoning the police first what any upstanding citizen would do ? And why didn't the alleged victim of the car incident come forward at the scene ? They weren't lying on the ground. I'm surprised at the lack of "critical thinking" by my fellow LANL bloggers.
P.S. And why did those who beat Hook then leave the scene ? Isn't that "hit and run" ? Real credible citizens.
Beating anyone in such a manner is a reprehensible, heinous crime. I'm looking forward to seeing these criminals locked up for a very long time, whether they indeed are " the six Española guys", or somebody else.

And if there is any connection to Hook's role as a whistleblower, we'll certainly know soon. People so dumb as to beat somebody up in a public parking lot in the state capital are no match for FBI.
Tommy partying with Russell Crowe over the weekend.

Yeah, that's the ticket !!!
01:00:55 PM - It's a strip club parking lot at 2am in the morning with everyone drunk. What would you expect?
I think Tommy Hook needs to do
jail time. I feel bad that he got
beat up after he was so drunk to
run into somebody. It happens to
everybody. However, to lie about this being related to LANL
is another thing. That is a crime
and a crime againts all of us at LANL.
Not everyone gets drunk, and he didn't commit a crime against me and I am also LANL.

These postings say more about your decision to lock down comments than anything you ever could.

To the rest of you self-righteous Los Alamos SOBs:

- LANL and your wonderful city on the hill have just as many nuts and slimeballs as anywhere else.

- Ease up on the "makes sense that the bad guys were from Espanola" attitude. There's bad folks everywhere and from what I can see you have more than your share.

- try to be just a little less hypocritical. A person isn't a pervert just because they go into a strip joint; even if they get a lap dance. And they aren't an alcoholic or drunk if they have 2 beers. Last I knew all of the above activities were legal, at least for adults. And related to the last bullet, if some of you Los Alamos pharisees are convinced I'm wrong perhaps you'd like to compare the rates of alcoholism or wife-swapping in Los Alamos vs. Espanola, Santa Fe, or just about any other town.

- believe what you want, but I haven't heard Tommy Hook recant any of his previous statements.

- you all are the reason I moved. And after your reaction to this incident, if I was still living in Los Alamos I'd move away all over again.

- React to this comment by cursing me, questioning my intelligence, and telling me how glad you are that I left your little piece of paradise. Enjoy your time in Stepford, while it lasts.
Re: " Yeah, I'll let Dan Rather and CBS think for me. No, wait; I'll get the real story from O'Riley. That's the ticket!"

No, don't do that either.

What was reported was the results of the police investigation, with quotes.

While the media is rife with misquotes, taking things out of context, and outright fabrications, I'm inclined to believe a police investigation report than Hook's personal account given through his lawyer when he has considerable incentive to cover being caught by circumstances slipping off to a nudie bar while his wife was out of town.
01:00:55 PM - There have been unconfirmed reports not everyone is what you'd call a "upstanding citizen" and they may be living among you. Film at eleven....
from the POGO blog

Questions Remain in Hook Case

Throughout our prior work with Hook, we have found him honest and trustworthy. That said, we are keeping an open mind and are reserving judgment until all the facts are in.

So here's our take on the Tommy Hook story: It should be no surprise that the police claim there is no evidence the assault had anything to do with Tommy's whistleblowing. The Santa Fe police were initially sent in to investigate a bar fight, and that’s all they have ever indicated they thought it was.

Yet it seems that the Santa Fe police have not adequately investigated what they have been told. For instance, they didn’t get the phone records that would show whether or not Tommy received a call after 10 pm on Saturday night.

We find it interesting that the FBI is continuing to conduct interviews and is obtaining the phone records from Saturday night, despite the police statement that there was no link to issues at Los Alamos.

Our questions remain: Did Tommy receive a call after 10 pm? Isn't it an extraordinary coincidence that the attack happened at the bar where he was told to meet an anonymous source, three days before he was scheduled to meet with Congressional investigators?
First off, after reading the original story I thought, wow you Los Alamos scientists and researchers play tough. Remind me to never cross you! Second, I agree that seeing his picture proves to me he didn't fake the beating. Third, I think Indendent Sources summarized it best with their bullet point breakdown on why he might have said what he did (heck I might have too under the same circumstances).
" Last I heard it was still illegal to beat people up, even in Santa Fe."

Last I heard, it is still illegal to lie to the FBI too.

Assault & battery get you in trouble. Lying to the FBI can cost you your clearance.
Ahhh, Pogo....
They're consistent. When they're not pouring their little hearts out to gullible CBS, even when faced with the hard facts, like a man caught cheating by his wife, DENY, DENY, DENY. The first thing they'll always retort: "It's a conspiracy!!! The real truth (our truth) is out there!!! You must believe us!!! We have all the answers!!!!

I can't wait to hear the end of this story. So much does not add up. The phone records are key evidence, as are statements made by Hook about the first cancelled meeting, if those can be verified by multiple witnesses. What I find truly astounding is that the police are able to investigate and make a conclusion that the attackers had nothing to do with his whistleblower status, yet none of the assailants are arrested. Sounds like a priority is out of order there? And, where is the pedestrian victim of the hit and run? Are they in a hospital somewhere? What is the extent of their injuries such that a near-fatal beating was provoked? Why are none of the dancers, bartenders, or "witnesses" giving interviews to the press? In similar crimes, there is always "film at 11" of numerous bystanders relating what happened. I still don't think Hook's story can be dismissed outright...if he was initially cornered in a lavatory and threatened (observed by no one else), and then a pretext pedestrian accident was staged outside and a beating administered, that sounds like a pro intimidation job. Leaves the victim discreditable. We must admit that Mr. Hook was concussed severely shortly into the attack, and he probably could not be held responsible for claims made for quite some time after the beating, perhaps even now. A brain scan was probably taken and would serve as evidence in that respect. If he made the story up, shame on him. He should be recanting shortly if so...the more he insists on his story, somehow that makes the burden of substantial proof to the contrary necessary. Taking the word of people in a crowd who did nothing to stop (or carried out) a terrible beating? They have a motive to stay nameless and faceless too. If he got a lap dance or two while waiting for a contact, no legal charge there. Some reports say he told a waitress at the club he was waiting for someone BEFORE the attack (please don't tell me he had a cover story in place IN CASE he got busted!). If he was drunk and driving, the blood sample taken at the hospital will show it. Why haven't the police announced his B.A.C? They do it with every other person in similar circumstances. Like I said, the story is not over for me. Mysterious! Probably will become a TV movie. A sad commentary on the casual attitude to brutal violence in our society. Where is the outrage over the lack of arrests of attackers? These guys are still out there, and tomorrow is Saturday night...
...maybe Cheeks has an image problem to fix as well?
I agree with today's 4:59 poster. Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty even if that's not what the President and his band of merry men believe? I sure hope none of you who have already decided that he's lying ever serve on a jury and swear that you have not formed an opinion. Some folks had Hook tarred and feathered 5 minutes after the beating was officially reported. Are any of you the same LANL employees who were so upset about how Todd and John were smeared? What do you think Todd would say if he were still alive?
The difference between Todd and Hook are quite significant.

Todd was a hard working researcher that loved his work, his town, and even his employer. He was fully content to immerse himself in the research that he felt was truly important. He was a happy employee (about as happy as anyone could be at LANL under Nanos) until he was made a scapegoat for political purposes. He did not choose to be put into that situation and I'm sure would have done everything he could to have prevented it. He did not choose to be fired. He committed no wrong against the lab, no dishonesty, and was, in every sense, innocent. He had not made a career of complaining about his employer, suing his own employer, and then hiding behind whistleblower status to secure his job. He served LANL and his country with dignity and honor -- through hard work, until his employer turned on him. That's why I'll support him as long as I'm around.

Hooks and Montano, on the other hand, are not Todd. They hold a great deal of contempt for their co-workers, their employer and their town. They seem intent on suing the lab and manipulating situations for their own, personal, gain. They relish in their status as whistleblowers. It means they are the center of attention. They get to be on TV. They get to play the victim card. They get to feel important. They are told on a daily basis that they are heroes by the organizations that exploit them and that hold ill-will for LANL and the rest of LANL employees. They are guaranteed of a job for the rest of their lives with their whistleblower status (one might say being a whistleblower is better than tenure at a major university).

So, you see, the differences between these two men, Todd and Tommy, are real. One man was thrust unfairly into the limelight and lost everything. The other man unfairly thrust himself into the limelight and gained everything.
This case goes to show that scurrilous accusations are rarely true. In the case of Todd Kauppila, the mundane truth of the paperwork error explanation won out over the sensational charge of a "cowboy cu***re." In the Hook case, the simple explanations won out over "The Lab is committing rampant fraud," and "The Lab sent someone out to silence me." In the days to come, the Hook apologia will become more complicated and conspiracy-minded. This ultimately will work to push the LANL whistleblower attacks as a whole outside the realm of credibility. We will soon watch the anti-LANL fleet break up on the harsh rocks of self-parody.
Whistleblowers must be protected because any of us could be in that position. I have no idea what Hook was going to say in his testimony, but there are serious purchasing irregularities at LANL. And everyone MUST have the right to sue to retain their jobs. We can't say that it's right for one person to sue and not for another. And it's not necessarily true that people who report fraud and abuse enjoy the limelight because it can be pretty horrendous. Perhaps because Hook has been in the limelight for a while, it might indicate to some that he likes the attention. However, how much publicity is because of the whistleblower and how much is because of an investigative reporter who wants to become another Woodward or Bernstein? Folks who dig out the dirt, no matter what their occupations, make others feel frightened and insecure. LANL, the government, private industry, etc. all benefit from whistleblowers and their protection bcause it makes management more responsible.

Too many people have expressed much animosity toward Hook and Montano in this blog. And too many people seem to be delighted that Hook was beaten so severely. It is distrubing to think that the people I work with or my neighbors could accept violence as a satisfactory way of dealing with someone who has done something they disagree with.

In case you did not get the point I made above, some LANL staff get away with serious purchasing irregularities. Some LANL staff get away with serious hiring irregularities. Some LANL staff continue to manage as if they were mini-Nanites. Some LANL staff lie to try to give themselves an advantage. If we do not support the concept of protected whistleblowers, how do we rid ourselves of those whose actions smear us in the headlines of the New York Times?
I have not seen a single post saying that they are happy that Hook got beat up. Also it is perfectly fine that on a Fri night he has drinks and goes to
a club for some fun. No one is saying that is wrong. It is wrong that he got beat up.

However, what gets me and does make Hook a shamefull figure is that he trys to cover it up with
some stupid story. This could hurt everyone at Los Alamos. This man does should be charged
and put on trial.
"If we do not support the concept of protected whistleblowers, how do we rid ourselves of those whose actions smear us in the headlines of the New York Times?"


However, just as there can be abuse of power, position, and authority, so can there be abuse of legal freedoms and whistleblower protection. And how does the abuse of lawsuits and whistleblower status affect those that truly need their protections (Todd)?

Something to think about...
Deep Thoughts by POGO:

"Did Tommy receive a call after 10 pm? Isn't it an extraordinary coincidence that the attack happened at the bar where he was told to meet an anonymous source, three days before he was scheduled to meet with Congressional investigators?"

Yep, you're right. It must be a conspiracy...

Isn't it an extraordinary coincidence that Tommy received this mysterious phone call for a clandestine meeting at a strip club on the exact night that his wife was out of town and only after he had already told her he was going to bed?

Hmmmm. Maybe another conspiracy...
The answer is simple: where was his car? He claims they pulled him out of his car before he could even fasten his seat belt. BEFORE the car was started. The police and witnesses say his car was pulled OUT into the line of traffic and that he had put it in park and gotten out. Obviously he is lying. Not surprising if he really had 6 beers, not to mention a lap dance. Who was he waiting for? Well, what about those 2 ladies who sat on either side of him?

It's pretty clear cut... not just a matter of he said, EVERYBODY ELSE says.
Tommy Lee didn't get beat up because he's a whistleblower. Tommy Lee got beat up because of the way he treats people. He has a long history of abusing subordinates at the lab. If you don't believe that, just ask anyone who has worked for the Pro Force since the late 80s. You'll get an earful. This guy makes Nanos look like a saint. It isn't a big surprise that he shot his mouth off and someone shoved his teeth down his throat. The surprise is that it took this long to happen.
The real proof of how water tight his story is, will be to look at Montano and see how long it takes him to put as much space between Hook and himself as he can get.
The dim-witted anti-nuke crowd are now trying desperately to salvage the
outrageous story of their damaged man, Mr. Hook. What a hoot! One of
the young ladies who works at Cheeks is on record of saying he got a
lap-dance in the private VIP room. Now, I ask you, if he was so intent
on meeting a mysterious phone-caller at Cheeks, then why was he spending
time in the private VIP room were he would have missed his meet-up? This
case is closed. Tommy Hook is a despicable liar, much like the people
at POGO and Nuke Watch who are still trying desperately to swallow his
putrid pack of lies. Bon appetit!
I feel very badly about Mr. Hook being beaten, and THE PHOTO will stay forever in the minds of the public - across the nation, and quite possibly across the world. I will feel much, much worse if it's proven that he fabricated the story to protect himself against his wife's fury and to receive a bigger lawsuit reward because LANL/DOE "doesn't protect whistle blowers." If it is proven that he lied, I sincerely hope that his lies will be broadcast across the country and recieve equal coverage. Additionally, if it's proven that he did lie, I hope that LANL/UC/DOE will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
What a nightmare for Tommy's lawyers!!! They probably took the case on a contingency basis, spent a ton of money already, supported Tommy's "beaten up because of being a whistle blower" with dollar-signs in their eyes and now realize Tommy is most likely out of a job, his credibility is shot and therefore his lawsuit is toast. It will be interesting to see when his own lawyers pull out of this mess.

Having vented, I feel very badly for this community to be exploited by a very obvious opportunist. In my opinion, this negates the validity of any serious concerns that other employees may have.

With respect to importance to LANL's future, it is hard to believe the disproportionate number of posts regarding the Hook incidence vs. the CLE letter to Congress.
A year ago I would have accused everyone here of being paranoid. After a year of watching what happened to Todd, I can say that I have witnessed the great extent to which UC would go to cover thier own lies and mistakes. On the other hand, I've also learned that there are individuals out there who would lie and cheat for money and power (yes, Mr. Jones, I'm talking about you)regardless of who they killed in the process. So who's to decide who is the bigger villian. Doesn't the old saying "just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get us" stand pretty true here?
I don't know who Mr. Jones is (can someone tell me?) but I think it's OK that people are outraged over this latest incident, regardless of what side they are on. If Tommy is telling the truth, SHAME ON DOE! If Tommy is lying, SHAME, SHAME ON TOMMY! I think venting is OK but at some point, we all must move on and act like the intelligent professionals we are. If someone like Lockheed gets the contract, which I think they will, they will run the lab like a business and won't put up with the nonsense that UC does. Incidentally, I think Tommy Hook (who I've never met) is a liar and has again hurt the credibility of all the fine people who work hard at LANL. If this doesn't stop soon, ie, people looking for big payouts from the government, this town is going to die.
Several people have commented about the "awful photo" of the beat-up
Tommy Hook. A couple of observations about that photo are in order.
First, that photo was taken by Tommy's lawyer ("lights, camera, can we
have a little more make-up please!"). Second, the beating happened on
Saturday night, but Tommy was back at home by Tuesday. He's bruised, his
jaw probably hurts a bit, but he's apparently not all that badly hurt.
Save your sympathy for a man who really deserves it, like Todd Kapuilla
and his family.

Tommy Hook has shown the world just what type of man he is, and it's not
a pretty site. It's now time for him to slink back into the rat-hole he
came from and leave this community. Shame on you Tommy! I hope your
wife is starting to realize that a despicable, slimy trick has been played
on her. She deserves much better. Next time, just be a man and tell
her the truth.
Quick question for all of the Hook defenders out here: Do you understand how much his lies undermine any and all comments against LANL, regardless of their nature?

With one fell swoop, Hook has drastically reduced the credibility of any whistleblower from here on it, no matter the validity of any charges from future whistleblowers.

No matter what is said from now on, every whistleblower complaint can be dismissed by just citing that LANL labby who lied to the FBI about his tryst to a Santa Fe strip club.

Thanks a lot, Tommy.
I don't know what ever happened to the "Nanos to New York" fund set up @ LANBank, but maybe here's an alternative to apply the money: Convert it to a fund to help pay the legal expenses of the guy(s) who (wrongfully) beat up Tommy, but had the gumption to first state up-front that their acts HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH LANL, ITS EMPLOYEES, ITS WHISTLEBLOWERS, ALLEGED THUGS TO KEEP WRONG-DOING SILENT, NOTHING, NADA, END OF CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!!!!! And oh, by the way, Chuckie Montano and Tommy Hookie .... lesson learned? ... move on ....... get a life.
We still don't have all the fact!

What if the "pedestrian" was really a setup?

Who is the "auditor" Hook was supposed to meet?

How about this scenario: Hook got beat up in a barroom brawl. Chuck "Topper Man" Montano and Mrs. Hook seized the great photo op to make LANL look bad (wasn't that Chuck Montano's lifelong mission?). Tommy had to oblige because he did lie to the Missus.

I've jokingly advanced these theories and been told that I've given UC and Chuck Montano way too much credit...
I don't know anyone involved in the incident. Got no axe to gring either way. All I know I read in the papers. I'd like to see the televised interviews with the attackers who a) confess to the attack, b ) say it had nothing to do with LANL. Then I want to hear the FBI say there are no phone records of calls made to Hook before the incident as he claims, and witnesses say that Hook never had plans to meet with an auditor earlier in the week. Then I want to hear the waitresses, bartenders, and dancers repeat their stories on TV that Hook drank several beers and had lap dances, i.e. a regular patron, and did not tell anyone he "was waiting for someone". Then I want to hear Hook recant. The attackers are busted for the attack. Why would they cop to the additional charge of conspiracy on the LANL angle if they thought they had a story that would fly? They have a lot more to lose (and fear) if someone put them up to it, whereas if they can make the aggravated assault charge stand alone, they are better off. Sorry folks, as a logical fellow, to me there are too many loose ends here to call it one way or the other. Everyone besides Hook seems to be hanging back a little, hiding behind lawyer statements and not going on TV as they would in a "typical" violent crime. And Hook should be out in front of TV cameras soon if he is sticking to his story, repeating it vehemently. I know if what he says really happened, and it happened to me, I'd be letting everybody have it. If he just clams up I think that implies his story is shaky and he has something to loose.
To poster 9:34 am -

Occam's Razor applies here (go look it up). When someone puts out a wild
explanation for something that can be explained in a much simpler fashion,
you should be putting much greater probability on the simple explanation
(i.e, Hook went out for a night of fun, got drunk, hit a pedestrian, and
then got the sh*t kicked out of him in a brawl). Don't be gullible. You
appear to have some vested interest in believing the crap that Hook and
his lawyers are spewing forth to the public. His story is collapsing.
Contrary to your claim of having no bias, your demand for a high amount
of evidence DISPROVING Hook's wild story shows you are not being truthful.
You have a very obvious bias in favor of Hook.
I believe that Hook's story will be found to be true and you people at
LANL will have egg all over your faces. LANL has a long history of
attacking its critics. This case is no different from the past. You
are all guilty until proven innocent in my book. The truth is out there.
It just needs a little more digging to bring it out in the open.
For many who have known him, Hook's veracity was already in question, a question that he now has answered loudly and irrefutably. I will leave it to others to speculate on the direct damages that his untoward actions have precipitated in own life and certainly in the lives of others. Even so, the real problem with the Hook case is that it has diluted the energy, efforts and focus to redress real and demonstrable incidents in which Los Alamos employees have been abused and scapegoated by the previous Director, by UCOP's Sly Foley and by their stooges. Indeed, in some of these cases, possibly all of them, the consequences to national security, lives, relationships and careers exceeded the brutality of the parking lot brawl. As of this posting, the brutality is still on-going in the silent shadows of loneliness and procedure.
6/11/2005 11:33:41 AM "You are all guilty until proven innocent in my book. The truth is out there." Wow! Talk about an oxymoron (or is it just moron). This person is really an unbiased free thinker.
I know what Occam's Razor is, and it cuts both ways, my brother. Again, I know nothing except what I learn from the media, with no connection to anyone, anyplace, any group involved. Just love a good mystery. I place all the statements given by the media from various sources together, and look for a logically consistent story supported by all the facts (recognizing of course that nothing reported is necessarily a fact). The simple story of a brawl and a lie meets Occam's test, but reported witness statements currently negate it. The story he was lured there to be beaten is also simple, and reported witness statements currently negate it. At some point, one or the other falls apart as physical evidence is discovered and as people start to talk on TV. I note the FBI is not talking yet. I have not seen anyone on TV from the attacker or Cheeks groups, but I don't watch too much TV so I might have missed it. The phone records are key. The person "hit" is key. Surveillance cams at casinos where he might have been earlier are key. What bothers me is that the "leaks" seem unduly perjorative on Hook. Today there is a news story saying he said he won $500 at a casino, and two attractive women (not Cheeks staff) came in and sat right next to him all night...implying what, they were hookers? I don't know what is going on, but if the Brawl & Lie story is true, this fellow apparently has a lot more to worry about than his personal injuries. If the Brawl and Lie stories are false, it seems there are some people with a great deal to lose from this guy talking. I don't know what is true or false, and I have no agenda. Do you?
"The truth is out there."

Just like the X Files.
11:33:41 - I am sure that the Government is putting "stuff" in the water to control us. I am sure I am sure that an organization who has been the target of lawsuits in the past, sees Tommy as a threat. I am sure that Tommy has something new to add and not the same information that has already been aired and reported. Right. Talk to anyone that has travelled with Tommy in the past and they will tell you that he actually enjoys going to these type of places!!!!
You are still making it too complicated. It is as simple as the physical evidence that his car was not where he said it would be if what his version was true.

It doesn't matter why he was there; what matters is why he was beaten. If his version was true, the car would have been sitting in the parking space. It was not.

To think that the pedestrian was a setup, still says you think he is lying, since he denied even having started the car, much less backing into someone. If he lied about that, then everything else is called into question.

And if he was mouthing off to whomever he hit, they might really have said "you just keep your mouth shut" without it having a thing to do with being a whistleblower. Most likely he was just being an obnoxious drunk. Drinking 6 beers will do that to some people.
"I don't know what is true or false, and I have no agenda. Do you?"

Yes, and so do you. No one who is unbiased labors the point of his own objectivity.

"The simple story of a brawl and a lie meets Occam's test, but reported witness statements currently negate it."

Anyone who deals with statistics knows that some data points are outliers that are usually discarded as unreliable. This is especially relevant when dealing with witness testimony. If you get five concurring reports and one that differs, you don't invent a complicated scenario to make all six true. The "brawl" reconstruction is credible, corroborated, realistic, and simple. The Hook story is fantastic, unsubstantiated, and convoluted.
Ok he says at 10:30pm he gets a
call. He arrives at 11:30pm and
leaves after an hour and two drinks. So thats 12:30am. He is than beat up after he is pulled from the car.

Now the facts seem to be he arrives at 9:30pm. What happened to the 10:30pm call? He has 6 beers not 2. He has a lap dance at 1:00am. He leaves at 1:30am, due to closing time. He hits someone gets out of his car and is beaten. Something is not right.

Now add on top of that. Why would he go to a strip club to
meet someone with info. There must be better places. Why not
meet the next day? Why not just
get the info over the phone.
His wife is out of town.

This is bs the cops are done with this one.
I can't believe the majority of the posters here are blaming Tommy Hook...the man was beaten up, making him a victim.
Where is the pedestrian that was supposedly hit?
Desperate people do desperate things, and there's a lot of despriation going on at the lab. I wouldn't be surprised if someone at LANL organized this, especially after witnessing the amount of hate being used liberally in the comments.
What I find most upsetting is that an order of magnitude more comments are dealing with Hooks, compared to the number of comments dealing with real LANL issues.
I really hope the FBI puts it to Hook for all this trouble. After this how can anyone take POGO seriously.
Let me get this straight.......
A band of thugs enticed tommy hooks to CHEEk's to retreive more
fraudulent and wasteful matial.

The victim of Tommy's hit and run ....where is she or he???

Tommy wemt to the congressional hearing despite the severity of his injuries. He will rise again
no doubt. No doubt will the other folks ruined, harrasses. torurted and may to live in a hell.
I will have alot to say as well after the Comgressiampols get
through their lofy speaches. Brynn
and Logan did the best!!
For those of you not in Tommy's corner, I have worked with him and for him: He is a very intelligant ,professionl ,the by the book, black and white manager at LANL. Many employees are do not like his style of management.
I see no reason for thuggery. What
happened to the witmesses and in particular the pedestrian he ran over with his car. Too Fishy...But

hin severly. Anyone ib Northrern
to 9:58

Tommy has abused a lot of people he was supposed to supervise. He didn't show them much compassion, so I don't think he should expect much now.
Tommy Hook is a prime case of what happens to pompous people from the Hill that venture out into the real world. I can say this after living on the Hill for over 20 years. You can behave poorly on the Hill, but the real world will kick your butt.
Poster 7:22

Everyone thinks their world is the real world or even just the whole world. Beyond my own existence there is nothing. This is a common flaw with humans.

You know where this leads. "There is only one God, and that is my God, not yours". "There is one truth and I know it". "My actions are always the right actions". "What is best for me is best for the whole world". "In the real world I would be better than you". How do you think Tommy Hook justifies himself? Denial.
Runway Bride, Tommy Hook, is New Mexico a magnet for this type of people?
You know folks, the whole thing looks like a work of real pros. If Tommy get shot in his feet, everybody would say "It's a hit ordered by .... (put the name here)". Now it looks like Mr. Hook lied to his wife, co-workers, officials, etc. His credibility is negative, he's beaten to pulp, and others ready to blow the whistle received the message. Perfect framing job!
Damn, I want to believe that LANL had nothing to do with the attack on Tommy Hook. But, where is the pedestrian he struck with his car? Where are the witnesses who spoke to the police early on? If, the police have identified the "thugs" who are they? Are they minors, could that be why we do not know thier names?

Could LANL really be capable of something so heinous?? I want to say absolutely not!
This is starting to sound like Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters.
Poster 2:57
Good Point!! Whistle Blowers
Yes, whistle blowers better
start looking over their shoulders.
Hook has not recanted. Hook has not been arraigned and is not under arrest for hit and run or false report to FBI or locals. The police have not announced any arrests of goons. Everybody has an attorney. The pedestrian victim is...who was that victim? The FBI isn't talking to the press. Maybe Hook is less than an exemplary human being. I don't know him, or anyone that does. For certain, the people who stomped on him are criminals. Who are they? The police appear to know, since they have concluded it was not connected to LANL, thus connected to the goons only, so...who are they? Why aren't they under arrest? Sorry folks, I am not buying the simple story that Hook received "street justice" for some parking lot mishap. We shall see...I may be wrong, but I'm leaning toward the attackers having some prior beef against Hook for his whistling. Go ahead, now tell me I'm delusional and biased and all that. It is entertaining.
The police say they know the 3 persons who beat up Hook (versus the 4-6 persons he claimed attacked him). They also say that Hook's car has physical evidence that he backed into a pedestrian.

The police should be making 4 arrests by now -- the 3 attackers AND Hook.
OK, so the police say they know who beat him up...why aren't they arrested? Are they fugitives? Where is the APB?
"Hook's car has physical evidence that he backed into a pedestrian."

It would follow that the victim was injured and probably significantly. Why was he/she not photographed or named? For years I have been reading about pedestrians struck by motor vehicles in the Journal North. Why is this any different?
More questions than answers...
It must be a conspiracy! The truth is out there! I guess we all need to look to POGO to give us the wisdom to see the truth...
MOST OF MY FAMILY WORKS FOR SFPD. I take offense to all comments that they didn't investigate the case thoroughly. It pisses you people off that the "cover up" isn't the real story. Everyone wants to believe that in every case there is a "Deep Throat."

Here it is:

He did back out of the parking space - his lawyer can deny it all he wants, but guess what - how can you dispute crime scene photos. From what I remember the crime scene tech told us in class that they even video tape the crime scenes. This will prove where his car was. But now he doesn't remember turning on his vehicle.

The telephone records is another story - that is what tipped off the cops and the FBI. Humm anyone heard of call forwarding.

When you are dealing with a lot of drunk people anything can happen these days. It is like Vegas - you take your chances when you go out. The fact that a merchant said the 6 people were from Espanola - ya right (Did he follow the vehicle all the way back to Espanola?), they could of been from any part of Santa Fe or ABQ for that matter.

He drank 3 beers, then it changes to 6 beers - it only takes 2 beers to be considered legally drunk (it doesn't matter if it was light beer).

As for the individuals that beat up Hook - that it is a hit and run. A hit an run is a moving vehicle violation only DUH.

So I think that the DA may have charges on both sides. Cause after drinking 2 beers, turning on the vehicle (keys left in the ignition even if the car is off is considered a DWI) and backing out of the parking space with the vehicle still on - IS AN AUTOMATIC DWI. Especailly if the bartender can testify to how many drinks he served you. Plus the others will get assualt and battery w/ possibly attemptive murder charges. With all the CSI buffs out there now a days, you would think the use deductive reasoning instead of inductive would show many the inconsitancies.

Will be nice to see who plea bargins first. Cause those will be the ones with the lighter sentences.

hummmm, last I heard too, everyone lawyered up too. That is why there is less information coming out. But from what I hear - the beating had nothing to do with LANL (6 individuals to one). Do the math.
12:01 poster

I always thought that only alcohol level in the blood shows whether it is DWI or not. All your info is just a hearsay. But I hope we'll know the truth soon.

- gee son, your eyes are red. Have you drunk today?
- gee officer, your eyes are glazed. Have you eaten donuts today?
Texas joke.
I am still waiting for arrests of anyone: Hook for DUI and hitting pedestrian; attackers, for aggravated assault. Also waiting for the injured pedestrian to sue for personal injuries. As none of this has happened, as at least some should have by now, Occam's Razor says there is more to this story than simple drunken brawl at Cheeks. Anyone have more solid information?
5:56 poster.

Come on this is New Mexico. They really do not care about fights or a DUI. It is just not worth it to them. The DA will just drop it. There is no more to this story than some guy getting drunk in a bar and getting beat up afterword. The only twist is this Hookguy lied about what really happned.
So, New Mexico is a state where someone can be severely beaten and the police and prosecutors do nothing, and that is supposed to be OK? If someone breaks into my house and attacks me, and the police talk to my neighbors who say I had it coming for not mowing my lawn, that is OK? Oh yeah, I forgot we are leading the leagues in spousal abuse murders and child abuse and neglect. Oh yeah, I forgot, that is why we are 49 or 50th on all the lists of state rankings. Quite the advertisement for quality of living. "Move to New Mexico! Bring a gun. Not healthy for women and children." Vigilantes or thugs, the people who beat up Hook should be arraigned. And if the police think he was driving drunk, hit someone, and lied about it, he should be arraigned as well.
Poster 8:43
You really sound surprised. Yes, this is New Mexico! How many elected officials have had DUIs while in office? The number includes 3 former governors that I know of. Repeat drunk divers have killed many innocent people in New Mexico. In a recent case, the killer was driving a Government Bureau of Indian Affairs vehicle in the middle of the day, down the Interstate in the wrong direction. A drunken brawl in the parking lot of a tittie bar....big deal.

Signed, my brother was killed by a drunken driver in New Mexico in 1972. The killer was not even ticketed.
My son's car was recently hit by a DWI driver who then fled the scene
of the accident on foot. No one was seriously hurt (thank God), so ABQ
police could have cared less about bothering with a serious investigation.
The drunk driver got off by simply claiming he wasn't at the scene,
and the prosecutors couldn't be bothered with even interviewing the
witnesses who saw him at the scene. He had a record of two previous DWIs
and a revoked license. Yeah, this is New Mexico. If you like to drink
and drive, this is your state!
The "name" of the pedestrian run over by a drunk in Santa Fe. I should not laugh. This is northern New Mexico. Who gives a tinker's damn. Certainly not law enforcement.
This is an interesting discussion. I would like to present the following news item.

Last Update: 06/21/2005 7:45:04 AM
By: Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - Police say an Albuquerque man fell asleep while being arrested for the 18th time on drunken driving charges.

James Lovato has been convicted in DWI cases at least eight times. His driver’s license has been revoked seven times.

He was driving on a revoked license Saturday when he was clocked driving 77 miles per hour in a 65 zone on Interstate 25 in Albuquerque.

Lovato didn’t pull over so an officer had to force his car to the side of the road. The officer then noticed an open beer bottle near the driver’s seat.

By the time a DWI officer arrived to administer a field sobriety test Lovato had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Police say three open containers of beer were found in the car. Lovato was charged with aggravated DWI and booked into jail.
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