Thursday, June 16, 2005



Now would be a good time to put more emphasis on things that we would
like to see done rather than what is and has been wrong. I would like
to see specific statements of how people think LANL should be regulated
and managed in the future.

Subjects of particular interest would be management structure, security/safety
regulations and procurement procedures. I have my own ideas
about these and will submit them should you decide to start such a thread.


jim mcclary
LANL retiree

I would like to think that I have such a thread, in fact an entire blog, on this topic.

Please look at it and let me know whether the discussions fit any of your needs. If there are important topics that have not been covered, let me know and I will post whatever topics you need.

Thanks for bringing this up
Agree - Start a posting of the business case for the 9/80 schedule
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