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From Anonymous:

I just stumbled onto the UPTE posting of LANL salaries that is claimed to be current as of June 10, 2005.

There is a George P Nanos Jr., Z# 141597, hired 8/12/2002 listed as a "regular" ft "SENIOR ADVISOR" in "DIR" with a salary of $235,000.00.

By contrast, Robert W Kuckuck is listed as "DIRECTOR", hired 5/16/2005, "Casul" "Lim Term" with a salary of $0.00.

Interesting, but not news that Nanos is still UC. So what's your point?
Disagree, 01:30 AM. UC led us to believe that Nanos had moved on to DTRA, and not that they were keeping him on the UC payroll. Therefore it _is_ news, and yet another indicator that UC is not serious about managing LANL.
Actually, this is not surprising. Steve Younger and others who have gone to work at DTRA stayed on LANL's payroll. Of course the scary thought is that they all usually came back to LANL after working at DTRA for a few years.
Don't you get it? UC/LANL nevers fires the real jerks. Even if they've behaved very very badly and embarrassed the institution. Steve Younger was one case where his arrogance, lying, and pissing off the Russians with false promises was a major well-known screw up. Nanos was a bully in private and public. Darrell Morgeson got caught harrassing GRAs and lots of other female staff over the years. The names go on... Yet none of these people were fired. Younger is now a Lab Fellow, Nanos is still on the UC roster, and Morgeson was allowed to step down a few years ago, but transferred his clearance for employment out in DC. UC and LANL's many cover-ups are a terrible shame.
I thought Younger's dalliance with the Xerox lady got him transferred to DC?
I once confronted Nanos in a private meeting with keeping Younger on the payroll while at DTRA. He told me that he was getting reimbursed for him by DTRA. Don't know if this is true, but that could be what is going on now with Nanos.
I am not trying to justify Nanos, mind you, just sharing the information.
Do fellows get paid just for being fellows? I don't think so.
This works like any other DC change of station - LANL pays your salary, and gets reimbursed by the organization where you work (e.g., DTRA pays LANL, LANL pays you...).
This is old news in some ways, but it does point to some real issues.

(1) Nanos got a pay cut from being a director. Something that he pushed for hard. However, his pay cut does not level him to a TSM, or other typical
staff. Heck, he makes more than several ADs.

(2) The salaries do reflect the Pete philosophy: his favorite still make much more than those he did not like. Look at the ADs -- Seestrom makes 250 K, but
Beason (239) and Wallace (225) with similar orgs make less. Fred Tarantino makes a whooping 275, but Cobb is the big bread winner. Why? Because he
is still Pete's man.

(3) The salary structure reinforces the LANL way -- there is almost no career path for scientists. The senior guys might make 135K, but GL make 160! Only managers are valued.

(4) Nanos is going to be bouncing around in the UC
system for 2 more years -- he has to get vested. All the new LANL hires will be stuck with nothing upon contract award, but Pete will get a fat UC pension.
So just how much is Cobb making now?
Whatever it is Cobb makes too much.
Manny Trujillo (UPTE) distributed the LANL current salaries yesterday. The document in is Excel spreadsheet format.
Cobb is making $275,000.
$275,000 peppers. Man that is really sick to see nasty ol' Cobb making that kind of income, especially given the way he treats people.
There's ALWAYS been talk of the "golden parachutes"provided by UC to LANL senior managment upon retirement. Anyone know the details?
Is it true that UC also provides the director a house or money for a house comparable to a university president's home.

Did UC provide Nanos the BIG house on a double lot in the western area? A friend who has access to this type of information told me that the BIG house sold in LESS THAN A WEEK for MORE THAN $700,000 to someone from Livermore who was hired for a deputy division director position.

Was that also a move by UC to cover the sale of the BIG house?
There's ALWAYS been talk of the "golden parachutes"provided by UC to LANL senior managment upon retirement. Anyone know the details? very carefully who jumps ship before December 2005.
If you think Cobb's salary is out of line, check out what his administrator makes. With no college degree, and little more than the fact that she's been with him since he started his way to the "top". I doubt that she could ever get another job with someone else. She'll probably retire with him.
Just how does one find this excel spreadsheet?
Cobb's administrator => $73,500.
Anyone who can work with Cobb's minute-to-minute schedule changes deserves this salary!
Just how does one find this excel spreadsheet?

Know anyone in UPTE? They all have it. If not, contact Manny Trujillo, Theresa Connaughton, Betty Ann Gunther ect.
This is available public information:
I missed a few characters with fat finger syndrome;
Ends with ".html" and that some how does not come through.
I do not know why the .html is not
working but if you will go to


LAN-UC salaries

Salaries June 2005

downloading it into an Excel spreadsheet format is handier as
it allow for searches on groups,
jobs, salaries, employees ect.
Case matters. It is LosAlamos not losalamos (must be a unix/linux box).
Give it a rest. Cobb's salary is not at all out of line for a person at his level.
Agreed, the salary is not out of line. It's the performance that is clearly not consistent. Come on LM.
Well when is someone going to do something about Fritch and his abuse of women in his division?
To Post 8:26

I understand Occ Med has "canned" Dr. Brady for sexual misconduct. I agree, wrong Dr.
They need to can more people for harrassment. Rich Marquez for example would be a good place to start.
Nanos has effectively left the
building. But what happened to
ZERO tolerance for harrassment??
ZERO tolerance for the mistreatment of people?
Is this gone too?
Let's not forget the LANL sanction against false accusations.
What is going on at Occupational Medicicne? Haver MDs been fired?
How many? For what? Sexual Harrassment?
Fritch is not an MD much less, he couldn't make it in private practice in he came to the Lab.
This information is second hand.
The relatively new group leader of the Medical Group Dr. Brady has been removed from his position for some type of misconduct. He has been replaced by one of the nurses. Dr. Fritch who did practice in Espanola is the deputy group leader. Dr. Fritch is reportedly very abrasive and abusive to female employees.
Most people agree that Pete Nanos was an abusive director. His departure was certainly a welcome turn at LANL. However, it did not automatically eliminate some of the like-minded individuals who were put in positions of authority and continue to act in a tyrannical manner. What can be done about situations like this? Though it took a long time and great damage was done in the meantime, the consensus of LANL employees, though largely anonymous, did eventually prevail over Nanos. Do we have to wait for the new contract before these other abusers can be dealt with? Hopefully the existing Lab policy of fair treatment in an unthreatening environment is more than just idle words.
I think the fact that Nanos is out in the UC offices of Admiral Foley still influencing the future of the Los Alamos National Laboratory means that the University of California has finally forfeited any scrap of legitimacy and authority that it had remaining following the departure of Nanos from this mesa top. The thought of this happening makes me ill. Damn the two Admirals from Styx and their den of conspirators and bring on Lockheed Martin.

President Dynes, where the hell are you? Do you plan to lose Livermore as well? Nanos is looking for a job and the Livermore directorship is open. Have at it.
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