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Here are excerpts from a message that I recently sent to my management and colleagues at LANL:

It is with mixed feelings that I now announce that I plan to retire from LANL at the end of this month. I have enjoyed 19 of my past 20 years at LANL, but not too surprisingly, I have not enjoyed this last year very much. On the positive side I have, ignoring for the moment the disruptions of past year, had the pleasure of working with award-winning teams of professionals during the previous 20 years, and I will enjoy those memories. Hopefully I will be able to continue my associations with my LANL colleagues in the coming years as an associate of LANL.


--Doug Roberts
LANL Staff Member

As regards the blog, I plan to continue to maintain it (with help) until such a communication mechanism is no longer needed at LANL. The additional burden on my time that this blog created during this past year has been significant, but worth it in my assessment. To that end, several colleagues have generously offered to help with the task of keeping the blog running and focused on LANL's problems, and on identifying solutions to those problems.

Somehow the famous words of another "Doug" come to mind: "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

--Doug Roberts

Doug - I understand your decision and will be making mine in due time as well. Thanks for starting the blog. I feel it has made a difference. I wish you well.
Thanks for your courage. Good Luck in all your future endeavors.
Thanks for your courage and for providing a forum of information when few other sources existed. Best wishes in your pursuits.
Way to go Doug. I had a very senior DOE official tell me today that the best thing I could do was quit, go to the GAO, and get a lawyer, because the management were probably coming after me shortly for doing the right thing and reporting questionable activities in the proper channel. I love my work, I love my country, and I hate to see what is happening to it, but I hope for the best, and will stay at my post until relieved. I owe the citizens that much.
Doug-Thank you for your service and for starting this forum. I truly believe Nanos would still be here if you had not created this blog that has shed the light of truth on a man who has done inestimable harm to the security of the United States. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.
Doug, as with the previous comments: THANKS!

If this is the best thing for you than I wish you the best. However I want you to stay. You are a man with honor, and we need more people like you. I am a TSM in T. LANL meeds you and the US needs you.
the blog was and is a great idea and helped in many many ways, Doug. I admire your courage in starting it and your devotion to the lab. The blog won't change everything but it sure is a good place to get issues noticed.
Congratulations Doug! The blog has a tremendous impact on LANL employees, is a service to the community, and has been very informative. We are not just a few employees in our isolated groups grousing over the water cooler at the latest management absurdity. The blog has shown that the feelings are shared by most LANL employees, and it has provided a valuable forum for debating issues and arriving at the truth. To cite a bestseller, The Wisdom of Crowds, indeed!
You've enabled, and thankfully plan to continue helping, a lot of small-scale Thomas Paines. Perhaps the republic will last longer than those guys thought it would. Everyman on the op-ed page.
Doug - Thanks for all your work on the blog. It has made a huge impact on accountability and has gotten lots of attention from Washington and the media. It has no doubt exposed both the deep corruption of LANL's upper management and also that there are still good, decent, honest folks there who want to do the best science and the right thing. Hopefully you chose to retire on your own accord and were not forced out by the b#%^ards who run your division.

Good luck to you. I valued your contributions to the IA Project and Linux Teams. Wish I was there to cook for your retirement party.

You've done a great job with the blog. Enjoy having time to pursue your hobbies.

I retired in January, as you know, and if you are in the Washington DC area, look me up.


We have not met. However, I feel a real debt of gratitude to you for the hours of genuine, balanced public service you have given to LANL, the Country, and us LANL employees. Nowhere else can I get undiluted, uncensored glimpses into the hearts and minds of my fellow employees. Sure, they are all over the map. But that's reality! It's fantastic. Frankly, Doug, this has been a great thing you have done, a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Welcome to the not so exclusive club. Thank you for everything you have done for your fellow employees and people like me who are outside the firewall and are starved for information.

Larry Creamer, DX-1 Retired
Before I started to read your blog, I had little idea what a blog was and no idea about what effect it could have on many people who share a vision but who do not know each other in real life.
Thanks for your work and for enlightening me.

I agree with 10:38:15 PM, I believe Nanos would still be here if it weren't for this blog, and for the hundreds of people who have contributed to it. Good luck!

- David M.
You did for us what "Deep Throat" did for the U.S., and you weren't afraid to identify yourself!
I believe I've known you longer than anyone LANL or on the blog. I want to say that I've been proud of you many times over the years. This last demonstration of what you are made of only strengthens my respect for you.
I, too, would like to thank Doug for his hard work on the blog. It has truly given LANL employees a voice about what is really going on in their work place.
I am also pleased that the blog will continue. I retired a year ago, feeling that there was something rotten in the state of LANL and have had nothing but fun since.
Have fun with your family, your parrots and your motorcycle and much much more!
I understand your need to retire. It's a very rational choice. Thank you
so much for what you have done, Doug. Problems can't be solved until they
are exposed to the light of day. This blog has helped with that exposure.
As one who cannot retire, I only hope we are headed for a healing process
in the near future. I have my doubts, but one can hope.

There are still good people at LANL, but their ranks have been seriously diminished by your leaving. There are two other people whose contributions to The Blog, in the spirit of Tom Paine, have made a real difference to the rest of us at the Lab in the last horrible year: John Horne and Todd Kaupilla. You are all three heroes in my book.

So, here's to you and to your good fortune in life after the Lab.

-Brad (new Lab Associate, as of today)
Doug, Thanks and good luck!
I always thought you were just a Linux Nut, but this Blog is a good thing and you did a great job running it. Good luck.
There is life after LANL. A motorcycle adventure like the one we did last year ..coming soon! And then ... the world is your new oyster. We'll drink toast to the blog...
There have only been a handful of men & women with enough integrity and courage to speak out against the evil deeds executed by our immature "schoolyard bully" dictator and his ANCIENT boss,Foley, during the failed reign of EX-Director Nanos. Each of those "brave hearts" has a special place in my heart, and you are among them. Doug, you are truly one of the few heroes to emerge from this bleak chapter of LANL history.

Thank you, Doug,for using your knowledge of cyberspace to allow the rest of the world to get an unfiltered view of what was really going on out here. It has been a shameful time for LANL and for those in positions of authority. No courageous souls among that pampered group!And I believe that not one of them misses any good rest at night...their hearts are just not capable of feeling any remorse.
Doug- Thanks for the hard work you have put into the blog. Good luck in your future endeavors.
Scott A. Watson
WOW! I was just passing by this site. There is a lot of hatred towards your company and management. I just hope you have followed the international unritten rule, "You can only make comments like that only after you have worn their shoes"
Good luck in your retirement, it looks like you have touched some people!
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