Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Representative Bart Stupak, again

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This posting does not relate to the current string but I found it interesting watching C-Span today. Representative Bart Stupak, D-Michigan, made an impassioned speech proposing that a certain organization be prohibited from using Federal monies to investigate its scientists for the purpose of pressuring and prosecuting them for speaking out on important issues. One of Mr. Supak's supporter, Representative Rosa De Lauro, D-Conn, said that when all else fails we have to rely on the statements of scientists who must be free to speak up and give their assessments consistent with their professional training. Managers should not be permitted to interfere with scientists thus speaking out. The consensus that Supak and De Lauro were trying to develop was that the lives of Americans might be jeopardized by suppressing scientific inquiry and comment.

The organization that Stupak and Rosa De Lauro were speaking of was not Los Alamos National Laboratory upon which a significant fraction of our national security against nuclear threats and blackmail rests but the Food and Drug Administration. The irony is that we have heard Representative Stupak before. He was the same Congressman that supported our previous Director who used Federal funds to scapegoat, abuse and prosecute Los Alamos employees. Amazingly, Mr. Stupak berated the very scientists at Los Alamos who were concerned over the impact of programmatic and personnel actions on national security. They were the scientists who were concerned about their 63-year old institution and their professional careers both of which had been focused on achieving a safe and reliable nuclear deterrent and on preventing the ominous possibility of nuclear terrorism.

The difference is that the FDA gave us Viagra. LANL protects our national security. Now you know their priorities.
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