Thursday, June 09, 2005

Police unraveling Cheeks beating

By Diana Heil | The New Mexican
June 9, 2005

WHITE ROCK — By the end of the week, police detectives and FBI agents might be able to unravel the mystery behind the brutal beating of Tommy Hook in the parking lot of a Santa Fe topless bar early Sunday morning.

Hook, 52, is a Los Alamos National Laboratory auditor who told his wife he went to Cheeks bar late Saturday night to meet a secret source who knew about fraud at the lab, but the person never showed up. He left in an ambulance with a broken jaw, a back injury, damage to his teeth and a concussion. He spent two nights at St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.

No arrests had been made as of Wednesday evening. And investigators came to the conclusion it was premature to release details about the incident.


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