Monday, June 13, 2005

NNSA Official Assures LANL Workers

By Dave Kavanaugh
Journal Staff Writer
LOS ALAMOS— The future remains uncertain for employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory as the Department of Energy seeks bidders interested in managing the lab.
But a federal official offered some assurances Sunday at a public forum Sunday regarding the fate of LANL employee and retiree pensions and other benefits that hang in the balance.
"We want the pension and benefits plan to be fair, protective and equivalent," said Tyler Przybylek, chairman of the National Nuclear Security Administration Source Evaluation Board.


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Does this guy Kavanaugh work for the Lab or DOE? This article is certainly slanted in favor of them. What’s this about Przybylek saying there is no job security? Why I thought we just transferred right on over. Is he talking about the clause referring to not having to hire us if sufficient funds are not available? That is a huge loophole.
-Does this guy Kavanaugh work for the Lab or DOE?

Neither - the article plainly states that he is an Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer.
Of course it is obvious who his employer is, what isn't so obvious is why his story is so slanted toward doe and the lab.
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