Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Admin Building

Please Post Anonymously:

It is obvious to the casual observer that the new Administration Building has a "ship" theme. Please allow me to propose christening this building the "USS Reluctant" as a memorial to our own Captain Morton, from the movie "Mr. Roberts."

Ref: : "Life aboard a U.S. Navy cargo ship during the World War II Pacific campaign revolves around Executive Officer Doug Roberts, the sympathetic buffer between the maniacal captain and the ship’s crew." "...the Virgo was also the AKA601, the USS Reluctant, the ship that carried its wacky captain and crew over history's horizon as the setting of the novel, play and then movie, "Mr. Roberts.'"

and I suggest SS Queeg in honor of nanos... it's from The Caine Mutiny
Now hear this! All you deck apes, shape-up or ship-out!
Which senior managers have jump ship recently?? Under age 54/55 and their houses sold in 2 days for hundres of thousands of dollars.
Ah, yes - the New Ad Building and the Parking Garage - LANL's idea of NanoStructures.
The new "Ad building", with its auditorium, looks more like the Titanic hitting the iceberg. Many are already fleeing the ship!
.....and LANL upper management is frantically rearranging the deck chairs as the Titanic is sinking.
An alternative possibility--it's a bank, and there's going to be a 'run' on the bank someday soon.
.....a bank with a poop-deck.
Heh, heh. A bank with the "runs"?
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