Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lockheed Unveils Los Alamos Bid Team

Associated Press
Lockheed Unveils Los Alamos Bid Team
06.16.2005, 03:06 PM

Lockheed Martin Corp. and the University of Texas said Thursday they are teaming up to bid for a government contract to manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Both Lockheed and the university are vying to replace the University of California, whose contract to run Los Alamos expires on May 31. With about 8,000 university employees and 3,000 contract workers, the lab is one of three chief installations responsible for maintaining the nation's nuclear arsenal.


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I have searched without success to find a listing of the actual personnel that Lockheed proposes as part of their management team (other than Paul Robinson as the proposed director). Does anyone know of (or a link to) information on who else has been proposed for the management team?
I'm guessing it's being held in close confidence until the bids are due to guard against being under cut in some fashion. A building contractor would be very unlikely to reveal their bid amount for a construction project before they are opened.

I expect other details like what Plan 2 would look like, what their proposed organizational structure would look like, etc. will also be held in close confidence.
What does the headline have to do with the article? Am I missing something obvious? "Lockheed Unveils" what??? I see no new information.
You guys need to find some LANL people who are working on the LM bid to get some info.
To 6/17/2005 05:16:51 PM: I hope LANL people aren't working on the LM bid while they are on the UC paycheck; that could present some real issues.
8:50, I do not have enough knowledge to know if there is a prohibition against a LANL employee working on the LM bid (or any other non-UC bid) other than some commonsense requirements that they not use Lab time, resources or privileged information to do so.

I would assume someone doing so would have filled out a LANL Form 701 - Outside Activity Permission Request, had it signed by the cognizant managers, filed it with the Conflict of Interest Coordinator, and passed by Legal. It is unclear if the Activity requires payment for services, or some future benefit, for the Form to be filed. That would be a question for COI Coordinator.

However, the Form itself is somewhat amusing in that it appears to presume those engaging is outside activities requiring "permission" are low-level employees, as indicated by needing GL and DL signatures along with the COI Coordinator. No higher level signatures appear to be required. Check out the Form, the questions are interesting.

Perhaps those at higher levels are exempt from filing the Form, their positions implying proof of the utmost integrity? They have, after all, been chosen by LANL upper-management and approved by the UC Regents.

In fact, I would not be surprised if there were, and even with the knowledge of others - it would be in keeping with the farce.
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