Friday, June 03, 2005

LANL Worker, Blogger Retiring

By Adam Rankin
Journal Staff Writer

With uncertainty about who'll be running Los Alamos National Laboratory in the not-too-distant future, retirements from the lab are continuing to mount up.

Among the latest to say goodbye is Doug Roberts, creator of the high-profile blog "LANL: The real story" and a 20-year veteran computer scientist at Los Alamos. He intends to retire from the lab next month.

Though he will continue to oversee the wildly popular blog— on pace to surpass one million page views this month, cited by Congress and covered by national media— Roberts said he no longer wants to stay on at LANL. His last day will be July 1, years before he was planning to retire, he said.

"Walking away from a place after 20 years is not easy to do," he said. "LANL was badly damaged by the events of the past year— a number of customers left and a number of my colleagues left and for that reason I felt it was time to move on."


Despite some negative comments and occasional mud slinging, employees are still posting constructive thoughts on ways to improve LANL management and the lab's work environment, Roberts said.

"People are focusing on real issues and spending a lot of time proposing ways to fix some of our troubles," he said.

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Sad to see you go, glad that you are in a position to head out to greener pastures. Enjoy!

I heard a rumor from a reliable DC source that George (Pete) is actually on an IPA to DTRA, remaining a LANL/UC employee! I looked, and sure enough, he is listed in the LANL online phone book. Note that any of those that have retired are immediately removed from the same online phone book. I honestly do not think that we will ever truly be rid of the man nor his legacy of destruction.

I do hope this is simply an oversight on the part of those maintaining the online phone book, somehow I doubt it.
Could it be that the University of California arranged (and financed?) this IPA to allow Director Pete to get to five years of service in order to assure his second pension? An outstanding example of UC largess and compasion! But, compare to the treatment of the family of his victim Todd.
12:13:45- Perfectly said. Nanos is being rewarded for the destruction of a loyal employee and his family.
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