Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lab suspects two employees of fraudulent purchases

June 15, 2005

Two Los Alamos National Laboratory employees are suspected of fraudulent purchasing activities and the cases have been turned over to authorities, the nuclear weapons lab announced late Wednesday.

One of the employees is accused of misusing credit cards meant to purchase gasoline for lab vehicles. Officials at the northern New Mexico lab said the employee admitted to buying about $3,000 worth of gas for acquaintances in exchange for money.


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sin city
Still a few snakes left in the swap. Great job UC and LANL for catching the alleged thieves. Lets keep the pressure on and rid our selves of those who would further jeopardize our already shaky existence.
I just don't understand how anyone can be so stupid.
I think it would be best to keep your heads under the sand. Does the name Jaret McDonald ring a bell?
There are still lots of stupid people amongst us here at LANL.
I'm curious what Jaret has to do with this. Please explain.
Isn't he the contractor who searched lanl and couldn't find an honest man?
Didn't he appear before the US Congress for a session about corruption at LANL? For some reason his name hasn't appeared earlier in this blog. Is it possible that we've been painting a rosy picture and we don't want to include his story? I can't find a mention of his name in the google search of the blog.
Note these morons (and they truly are morons) were caught quickly. The
fellow who tried to rip off the Lab with the gas purchases was only able
to do it for about a month before he was caught. That's progress, and it
should be a lesson to any of the other morons at the Lab who think they
can get away with the same type of behavior. You WILL be caught, so
don't even think of trying it. The times, they are a'changing.
I agree with the previous post. The business internal controls appear to be working. An insider threat, whether it be theft or otherwise, can never be completly eliminated. Any business who tries to totally eliminate the threat will find that they have no funding left to do their basic business. We have to realize that we have a very, very small percentage of employees that will, at the first chance, try to cheat the institution. This is the case in any business.
Let us remember that there is reputedly 1-2% waste, fraud, and abuse every year in the Department of Defense, whose annual budget is $500 billion per year (and growing). That amounts to $5-10 billion of thievery per year, compared to LANL's total budget of $2 billion per year. When Congressmen complain about $100,000 of fraud at LANL (which may have occurred over the last ten years), that's 0.005% of LANL's annual budget, not 1-2%.

Someone in the news media needs to gain some perspective on all of this, i.e., "get a grip." I would say that if there are "crooks" or "thieves" at LANL, they haven't even BEGUN to reach their DoD potential!
Boy, there's been a change. This article is not above the fold on the front page of the New Mexican but below the fold of section C.
And we are not all "arrogant, butthead cowboys." Instead, and I quote Director
Kuckuck, "These isolated incidents do not reflect the character of this laboratory and its dedicated work force." We should all say thank you to Bob for these words.
Please fill me in....who is Jaret McDonald?
Is he the guy who blew the whistle on Bussolini?
6/16/2005 11:55:28 PM asked"
"Please fill me in....who is Jaret McDonald?"

6/17/2005 07:37:31 AM asked:
"Is he the guy who blew the whistle on Bussolini?"

Here is Jaret McDonalds written congressional testimony:

I hope this helps.

Larry Creamer
DX-1, Retired
Jaret was a sub-contractor who blew the whistle on Bussolini but the point is that nobody at LANL paid attention to his words until he appeared before Congress. He had given up his anonymity even though he was less protected than any of the LANL staff!! Many interpreted his inability to find managers who would act on his disclosures at LANL as evidence that corruption was both widespread and ignored. This, I fear, is the reason for LANL's present appearance in the press. Incidentally, I checked the blog with Google and his name hadn't been mentioned before. There's a lesson in his apparent invisibility.
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