Friday, June 17, 2005

Lab: Fraud cases not tied to Hook

Diana Heil | The New Mexican
June 17, 2005

Fraud allegations announced this week against two Los Alamos National Laboratory workers have no connection to whistle-blower Tommy Hook's beating at a Santa Fe strip club June 5, lab officials said Thursday.

Hook says a fellow lab auditor who lured him to the bar also worked on the investigation of the two lab employees accused of fraud this week, his attorney, Bob Rothstein, said Thursday.


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Hook's attorney, Rothstein, is every bit the liar that Hook is.
They are both desperate since Hook’s credibility went down the toilet in the VIP room of cheeks.
I will be happy when Hook gives up on this B.S. story to explain to his wife, family, and friends why he was enjoying himself at a Santa Fe strip club, and tells everyone the truth. He's now embarrassed the majority good side of the Lab. And besides, Cheeks isn't worth it -- I've been to much better clubs.
...not knowing anyone involved or anything except what I see in the media, I await the arrests of the assailants, apparently identified, who explained to police that their attack was not related to LANL. I await the arrest of Hook on DWI and hitting a pedestrian. If all of those things do not happen, I will believe Hook was lured there to be compromised and intimidated. I do not think LANL management was involved but it would seem at least some people employed by or supplying to LANL would have a lot to lose by continued whistleblowing.
The 6/17/2005 06:13:14 PM poster expexts some competence and diligence on the part of the Santa Fe Police Department. I am sure that s/he also believes in Santa Claus.

There is not going to be any DWI arrest because there is no evidence of this on Hook: they did not perform a field sobriety test nor a blood test. As far as the person(s) who beat up Hook, the Santa Fe police have other things that have a higher priority. The truth is out and Hook is now shown up for the liar that he is. Let him deal with his wife.
If there is no evidence of DWI as you claim, there is no reason to believe stories he was drunk and backed into a pedestrian. The hospital should have done blood work on Hook as a routine matter that included BAC, as they would have to know that for anesthesia in case he needed surgery. Perhaps the FBI has this evidence and their investigation continues....and people associated in some way with LANL should continue to be very nervous and post hysterical rebuttals and "Hook attacks" on this blog. If the Sante Fe police have a higher priority than arresting thugs they have identified who brutally assault someone (for whatever reason), I submit tourists thinking about visiting Santa Fe should take their business elsewhere, as the city is apparently a vigilante zone. Of course I believe in Santa Claus. That belief is sane compared to the belief that thermonuclear weapons are protecting me from something, which if I am not mistaken is the reason Los Alamos exists, excepting some "great science" thrown in there somewhere.
You know what - yes DWI is mostly done through field sobriety test (including blood tests). But you know witnesses also have some input as well. Especially if you have 3 people who are willing to testify under oath about how many beers he was served. Yes the hospital takes blood tests, but it takes awhile to get the toxiology reports back. And it is my understanding that Mr. Hook did not go through emergency surgery when he arrived at the hospital. So the ananesthesia thing isn't relevant. The call for tourists to stay away from our state - I totally agree, we are over run by them as it is. We survived before they found our state and will survive without them. Vigilante justice - hahaha. I guess you haven't heard the latest rumors of who were his attackers, is wasn't people from up north as stated earlier. From what I hear Mr. Hook made some pretty nasty remarks himself when he got out of his vehicle after hitting someone. Oops I forgot he doesn't even remember starting his vehicle. So your condoning his actions? Confront the person you hit with a vehicle call them names (because you can) and expect nothing happen to you. And last that I remember hearing street gangs are everywhere, so maybe there should be preaching to California, Texas, New York, Chicago, and etc... that tourist should stay away. Oops I forgot street gangs have infested the mid-west too. So no place is really safe now is it. I think that you should hit the streets of Santa Fe ask the questions. People are talking, their saying who his attackers are. Get your story...find out the real truth...ask Santa Feans about loosing tourism...

But in the end -> this latest incident didn't have anything to do w/Mr. Hook. He and his lawyer are grasping at straws to save their themselves. How could they think this -> especially since the person he was supposed to me to get the information never showed up. So how would he know the info on this case? Unless the actual person did show and relayed the information (which would be another lie). Deductive reasoning, isn't it great...I would be calling them both out on this...I wonder if I should suggest this to the New Mexican, FBI, or SFPD.
No auditor called Hook to meet him, no auditor found the recent purchase problem. Tommy and his lawyer are now trying to do damage control. Strange thing we don't hear much from Montano now? Tommy and his wife are pathological liars and have lived this way for so long, they can no longer tell fact from fiction. The law firm and Tommy are looking to collect some fast money from the American taxpayers.
To anonymous at 06:43:59 PM, your comments about all of the staff of the laboratory exist to only create and protect thermonuclear weapons and have a some "great science" thrown in is ludicrous. I challenge you to find better people doing a better job of national and international security research and applications. There are facts about Hook's story that can definitely be corroborated or shown as unfounded. We anxiously await the phone records, the identity of the attackers and hopefully the real story of what went on. Also, breaking a whistleblowers kneecaps is not advantageous to the lab, UC or anyone here at LANL. Another smearing cannot go on without being cheallenged.

Violence is never justified, but neither is lying to the authorities and creating a fantasy that is ultimately unbelievable because of its complete lack of logic...

For those of us at the lab that take our mission to safeguard this country and the world from many types of potential disasters, it is a slap in the face, and it has to stop.
Tommy (VIP lounge) Hook, Chuck (Topper Man) Monatano, Chris (not my security infraction) Steele and others who misuse the local and national media for personal gain need to take a long look in the mirror and decide if their egos really trump National Security. Those of us who must work with them know them to be habitual and professional liars. Please take your games elsewhere; you are not wanted here.
Tommy Hook just flushed the toilet on himself with this latest claim of
a connection between the "gas heist" and his beating at Cheeks. What's
next? Claims that the Lab is really run by Roswell aliens? I think this
man is more than just a habitual liar. He's got some type of mental
sickness, and is becoming unstable and delusional.
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