Monday, June 06, 2005

Interesting NNSA spin on the shutdown

Interesting NNSA spin on the shutdown from Jerry Paul, Principal Deputy Administrator for NNSA on May 5, 2005.
"...much remains to be done in order to bring the laboratory up to appropriate levels of performance for safety, security, and environmental compliance. Our work is not finished."
"The NNSA was consulted prior to Director Nanos' decision to stand down activities."
"...we in NNSA felt that inattention to safety procedures at the laboratory presented a greater problem. Together they led us to believe that a culture of non-compliance existed within the laboratory. ... It is this culture that we, and the laboratory's senior managers, are trying to reverse"
" is apparent that the vast majority of the costs are allowable costs, and thus are reimbursable expenses by the government."
"...and $8 million of costs for the first two days of the stand down."
Full Text:

I guess it is interesting, in the sense that a whitewash is interesting.
One more proof that UC has nothing to do with bureaucratic nonsense at LANL, but NNSA does. So waht the switch to LM would help? Read this carefully, Nanos also was just executing NNSA nonsense. Also, and this is not discovery, NNSA cares abot paperwork, almost not at all about mission, not at all about science.
NNSA is the poster child of flawed bureaucracies, a chip off the old DOE block. This spin amplifies what others have already posted on this blog about this pathetic organization.
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