Monday, June 06, 2005

From Domenici's weekly radio address:


02:08 Domenici says he is sure DOE will carefully review the pensions plans offered by various bidders for the operating and management contract for Los Alamos National Laboratory. He says firms like Lockheed Martin and others will have to show that their overall pension programs are solvent. He says he believes most bidders will offer similar pension plans for LANL employees. He again reminds LANL workers that they will have six months after a contract is awarded to review the pros and cons of any new pension plan for the lab.


Please port. Text is missing...
This is all I received.

We already know Lockheed can't manage their own pension plan (underfunded by $300 Billion), what makes the DOE think they will be able to manage our pension plans when there is even less incentive to do so properly?
all of us newbies who ain't vested in UC are gonna get SCREWED by some crap pension plan.
There is a RFP meeting at the high school Sunday at 2pm. Those worried about the solvency of the pension should attend and address the DOE officials. It may help to hear comments and questions from other employees.
I hope (request) someone will post a detailed summary for those of us who are not in town... Thanks...
Sunday meeting LAHS at 2:00pm will be videoed and shown on PAC8. There will be a list of common questions circulated as people may want to make notes. A individual question period will follow.

Also for those of you who can not come, 'Coalition for LANL Excellence' is sponsoring a survey to log the interest areas of LANL employees. (The Coalition is working diligently to obtain a workable LANL contract and a viable bidder.) The info gathered will be used when talking to various DOE officials and bidders. People around town should have these surveys- please fill one out to add your concerns to the discussion.

See you Sunday!

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