Friday, June 10, 2005


From Anonymous:

I agree that the CLE is a hard-working group of people. However my initial assessment of them was that they were a small a collection of people who had taken the "UC must win the contract at any cost" point of view. If that is still the case, then they are a misguided group of hard-working people. UC has allowed the worse damage LANL has ever incurred to happen during the past year, in the person of George P. Nanos. The fact that LANL was allowed to be spun so completely our of control by one person underscores the complete inability of UC to manage our laboratory.

If, on the other hand, the folks of the CLE are now focusing on helping to ensure that the next contractor will provide LANL employees with the best contractual working conditions possible, then I say more power to them, and we should all help them to that goal.

The events of this past year were inevitable, given UC's long history of non-management. If not Nanos, then some other equally poorly-qualified manager would have eventually led us into disaster. Look at the running list of wasteful activities on the sidebar. An effective manager of LANL would not have allowed these shameful practices to have become standard operating procedure. Blame for our current situation lies squarely at the feet of UC.
How about coming to CLE's meeting, listening to the presentations, then challenging CLE to work for the employees no matter who the next contractor might be. If they rise to the challenge, support them. If they do not, then find the other people in the room who would rise to the challenge and support those people.

Either way you win.
I think CLE is a good organization doing great work -- and I have attended their meetings. My only problem is that they seem overly concerned with not "bothering" or "offending" Dominici. Frankly, I think it is Dominici who should be worried about not bothering or offending the employee/citizens of LANL.
CLE might not want to "offend" Dominici because one of their officers is the father of a young lawyer up and coming in the Republican party. Nothing like taking care of you own first then the rest of us later.
This whole post is making me mad! I joined CLE last January have attended their meetings. I find they are most concerned that the final DOE contract allows a healthy SCIENTFIC lab to remain in Los Alamos.

I have put in 100s of hours writing to the newspapers, sending out emails, trying to get the rest of you information about the changes looming ahead. I read the draft RFP and the final RFP. I have gotten questions out there for you to think about. I have done more for you than any of you will ever do for me. And you all sit on your tails on criticize. Thanks a lot!!!

So I have a challenge for you. CLE needs about 300 more members to have a bigger voice. Will those of you willing to work rather than criticize go to their web site and join? Do you really believe that the contract will become more employee-positive without any of us working on it?

Unlike the rest of you, I'm going to sign my name

Debbie Clark- not the parent of an up and coming young lawyer.
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