Monday, June 06, 2005

Biomoda's stewardship of a LANL technology

Compared to the horror of Tommy Hook's beating my newest story about LANL's technology stewardship bungling seems almost inconsequential. As a whistle-blower regarding the fraud of a public company with ties to organized crime, physical assault or death is a terrible possibility. Reading the story on your blog about Hooks' beating emphasizes the high price of being a whistleblower. It also strengthens my commitmentment. That said, I've put up a new story on my blog that provides some more documentation and details about Biomoda's stewardship of a LANL technology. I hope you can link to it again. I got over 200 hits from and 232 from that is. The .gov tells me that maybe somebody, somewhere in a position of authority will finally do something.
Keep fighting the good fight.

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