Sunday, June 05, 2005


From Anonymous:

None of this information is concrete and probably has a few inaccuracies in it. But there has been a report that has been confirmed by two sources that Tommy Hook was brutally beaten Saturday night at his home.

He is currently hospitalized for severe injuries. That much is substantiated by two sources. The details are still sketchy but apparently 4 men lured Mr. Hook from his home and attacked him. Mr. Hook was scheduled to testify before congress on Monday or Tuesday. One of the attackers allegedly made the statement that he was not going to live to testify. The attackers were scared away by a vehicle that stopped to assist Mr. Hook. Has anyone else heard about this to either confirm or deny it?

Information on Tommy Hook can be found by going to these links:


Wow. If this story is true, violent intimidation of a schedulted witness to Congress is a Federal crime, I believe. Let's hope the police, the FBI, and the NM Congressional delegation do their duties to investigate and denounce this violence, if indeed this terrible report is substantiated.
What was he suppposed to testify on and what was he going to say?
I too hope that the police and the FBI are on the job. But to hope that the NM congressional delegation will do their duty is going a little far. Had they done their duty in the first place none of this would be happening. The only thing you will get from these vaunted politicians is more lies, obfuscation, and ass covering.
The way things have been going, it would be no surprise to learn that the police, FBI, and the NM Congressional delegation are the thugs.
I seriously doubt that this story has any validity at all.
If this story is true, the NM delegation and the Governor should be on the TV 24/7 demanding to know who is behind a conspiracy to intimidate a Los Alamos employee with violence. If this story is not true, a very reliably sourced, public, and reasonable explanation for this posting should be given, or the blog should be closed.
Here's a second vote for this story being rubbish. We would have heard about it by now if it were true.
If the story turns out to not be true, then that will be reported here. If the story turns out to be true, more information will be given as it becomes available.

So what happened to:

This type of "yellow journalism" contribution epitomizes what is detrimental about allowing anonymous postings: the ability to make outrageous, unsubstantiated claims without the responsibility of ownership is a strong argument against continuing to support this mechanism of contribution on this blog.
The irony is not lost on me, anonymous poster of 8:55.

I all fairness to Doug I sent the original post. As I said in the last sentence, can anyone confirm or deny this. It isn't yellow journalism to ask a question. I am starting to believe it isn't true but after hearing it from two non- related sources I made the post to seek more information. If I made a big deal out of nothing I appologize to the readers. And, by the way, I hope it is not true.
I can confirm this. I'll send a link to more information shortly.
Here's the link to more information about the attack on Hook:
This is not a confirmation. Can anyone find it in a police blotter? Can the people he works with, or friends, testify that he did not show up for work?

If this is true, this is terrible.
LANL employees would do good to make some nice gesture towards Hook and his family. I am pretty sure that either it is not LANL people who are responsible or even if there were LANL people involved, they were not representing LANL interests. Unfortunately, in such cases usually the real jerks, the authors of such politically motivated provocation, are not disclosed.

Interesting that the unilateral disarmament crowd are interested.

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