Saturday, June 25, 2005

Anastasio: Team wants to help LANL bloom

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

University of California officials waited to see the release of the final Request for Proposal to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory, before making a final decision to enter the competition.

According UC's man in charge of that competition, the RFP is still what it's all about.

"Our focus is really around the RFP," said Michael Anastasio, director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and designated director of LANL if UC's partnership with a corporate team led by Bechtel is successful.

The RFP and discussions about the RFP have repeatedly emphasized the importance of science and technology, fully enabled by effective management and operational systems.


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"Not dwelling on what UC did or did not do as a manager in recent years, Anastasio emphasized, "This is a new team. It's not UC. It's not Bechtel. It's a team that brings the best capabilities across the spectrum of science and technology, management, business, safety and security - all the teams it take to run an effective national laboratory."

So the official UC position over all the damage they have done is "Just get over it." I suggest we each send another $100 to Sara Kauppila as part of our healing process.

The smarmy little bastard won't even take responsibility for the damage UC has done to us all. Robinson can't come fast enough for me...
Let the hate flow. Anastasio is no more a
"smary little bastard" than the poster is a paragon of virtue. It is unfortunate that the Blog has died as a source of discussion and is now only home to bottom feeding back biters.

The kind of hate that is expressed here is not going to change with Robinson and LM. In fact, there are scores of "employee issues" at all the LM facilities. No matter who "wins" LA there is a huge amount of work to do, and it is time to move on.
Like or not, there is hatred of UC by LANL staff. Also, like it or not, much of it is well deserved. UC supported the previous director in his destructive actions of last year. UC is stonewalling on the subject of UC's unfair treatement of Todd Kaupilla and his family. UC, in the body of Bob Foley is a continued insult to the remaining staff at LANL.

UC is sowing what it reaped.
To: 08:06:30 AM

The blog has not "died as a source of discussion."

It is the only source available were concerned individuals may freely express themselves. It is even available to persons such as yourself for when you feel like spreading your poisonous views.
It seems to me that logic would dictate that we ought to all root for LM/UT to win this competition.

If Bechtel/UC wins, it will be a vindication of all their past policies, and we would expect nothing to change. Why should it? They won. So we will continue to have an absentee landlord, Foley & Co. in charge (but perhaps more arrogant than ever, since they won), and perhaps even Nanos back again as director. Why not? The DoE surely must have approved of his handling of the lab, else why would Bechtel/UC have won?

If LM/UT wins, Robinson is a known quantity with a good record (certainly better than our own recent directors), and Sandia is pretty well run. At least when it has safety or security lapses it doesn’t end up in the national media, and its management doesn’t feel the need to shut the whole place down for most of a year. Besides, the win gives them an incentive to prove that they can improve things, rather than just continue the status quo.

The pension might have been a deciding factor, but since whoever wins has to set up a separate pension fund, that is pretty much a wash.

So on balance, I don’t see why we shouldn’t all (except for the fourth floor, who may be out of their jobs) root for LM/UT to win.
Shhhhh, be quiet. If DOE knows that most of LANL is now routing for
LM, then they'll lean towards picking UC just to punish us some more.
Fair enough, 12:05 AM. I'll remove the three previous posts, mine included, and we shall continue on with the thread.

AT least one requirement for blooming has been met: a great deal of manure has been applied!!!
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