Monday, June 06, 2005

3 p.m. Update: Tommy Hook

KSFR 90.7 FM News

3 p.m. Update: A man who has been labeled a whistleblower at the Los
Alamos National Laboratory is in critical condition after being severely
beaten up in Santa Fe Saturday night.

The wife of Tommy Hook says her husband had gone to the bar in the belief
he would meet someone who had information about fraud at the Los Alamos

Hook was scheduled to testify at a congressional committee hearing later
this month. He and a colleague said they were forced to suppress evidence
of purchasing fraud they allegedly had found at the lab.

There’s word that members of the congressional committee’s staff will
arrive in Santa Fe tomorrow to begin an investigation. Hook’s lawyer says
Santa Fe Police Chief Beverly Lennen has turned the matter over to the

Lawyer Bob Rothstein says it appears the beating was a message to Tommy
Hook not to testify as a whistleblower.

Channels 7 and 13 were at the press conference. Film at 5:30, 6 and/or 10.
This is bs. It has nothing to do
with LANL.
I'm always amazed at how many experts LANL has. Why, they're so smart they don't need any facts, they've already got the answers.
What facts? All we have at this point is one man's story which really sounds fishy. Sounds like BS to me but I don't know the guy.
What is fishy is that people who get crosswise with the lab are dying and being beaten.
One word: provocation. Ugly politics continues around LANL, and it went to even deeper level of ...
I cannot believe that people think this has anything to do with LANL. Please give me a break. It is too bad that some guy going to a strip club at 11:30pm on a Fri is hurt, but this does not mean it has anything to do with LANL. POGO should be ashamed of themselves so should anyone who thinks
this has something to do with LANL.
Are you people really that naieve. "I can't believe this has anything to do with LANL" It has everything to do with LANL. If the information that Tommy Hook was going to bring out was more damaging than an attempt on his life you bet they would go along with trying to kill him. Remember people at S Division cheered when Todd Kauppila died because he had information that linked them to a cover up. These are vicious people and the stakes are high. There are billions of dollars at stake and the reputations of some very powerful people. If you refuse to accept the possibility of LANL, UC, Government involvement here then you are ignoring past situations that make it possible. Anyone remember the name Silkwood?
You people need therapy. It's too bad our behavioral health benefits are so poor. Psychiatrists could make a fortune up here. Mr. Hooke has nothing new to report, and certainly wouldn't remember anything told to him while he was being beaten. This story is a complete fabrication, and the legal remifications for him and his spouse are major.
Shame on us all, just read the comments and you will see why we are looked upon with such contempt by the outside world. I only hope Tommy recovers to keep up the good fight.
Shame on us?

First all the outside world does not view LANL with contempt.
I say shame on you for suggesting that this has anything to do with LANL. Wake up.

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