Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Your readers might find it curious

Your readers might find it curious that we just today received a work order
for photographs of the events around Ashley Pond tomorrow, 5-12. We were
instructed to "use discretion" and to try to capture as many faces as

Curious, no?

[From an IM Division employee]

I'll be right up front if any of the photographers want to take a picture of my face.

--Doug Roberts
Has Los Alamos now become Los Arzamas?
I believe we're already starting to get the flavor of the "new, improved" LANL management.

Go, Lockmart!
Please post the name of the person(s) who order these photos. I don't see how that can be a justifiable lab expense.
Why would LANL officials want pictures of people attending a MEMORIAL for a FORMER LANL employee AFTER work hours?!?

There is no justification for that work order in any context other than to start "McCarthy" files on possible malcontents. I strongly urge anyone in IM who knows of this work order to submit a report to the DOE Inspector General and to leak a copy to the press.

Whoever submitted that work order needs to be fired. There is no excuse for the exploitation of Todd's death and his family's grief to gather malcontent info for future retribution against law-abiding LANL employees. Do these LANL Administrators have any morals at all?
I cannot believe the original posting. It must be bogus because anyone who knows the law would be absolutely stupid to do such a thing as using US tax money to spy on American citizens engaged in mourning the loss of a friend. Since the Secretary of Energry and the Director of Los Alamos both fall under Executive Order 12333 such an activity arguably would be a violation of US law and would be reported immediately to the US Attorney General.
By the way, if such an order to IM exists I advise anyone with knowledge of that order not to tamper with or destroy same. Such activities could be considered to constitute tampering with Federal evidence.
Is someone up to mischief? Could it be that a HUGE turnout is expected for this service and someone wants to put a little bit of uncertainty in the hearts of those attending?

See tonight's Monitor article where Todd is quoted in a March interview as saying that his "friends" wouldn't contact him because they were afraid of losing their jobs at LANL.

What kind of "friends" would desert a hurting man and his family!!! Is there any courage or loyalty around this place!

We are only as strong as our weakest link. Surely Todd's "friends" will show some support for his family in their hour of need.
I would advise any IM employee that receives this illegal work order to not execute it lest they be found complicit. As noted above, however, they should notify the proper authorities and protect the integrity of the physical evidence.
The more I think about this, I wonder what they thought they were going to do with these photos? Kauppila is NOT a LANL employee or retiree. There is no business purpose to be taking such photos except possibly to see who left work at 3:45 to get to the service. Of course, for exempt employees that is ok. For non-exempt employees they can take an hour or two of bereavement leave. Bereavement leave can be used for close friends.
I'm trying to give LANL management the benefit of the doubt regarding
this. At best it's a misunderstanding. At worst it's LANL management at its worst.
I agree with 7:40:10 on this. It's possible that someone had the brilliant idea to get some shots for the next newsletter without taking the time to think about how that would come across in this environment. It's also possible (though less likely, in my opinion) that retaliation and intimidation are indeed the intent. Let's not jump to conclusions yet, but still take reasonable precautions in the event that the worst-case plays out.
i.e.: stop hyperventilating, but keep your eyes open....
For those who plan to attend the Kauppila memorial, I urge you to make sure you have put in your 8 hours or taken the appropriate leave. LANL has been known to use this kind of thing to discipline people whom they have some beef against -- not necessarily attending a funeral.
I agree that this could very well be just pictures for a Newsbulletin or curiosity about how many actually showed up by some manager who didn't dare do so personally.
But, in case you didn't know, LANL is now photographing people who cross Diamond drive to the LDCC above the street instead of using the tunnel below. Management has admitted that the intention is to use these photos to issue jay-walking citations.
Maybe this is an attempt to make sure people who skip out illegally get caught. It wouldn't surprise me. Forwarned is forarmed.
Betty Ann Gunther
UPTE Steward
Just how much destruction do you need to see before you STOP giving these people the "benefit of the doubt"? There is no doubt. These people have become corrupt and evil. If you had seen the tactics that they have used on Todd and me you would stop being so charitable to them.

John N. Horne
LANL management has some explaining to do: For Congress, the media, the public, and most of all: Sara and the family.
It looks like nothing sinister is going on. The lab internal home page now has a notice of the Kauppila memorial service. They must be getting photos for the newsbulletin.

You need to stop the bitterness on this blog. We know you have serious issues with Lab management. We also know that you may well be justified. Unfortunately, we have no way to tell whether your anger is justified or just sour grapes until all the facts can come out - until then we have no basis for judgement. You need to avoid angry rants and instead provide us with substantive arguments if you don't want people like me to dismiss your comments out of hand as biased.
Can you say PARANOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Trust Anyone
It's tremendously sad that all this muck has to go on when we should all be pausing to reflect on Todd's life, his contributions, and the loss that his family and friends have incurred.

To Todd's family: I am deeply sorry that this kind of stuff has to go on in the blog or anywhere else for that matter, on a day that must be the hardest of your lives.
To Anonymous @5/12/2005 02:58:38 PM:
Just because we are paranoid doesn't mean that they are NOT out to get us!
To the poster:
The only professional photographer I saw at the service was the one from the Los Alamos Monitor.

To Todd's family:
It was a good turnout. Todd had a lot of friends.
There was NO IM work order. But you guys ring like a bell. Someone who is not friendly to us is you.
To 5/12/2005 02:53:09
What gives you the right to say what you said to John Horne? The spirit of this and any blog is that of free speech. John has as much right to vent as any of us, maybe more.

Have you lost your future and a bright (up until now) career because of a knee-jerk management reaction? Have you lost a best friend to a pre-mature and painful death? Who deserves to exercise his right to free speech more than the patriotic, heroic individual that is John Horne. Besides, he happens to be right about LANL management. We all must thank John and Todd for our ability to watch Nanos' back as he leaves town in disgrace.

Give John the courtesy to vent, heal and lead the good fight for as long as he needs to do so. I intend to help him with that good fight and get LANL back to the premier institution it was B.N. (before Nanos). And we won't do that under LockMart in this or any other century.
To 10:389:41 AM -
I am not saying in any way that John should not post, or that he is not justified in his anger. He has the right to excercise free speech. I am saying that his circimstances diminish the impact that angry and emotional posts from him can have. When I read a post from someone with an emotional investment in a particular point of view (such as Ann Coulter or Ted Rall), I automatically discount any hyperbole or emotional content that they write. The only time that I listen to people in this situation are when they calmly and rationally lay out the reasoning and proofs behind their argument. John has free speech, but he has an additional burden of proof to meet in order to use his free speech responsibly.
To clarify - he has every right to be angry, to vent, and to lead the good fight, but the manner in which he is doing so erodes his credibility for those not intimately and completely aquainted with the circumstances surrounding his dismissal.
To 6:29:

Then get your ass with the program. Your ignorance regarding how Nanos treated Horne and Kaupilla is an unacceptable excuse for criticizing Horne for speaking out. It's you, and people like you who have remained blissfully "ignorant" about how LANL management has treated LANL staff over the supposed security incident that has allowed the situation to remain as it is for this long.
6:45:25 PM--
Ignorant people like you assume that what you think you know is the whole story. Stand by to be educated.
I find it to be far more ignorant to assume that "LANL is evil" is a cogent, useful argument. John Horne's anger may well be perfictly valid, but noone but his and UC's lawyers know with any degree of certaintywhat the full circumstances around his firing are (and they're not telling). Be cautious in assuming you know everything about such an emotionally charged subject. The point is that his interest in impacting this debate should prompt him to be cautious in how he is perceived. Angry posts make him look vindicative. Posts that are well thought out make him look credible.
What are LANL scientists doing calling each other ignorant? If you disagree, discuss why that may be the case. Both of you may have valid points. Just stop the knee-jerk schoolyard responses - they make all of us look bad.
I think in this last exchange that we missed 5/13/2005 10:48:57's comment. If there was an IM work order like this, I would think that SOMEONE (especially the IM guy who brought it to our attention) would have posted it. I'm beginning to agree that we've been had.
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