Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wow, we had Pete all wrong

From Anonymous:

Look what he's done for LANL:


Did anybody else notice how closely the cost for the parking facility ($5.6 million) matches the amount of money Pete cost UC ($5.8 million) for his unwarrented shutdown?


I sure wish some architectural genius had realized that foot traffic from the new parking structure would be substantial heading toward the study center. Unfortunately, there is no cement sidewalk in that direction...it heads west toward Otowi.

One has to stumble over the dirt embankment and over the curb to get to the study center or admin building. ISM in action! Er, not.

I guess the Management doesn't have to, though, since they park in back.

Other than that, the new parking garage is magnificient.

Why it took the closure of numerous parking lots to put buildings on over the course of years and years to get the spaces replaced with this garage is just another example of horrible planning and management that's so typical of LANL.
Let's see if we can recap. Private contractors were paid to do a job. They did the job quickly (probably for a profit) and apparently safely without Pete's help and unrestricted by Pete's silly shutdown. Pete showed up at the end to get his picture taken. Nobody (on Pete's side of the house) thought to build a sidewalk to the nearest building. Yep, that sounds like a huge success for LANL. Who gets the Nobel prize? Seriously, Kudos to the contractor. The ability to park is a good thing for the workers at Los Alamos. I'll suggest that the sidewalk would be an improvement for the SET to consider.
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