Tuesday, May 10, 2005


From a friend of the family:

I just returned from visiting with Sara. She’s holding up for her kids but is in shock as we would expect. She does have family with her now and some very helpful and concerned neighbors. Both scout troops that her children are involved with have offered their help and support with food etc. The sorority that we belong to will fill in with food as needed, there are 12 of us so that should last quite a few days.

Sara was actually the person who found Todd and called 911. They resuscitated him but it had been too long. She is extremely exhausted and needs rest. She would appreciated cards etc. from anyone but I do think she’s swamped with visitors. She sends her thanks to all who have called and is happy to know there are so many friends who are concerned.

She and the families are making some arrangements Tues. There may be a memorial service sometime but maybe not. Thanks again for all your support.

I am so sorry for the the family's and friends' loss of Todd Kauppila.

I'm doing a freelance story for the Abq. Journal North on Todd Kauppila's passing which ***will not*** focus on any antipathy between LANL and Mr. Kauppila, but rather on:
1 - the kind of gentleman Todd Kauppila was
2 - how the community is rallying around widow Sara Kauppila and her two children as they cope with immediate issues, as well as finances.

Because Todd Kauppila was fired from the lab (following the
CREM/lost-never existed disk incident) his family has no life insurance through LANL.

Information received from family friends, so far, tells me that contributions to help the family are being accepted at Los Alamos National Bank...make checks out to "Memorial Fund for Todd Kauppila" and mail to LANB, POB 60, LA, NM 87544.

If you would like to share your thoughts for this story re: the two story angles described above, please email me at Allison@jwrite.com, prior to 4:30 p.m. today. Thank you.
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