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Under Fire at Work, Los Alamos Director Will Move On

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Under Fire at Work, Los Alamos Director Will Move On
William J. Broad | Albequerque | May 7

NYT - G. Peter Nanos, a retired Navy admiral who sought to put Los Alamos National Laboratory on a sound management footing but alienated many employees with his brusque, top-down style, is stepping down as director to take a post at the Pentagon.

Director of Los Alamos Nuclear Lab to Resign
Albequerque | May 6

NYT - The director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, who led it through two years of turmoil but irked some workers with his brash style, is resigning.

Pete Nanos will be replaced May 16 by an interim director who will oversee the federal nuclear lab until the University of California's management contract expires in September, the school announced Friday.

Here is the blog that brought him down.

Comments -
By Sean Paul in USA: Intel and Policy on Sat May 7th, 2005 at 10:10:24 AM PDT

Continuing in the tradition of McCumber/Fallin/Roark, the LANL PR machine claims the blog was in no way a factor in Nanos' resignation. Clearly, others think differently.
Nanos may soon be gone, but his doppleganger casts a long shadow.
Thank you PN for at last doing the right thing. I'm truly sorry, though, that you do not seem to be able to own up to the very costly mistake you made in shutting down the entire Laboratory when you knew there was no problem. What I would hope you could learn from this event is that first you identify the problem, then the appropriate solution. No person on this planet is perfect, and there have been dire consequences, financially, emotionally, and scientifically not only to the entire LANL population but also to the country it stands ready to defend. It doesn't help others around you to start screaming "The sky is falling" unless in fact it really is. I noticed that employee morale went up nearly 100% on Friday morning with your announcement to step down. THANK YOU!
If DOE and UC managers really read this blog site and perchance see this message, as one LANL employee who has managed to withstand an onslaught from hell in the least year, I am more than ready, willing, and able to give my all in pursuit of the Laboratory's mission, goals, and deadlines. I have, in fact, been dedicating myself to the mission of defending this nation and supporting DOE's and DOD's defined programs placed before us now for more than 30 years and plan to continue doing the good science that I came here to do long ago. I have not been a slacker, nor have I ever worked in an unsafe or unsecure manner during my entire history at the Lab. I believe you should know that there is a huge population of us here who do the work gladly because we have believed in the mission of supporting our nation. We hope you will continue to know that the majority of our workers have been good stewards of the trust we were given when we hired on at the Laboratory in Los Alamos.
Among those good stewards are the people from DX that Nanos personally slandered. Their names should be publicly cleared.
constant: your psychobabble was entertaining, but be aware of some basic facts, for example the Director of Los Alamos National Lab, like any of the FFRDCs (look it up), is not an SES position and not even a federal job. Nanos was a contractor; therefore your 15-day theory needs some work.
This site has a word or two to say about blogs and Nanos:
So does this one, I think.
Yikes! Can anybody translate that last site?

The global nature of the web is certainly
working against us here.

Maybe Kuckuck's first order of business should be to establish a viable forum in the yellow.
Here's another one:
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