Wednesday, May 25, 2005

UC committee recommends LANL bid (Audio)

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UC committee recommends LANL bid (Audio)

SANTA FE (2005-05-25) -- A committee of the regents of the University of
California is recommending that UC enter the bidding for the Los Alamos
national lab contract.

That committee heard comments both pro and con why the university should
or shouldn't pursue the contract. One of the presentations was made by the
president of the company UC would partner with if they vote to go ahead
with the bid, Bechtel National.

But the room was full of students and others who don't like the idea of UC
managing a weapons lab.

The committee chairman called for a vote whether the University of
California should pursue the Los Alamos contract. Protestors in the room
shouted their preference - No.

Listen to some of the comments from today's meeting.

Even the UC students do not UC
to bid on LANL.
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