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The type of Director that Kuckuck appears to be is largely irrelevant

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The type of Director that Kuckuck appears to be is largely irrelevant. He's
made it very clear that he's only filling in for the interim period.

The real question is what type of manager is UC? They left Nanos in place
for way too long. Do they realize that? If not, then they are not the
type of organization you want running this lab. Listen very carefully to
Admiral Foley on Monday. He's the one who will be giving you hints as to
what type of people will be managing this lab in the future. He is also
a guy who seemed to think very highly of Admiral Nanos. Has he changed
his mind? Has Dynes? That is the critical question. You can expect them
to stone-wall on that question, but it is vital that the staff know the
answer. If they actually liked Nanos' performance, then get the hell out
of here as fast as possible (or hope that LM/UT/Robinson win the contract).

re the meeting: one huge gaffe right off we are NOT one workforce. We are UC and contract employees. Hello! You never finished the contractor conversions! Still more than 1,000 left dangling. So Bechtel is irrelevant as far as splitting employess into different camps. They already are.
give it a rest! I've been a contractor, and I am now a UC employee. The contract company did a lot better on MANY things than UC. Yes, UC gave me a pay increase, but they are inferior to the contract company (Comforce) in just about all other aspects. BTW, there are a lot of "different workforces." There are TEC vs TSM, UC/LANL vs KSL, staff vs mgr, etc. Focusing on how you got a raw deal (compared to someone) won't help anyone, and just makes you miserable. Perhaps we should all focus on what we can do to make things better and bring people together to make LANL a better place. Give Kuckuck a chance!
Here. Here. To what the poster at 4:24:24 said.

Bottom line is there are pros and cons for both UC employees and contractors. I'm tired of hearing the "...I got a raw deal..." stuff as well. We could all tell a story in that vein, but it's time to let go and move on, focusing on making things work for all of us alike -- contractor, UC, TSM, Tech, KSL, ASM, OS, GS, and others. It takes all of us to make this place run and it will take all of us being supportive of one another to make things better.

Give all of us a chance and get off your blaming and whining.
It's clear the Foley and Nanos are cut from the same cloth - hard core Theory X managers. I don't think it makes much difference what Kuckuck tries to do - Foley's got him under his thumb.

There are two serious morale issues at the lab - pullinh the 9/80 as punishment and how Kauppila and Horne were treated. Foley's response to both issues made it clear that he's a ring-knocker, not a manager. You can be sure he does not have LANL's best interest at heart.

As for Dyne's happy talk about how much DOE and NNSA loves the work we do - I don't believe him either. It looked to me that he and Foley were playing "Good cop - bad cop" and trying to sucker us in. Note that there STILL isn't a contract extension on the table.

I think it's time to bail if you can.
it's not whining it's a legal issue because it was promised and because it has been done on a half-assed basis.... if being a contractor was so great why aren't you still one? so YOU give it a rest. bottom line is that as long as there over over 1,000 contractors there's big portion of lanl workers who don't give a shit about the uc contract. we are NOT one workforce and your tsm vs tec vs ssm is a stupid argument since those labels stay no matter what since they're based on education and skill sets. I say get on with it too---do what the hell you said you were going to do!
I must admit, it's hard to consider postponing retirement based on the info given today.
seemed to me that FOLEY is the one who ought to retire---what an old crab and what a liar about 9/80---he thought nanos started it? slightly uninformed at best
Did you get that promise guaranteed in writing 4:56?
I agree with 04:24:24 and 4:39:44. Sometimes things suck, and you get the raw end of the deal. That's life in a big organization (if you don't think I know what I'm talking about, I'm a student with a family here, no guarantee of hiring on, and a 25% cut in pay). What 12:42:54 is talking about really is a fringe issue as far as the survival of LANL is concerned - something that needs to be addressed via individual management chains, HR, the ombuds office, or legal action if nothing else works (that is if you have it signed and in writing). Judging Kuckuck by this one issue is nearsighted at best - stop whining and start working on substantive issues.
What pension? What benefits? I'm a student who's lucky to have basic health w/o dental! But that doesn't matter- fixing LANL is bigger than that.
Are 9/80's dead? I missed the meeting today
To the post at 05:03:33...You better take some anger management classes.
Pres Dynes would be better served I think, if he stopped bringing VP Foley to LANL with him. VP Foley's lack of style and buffoonery only detracted from Pres Dynes's and Director Kuckuck's comments and discussion. It actually looked like VP Foley embarrassed Director Kuckuck with his behavior.
I'm really pleased with what I saw in Kuckuck today, and I'm eager to give him a chance to mend some fences here. After having a director who implied he'd try to fire people whose bumper stickers he didn't like, Kuckuck's commitment to re-open the channels of communication is truly a darkness-to-light transition. Sure, there are things to grumble about: when the Bobs started talking about not "backsliding" from what we've "accomplished" in the past year, I felt like an outsider listening to some kind of secret code. Hundreds of urgent policy changes, hastily done, soon proved to be ill-conceived and were backed out. But, executives, like post-modernists, have their own opaque jargon that they speak to each other in. Kuckuck's genial disposition can only help set a positive tone which will contribute to our national mission.
I also thought Kuckuck was trying to start off on the right foot. I also think he's Foley's sock puppet. He'll not be able to do anything without Foley's permission.
04:56:33 PM My group HIRED a former contractor to an open UC posted job- so start applying now. (I'm a firm believer that you make your own luck in this world.) There are probably some benefits to being on board before the contract change. So hurry.

p.s. Try to hide the bad attitude- interviewers might notice.
try advertising the jobs. can't apply until they're advertised. UC has quietly let the project die.... bunch of liars
What is going on with the bidding proposal? Anybody?
Foley clearly has the RFP up his ass
Couldn't tell if it was the RFP or gas or whatever, but I think the grumpy overstuffed navy walrus was late for his lunch.
Gather up the kids and take them off the street. Cranky ol' Mr. Foley
is in town, and, boy, he is one scary son-of-a-bitch! He kind of reminds
me of that awful, old neighbor you might of lived by at one time. You
know the type - the old coot who never has a good thing to say to anyone,
and spends his time yelling at the neighborhood kids to "get off his grass".
And when he finally kicks the bucket, or gets placed into the old folks
home due to senility, the whole neighborhood breathes a deep sigh of relief.
Yeah. Mr. Foley is kind of like that guy.

I am a contractor and have been for 7 years, yet somehow I've managed to come through without the anger and sour grapes you're carrying around.

All I'm saying is that every time you angrily draw a distinction between UC vs contractor, tsm vs tech, etc, you divide us at a time when we need to be united.
4:56: Maybe people don't want to convert you to UC because of your pissy attitude! I bet they are hoping you will leave.
11:30 when has a pissy attitude been a minus for employment at UC, lately it seems to be a plus? Contractors can be let go at anytime without cause, so if the lab wanted to get rid of someone it would.
Re 11:30:14
My point has been made. Your response to mine clearly indicates just who has the attitude and who does not.

BTW. I am being converted to UC. And most assuredly unlike you, two groups have gone to bat for me to get it done.

And with that, I'm out as I do not want to risk stooping to your level of anger.
It's hard to imagine, but Foley sure seemed totally insubordinate with his boss, or something close to it, on stage.

Professional managers, when they go into a meeting like we had Monday, have everything set to convey the pre-determined impression. It's a stage show and they know it.

Foley not only didn't convey the impression that UC was back to support us, he totally undermined Dynes entire efforts, and right in front of him! Holy cow what a bold nose thumbing he did to Dynes. How embarrassing!

It was a truly unprofessional, astonishing performance by Foley. I have lost nearly all confidence in the US Navy, having observed the kind of people they promote into leadership positions, and then let them loose on private industry to inflict their damage. No wonder 'tailhook' was allowed to happen. It probably still does.
I lost confidence in the Air Force long ago when some very unfortunate activities were discovered on the part of ranking officers in New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia. Their coverup continues to this day through the reinforcement of DoD deep pocket legal support.
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