Monday, May 16, 2005

Today's presentation by interim director Kuckuck

From Anonymous:

Lots of info to impart from this meeting, which lasted nearly two hours. First to speak was UC President Bob Dynes after being introduced by Don Cobb. Dynes spent approximately 1/2 of a nano-second vaguely alluding to possible problems we at LANL may have experienced in the past year, and then went on to describe (in glowing terms) the future that UC/Bechtel/Washington Group/BWXT would bring to LANL. He wagged his tail a lot, made endearing I'm-an-adorable-puppy-and-really-I-want-you-like-me sounds for at least 10 minutes.

My memories of the glory of this mornings proceedings are already fading to the point that I cannot remember if John Foley spoke next, or not. In any event, Bob Kuckuck was the next speaker of note. Kuckuck did come across as earnest, well-intended, and not a bad guy. He praised us, told us how impressed he was with how well we had held up during the past year, but without specifically (Nanos) calling out any particular (Nanos) issue or person (Nanos) that UC might have (Nanos) contributed to our lack of well-being (Nanos) during the past 12 months. I do clearly remember Foley glaring out at the audience (full house, for a change) looking as if he had both high blood pressure and a bad case of indigestion during the entirety of Kuckuck's presentation, so we now clearly knew who was the good cop, and who was the bad cop.

The interesting part came during the question and answer section. First was the obligatory "are we going to get our 9/80 back?" question. Then there was a good question. A gentleman in a black shirt stood up and said, "I wonder if there is some way that UC could help out the family of Todd Kaupilla, who was uninsured at the time of his death two weeks ago after having worked at the lab for 22 years." The question was interrupted by applause once. I noticed Dynes looking confused, and then he tapped Foley on the shoulder and whispered into Foley's ear, clearly asking "Who the hell is this Kaupilla person?" Foley whispered back an answer. Kuckuck then started to fumble an answer, also clearly uninformed on who Kaupilla was, but then Cobb tapped on Kuckuck's shoulder and whispered in Kuckuck's ear while Kuckuck held his hand over the mike. Kuckuck then passed the mike to Cobb who said, "We are already working on that." Foley glowered even more deeply.

There were other questions, most of them actually well thought-out and voiced, until the obligatory one about day care came in via a phone call. Then there was another caller who asked in a fairly angry tone, "Will UC reconsider Kaupilla and Horne's case?"

Foley snatched the microphone away from Kuckuck and said, "No."

And on that note, the meeting began to wrap up. I took away several things from the meeting, First, that while Kuckuck seems to be a nice enough person, he is a UC employee who will be working to a mandate of "tread water, but don't make waves". Second, any team that has Admiral John Foley on it is a team that I instinctively want to play against. Foley is clearly part of the team that railroaded Kaupilla and Horne. In continuing the injustice that Nanos started, Foley will be one of the reasons that LANL will continue to see staff leave in the coming months.

As refreshing a change as Kuckuck is from Nanos, it is still the same old UC, as Foley ably demonstrated today. I walked back to my office after the presentation and called HR to set up my retirement interview.
VP Foley is clearly out of touch with LANL, which is too bad since being in touch was probably part of his job description.
Foley is a weasel. He should go for sure. What an idiot. He needs to retire soon.
I agree that Foley ame off as an asshole, unwilling to listen to anything of concern from 9/80 to unjust firings.... He clearly needs to stick his head back up his capacious ASS and stay out of NM
It is depressing to read the "summary" and comments from the all hands meeting. There is no defense of Nanos -- he was a bully, and he should never, ever been hired. That aside, much was said today about the context that Los Alamos must run, and much of this is outside of LANL control. You should have heard UC say that they have done a bad job managing this, and that they want to do better. Kuckock understands this well. However, what bloggsters heards was that "kuckock" is a well meaning light weight that is going to do nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth -- Kuckock is committed to righting the los alamos ship (a navy metaphor!), and pushing a LANL agenda. Dynes said some remarkable things -- and he really wants Los Alamos to be the ideal science factory. Instead of taking what he is saying at face value, the performance is refered as a "puppy dog".

Yes, Foley is an ass, and he is the reason we have no 9/80 or flex work week. I know for a fact that an AD made the business case to him, and he did send him back for another rock (as noted in the audience today). BUT, Foley is a short timer, and this issue will be resolved positively.

Why did Foley dismiss the question about DX? There is more to this story than meets the blog. Further, there is much more going on today on this issue than is public. Foley answered the question like an ass, but it is clear that some bloggsters wanted him to say "sorry, all is forgotten". Can't happen.

In the end, if you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to retire/resign. If you think LM is the answer, support them -- however, you are in for a rude awakening. Defense contractors will NOT run this lab as a science enterprise (and don't call me a communist since I question for profit motives). I, for one, want a great los alamos dedicated to science in the service of the nation. UC is the only choice out there. Kuckock is a fresh breath -- give it a chance.
As much as I was reassured today by Kuckuck, I was embittered by Foley.

Foley's entire demeanor clearly suggested to me he has been part and parcel of Nanos' wanton reign of terror and gross mismanagement of LANL.

Now I know more than ever that I don't want UC managing LANL so long as Foley, with his scowling demeanor, curt 'the quick answer is NO', and abusive Navy management style, is in the chain of management command.

I'm reassured in my support for LM/UT.

Obliquely, I'm at a complete loss to explain why institutions seem to believe that Navy Admirals are competent managers outside of the Navy. From my experience with them now, I have to have doubts about their competence in the Navy too, and about an institution that repeatedly promotes managers with obvious, damaging personality disorders and total lack of human relationship skills.
6:11 is welcome to have faith in Kuckuck's abilities to save LANL from the the damage Nanos caused. I, on the other hand, have faith in UC, and their continued inabilities to make the right decisions. UC hired Nanos, then sat back did nothing for 9 months as he repeatedly torpedoed LANL.

Believe in Kuckuck if you wish, but he is a short-timer working within the constraints that UC imposes.
Adm Foley's first name is not John. It is Sylvester. His middle name is Robert and he often goes by Bob; as he did today.
I thought of the three Bobs, Bob Kukuck definitely came out on top by a considerable margin. He seemed balanced, knowledgeable of the problems we face, leery of micromanagement that is undercutting the role we have historically had for certifying our weapons, and understanding of the difficulties we face together in the coming months. For the first time in 18 months, I felt that I no longer have an enemy in the front office in TA3/SM43. I believe that Kuckkuck can be talked to and that he will listen.

Bob Dynes was second in that he seemed remote and somewhat out of touch. He seemed genuinely surprised that the audience was polite and that we applauded him. However, on balance he did, in my view, reestablish contact with the body politic of Los Alamos and that is important. Sustaining that contact will be contingent on the activities of the third Bob whose performance was totally inappropriate and objectionable.

Bob Foley, being Bob "Sly" Foley, was a distant third for this behavior. Frankly, he seemed like a rusty garbage scow that showed up in an upscale regatta. It was clear in his abrasiveness and demeanor that he does not plan to budge one inch in rectifying the abuses that Nano enacted. The reason is quite obvious because Foley himself was totally involved in and indeed was the architect of those abuses. The written record is clear on this point. Nanos did not blink in such matters without asking Foley's permission. Unless these abuses are redressed, UC will remain a coconspirator in their execution and continuance. I was saddened that Foley like his departed junior subordinate sat before us as an absolute discredit to the University of California and to the uniform he once wore.

Finally, to the credit of all three Bobs they managed to talk for about two hours and did not once say the word, "Nanos." If they did, I chose not to hear it.
I know he is a bit old but why not
make Foley the director? I think
he could get this place into shape.
Assuming UC chooses to bid, it will be interesting to see who UC bids to become the LANL Director.
I found it very frightening to sit in a friendly audience and be glowered at by Foley who so clearly hated where he was and who he was with. If he could have forced all of LANL to walk the plank, it would have made him happier.

How could LANL be working on doing something for Todd Kaupilla's family when Foley said, "No", to the question of opening Kaupilla's and Horne's case? What can LANL do without the approval of UC?

It was also strange to be told how UC had stood up for LANL in the past. Excuse me, but when? Did I sleep through some press conference when UC defended us to the media and Congress, telling them we were not arrogant, butthead, cowboys (a perfect description of Foley)? Talk about revisionist history!
I just posted this to "Dynes' Desk" at I doubt that it will have any effect at all, but it felt good to vent.

I am a LANL UC employee. I viewed the introduction of Director Kukuck today. He is a breath of fresh air. However, we shall see if his appointment effects any positive changes at LANL.

I am, however, dismayed that Admiral Foley is in the UC management chain. For a manager not to understand that employee morale is an important component of a "business case" is unforgivable and indicative of an incredible lack of management acumen on Foley's part. He should be removed immediately. I used to think that Director Nanos was the problem. I was wrong. He clearly was doing Foley's bidding and Foley, to use Nanos' words, "does not get it".

On a personal note, the demise of the 9/80 schedule means that I see my wife and family over 20 business days less per year. Count them: it's a month. It means that I no longer have a Friday in which to get the day-to-day administrative trivia out of the way, because it's just another day that meetings---the bane of a LANL employee's existence---get scheduled into. In short, it affects my morale.

If you want the employees to respond more positively than they already have, if you want cynicism to abate, if you want UC to win the contract, then I submit to you that a good first start would be to return the 9/80 as an employee option.

No 9/80. It was just a waste. Every
Fri. Come on we all know that was what
was going on.
It is truly discouraging to learn that Nanos had such complete support from Foley in his misdeeds. I don't think we knew that until Foley's performance today. I think we saw a sad display when Cobb said "We are already working on that", only to have Foley issue a flat no on the reconsidering of the case. Well, that is ugly an brutal, but at least we now know who we are dealing with -- a manager who, at least, pretends to be our friend, and his boss who is just as mean spirited and vindictive as Nanos.
This tells a lot about what the Kauppila family needs to do, that is, not count on any voluntary action from UC or LANL, but rather to take the matter to the courts. It is hard to believe that Mrs. Kauppila can't get her husband's back pay and benefits at the time he was fired and some significant punitive damages and, of course, attorney's fees.
I am not a lawyer, but I know enough about the law to trust that, if Sara Kauppila can face all this in her grief, that she will get support in the courts. I hope, as one poster reports, that there is a a lot going on today concerning the Kauppila case. I hope that what is going on is positive. I believe there are few in Los Alamos who would not volunteer to help the family in any way possible.
Foley's reaction not only shows us where Nanos was coming from, but it also shows us that Foley is a pompous idiot. Smart leaders listen to the people they are leading and respond to their concerns.
My heart goes out to Sara Kauppila and I hope she will not hesitate to call on the many friends who have volunteered to help.
I am not a fan of Terry Hawkins but his Dunne quotation was completely appropriate. What happened to the Kauppila family does indeed diminish us all.
I agree with the earlier assessments of Foley's performance: what an arrogant butthead! No respect for the workforce, no people skills, and no shame. His being a representative of UC is enough for me to support Lockheed.

On the other hand, I don't think that Dynes came across poorly. Nor do I think that Dynes supports Foley and is responsible for Foley's being imposed on us. The regents are. Therefore, I suggest that we send complaints about Foley not to Dynes' office, but to the regents. These are the people who are in a position to dump Foley.
I like what anonymous at 5/16/2005 06:47:24 PM posted, but I would paraphrase it to say that:
"If you want the employees to respond more positively than they already have, if you want cynicism to abate if you want UC to win the contract, then I submit to you that a good first start would be to fire retired Admiral Foley. "

One thing I think LANL employees need to get over is any thought that LANL or UC care a whit about morale. They have demonstrated that over and over again. Why don't we recognize it? If they wanted morale to improve there is so much they could do:
1) Help the Kauppila family.
2) Settle cases they are sure to lose. Quit spending taxpayer money to fight cases where they are clearly wrong.
3) Give back the 9/80.
4) Get rid of all managers who retaliate against their employees for using the AM policies or reporting safety or security problems.
5) Create a child care facility at LANL -- are we in the dark ages or what?
And lots more, but the first 5 would help enormously. I am not asking that UC be fired. I am asking them to shape up so they don't have to be fired. Perhaps I am a dreamer.....
If the blog had any part in dismissing Nanos, it needs to now work on Foley. He came across as a hateful, unmovable ASSHOLE. His stupidity in even considering employee morale was disgusting. What the fuck difference can it possibly make to THE BID that employees want flex time? What century does this turd still live in? His glowering and sour looks were an insult to every loyal lab employee. Get rid of him
Foley is clearly a clone of Nanos: an insensitivie bully. He needs to go. The fact is, Dynes saw this performanace and needs to make Foley go. If UC chooses to keep Foley, then we can only hope for LM/UT.
Bob Kukuck will try to do what he can but he will be limited under Foley.It's a shame that a man in Bob Foley's position cannot understand how to treat people.

He came across as a complete jerk and Pompeous and it was not in the interest of the Labs work force to have him there with his short answers of NO!.

I know for fact a business case was presented to him reagrding the 9-80's. I for one hope that UC loses the contract.

Mr. Foley, I suggest you take some classes in human behavior.
The employees of this Lab cannot stand by and watch Foley ruine this place and the people. Its time to call for Mr. Foley to resign.
This site and along with many news agancies would be interested to know how UC is going to help the family of a employee was put in the garbage to die!
I call for Foley's resignation. He is nothing but another part of the posion running rampent arond here.
Today was a depressing day at LANL. Admiral Foley demonstrated his arrogance. Dr Dynes sat still while Foley exibited his obnoxious behavior. Acually kind of validated it. I guess spending a career in the navy instils a management style that only looks up for a butt to kiss and not down on the people who are the ones doing the work.
I found out today about another Annapolis grad at LANL who treated a couple of friends of mine with the same attitude that Admiral Foley showed today. This from a man who is a senior manager and some one I used to have some respect for.Instead of helping the people who work for him suceed in a very tough atmosphere he helped to hammer them to the DOE. Make the little
guys look bad and I will look good. I gotta tell you I am so sick of all of this behavior by our leaders.I grew up in this town and have known some great men of science. Sceintists who lead this labortory, accomplished some increadable scientific and engineering challenges. And with out alienating every single employee and causing many of them to retire.What has happened to this place. I used to be proud to work here and had trust in the folks(mostly) running the place.Maybe it really is time to move on.On a good note I did gain respect for my two friends who were treated so poorly. They took the abuse like adults and are not backing down in taking care of the group of people that work for them. Funny-that is what got them in trouble in the first place
The meeting was good. Dynes really worked hard being the good guy. We can use that. Foley was a jerk. You know what he must think of LANL. How do we get people like that?
Here is a link to the San Francisco Chronicle editorial mentioned in today's meeting.

UC bulks up for labs fight

Friday, May 13, 2005


By recruiting private-sector partners like Bechtel National Inc., the University of California is bulking up for what could be a bruising fight for the right to continue to manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

In the opposite corner, the University of Texas is also preparing for battle, adopting some of the same pre-game tactics as UC. On Wednesday, UT announced that it was teaming up with Lockheed Martin in its likely bid for the Los Alamos contract.

But after some early setbacks, UC is now emerging as the favorite to win. In another adroit move, UC signed up a slew of New Mexico educational institutions -- the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University and New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology -- to support its bid for the Los Alamos contract. "There is no question that this collaboration will be highly beneficial for New Mexico and will serve the nation well," UNM President Louis Caldera said at the time.

All this has happened before UC has even decided whether it is going to actually compete for the contract. You couldn't blame UC if it decided that after 62 years, it was time give someone else a chance to manage what has become a bureaucratic, security and political pain in the neck.

Remember that the biggest alleged security "lapse" under UC's watch -- the implication that Los Alamos physicist Wen Ho Lee had engaged in espionage on behalf of the Chinese government -- turned into an embarrassing fiasco for the federal government.

Those carping about UC's management style forget that UC's stewardship of Los Alamos -- and two other national laboratories -- has served the nation's interests in ways its founder, UC Berkeley physicist Robert Oppenheimer, could not have imagined.

The laboratories have played a crucial -- perhaps essential -- role in the United States' emergence as the world's only superpower. Without UC, the labs might never even have existed.

What also is rarely mentioned is that UC has never profited from its management of the labs. The university has consistently put the national interest ahead of its own -- something it has done ever since Feb. 1, 1943, when UC President Robert Gordon Sproul signed a $150,000 contract with the U.S. government "for certain investigations to be directed by Dr. J. R. Oppenheimer."

Let the games begin. For the country's good, UC must win.
To 8:30-
The only other Navy ring thumper that is a DL manager that I know of is Angelo of PS-div. PS-div is out of control and the source of most of the labs operational policy problems.
The profanity in this blog is getting out of hand; it is very juvenile and diminishes the credibility of the poster. It is also a clear violation of the sixth posting guideline identified in the Guidelines sidebar link.
to 8:40
FM div has a acting ring thumper DL who is pretty out of touch
With every day UC loses internal support for its maybe contract bid. Today's gala performance alienated many more employees. The arrogance of Butt-head Foley was plain for all to see. The pleading for possible retirees to stay was pathetic. The reality is that these UC bigwigs will NOT re-instate the 9/80 schedule although is has no possible ill effect on them or the contract bid; they will do nothing to re-visit the Nanos firings of innocent employees; they will not move forward with contractor conversions; they will not investigate sitting or "acting" managers who clearly are not qualified for their jobs. They will do nothing. They will not take a step toward coniliation or admit any blame. Kuckuck seems like a genuinely nice man, but hapless Dynes and his butt-headed, red-faced, ill-tempered cohort Foley are clearly politicians who will NOT go down with the ship. After all that has heppened here, the few crumbs that were tosssed today are surely not sufficient for the lab staff to mobilize toward any kind of pro-UC actions. With stand-alone benefit programs the assured future, who needs UC? Who needs Foley? I love the lab and my job but WHAT PRICE UC? Can a sustained connection with UC be worth this insolence and arrogance?
don't forget the BIG RING THUMPER and NNSA cohort---DAVID BECK. He's brought his entire directorate to its knees via a policy of total attrition.
PS Division IS out of control. We now have Issues Management Coordinators, Lesson Learned Coordinators, the Quality Council, Line Management Self Assessment Coordinators, and Domain Managers. If you are LUCKY you are the responsible person for all of these roles for your division. More often than not, each one of these coordinator roles is filled by a different person in each division. And guess what, you may not even know who each of you are, let alone what your responsibility is. Documents from this division are embarrassing...with countless mispellings and confused information. Input and suggestions are asked for but never incorporated into final documents. In all my years at the lab I have never felt so talked down to. And I don't need to get started here on I-track or the search for the son of I-track which would be amusing if it wasnt so inept. Help!!!!
PS division is out of control -- and UC does know it. In fact, Angelo has been given a time table to leave. Unfortunately, UC moves like a glacier, which is a crime. UC has not been nearly as bad as depicted on this page, but it is understandable that much of the work force is frustrated.

Cleaning up the management has to start at the top - and Kuckuck recognizes good talent. I suspect you will see Beck and Tarantino act like they really care about science, but don't be fooled. Beck has told a number of people that SR is a parasite. Tarantino is really only about Tarantino, and he will do anything to keep his power. Seestrom will survive, and to her credit she is one of the champions of the 9/80. Marquez is a survior, and he will paint a picture of being Kuckuck's man.

Can the lab get better? Well, it is so low, it can't help but get better. However, the house cleaning will take a long time.
To make sure I go out with the retirement class of June 2005, I have an appointment to sign my retirement papers on Friday. But after viewing the presentation today, I decided not to do the deed quite yet. It might be interesting to watch events unfold from an insider seat. On the other hand it is possible that the glint of optimism that I felt is only because (and pardon me Richard Farina) I have been down so long it looks like up to me.
PS Division is currently rewarding itself for its "efforts" in managing the resumption process. If you will remember each MSA team had a PS staffer assigned to it. This is on a par with the STB people who "managed" various division review projects.
As I understand it, Foley works for Dynes. If I am not in a cynical mood I could almost see, by Dyne's body language, that he was grossed out by Foley. Kuckuck was Linton Brook's deputy. Doesnt that sort of kind of mean that he once was Foley's boss?

I understand that Foley has called the Lab the 'bad seed' and the 'bad child.' Wish I had known that before the presentation this morning. And could have posted it here.

Maybe we need to bring him back for another forum!
To 5/16/2005 09:30:44 PM (and others who may be interested) the following web address will take you to an org chart for the UCOP so you can see where Foley fits in.
Foley was rude and clearly irriated by the "bad children." he needs to retire and go milk cows
After his performance today, Foley needs to go for sure. The brutalizing of Los Alamos staff at his hands continues.

Dynes came off as insincere and waffling. His stuttering and stammering after Foley's bellowed "NO!" showed his lack of a spine.

Kuckuck was congenial and tossed us a few crumbs. Not much else a "lame duck" can do...perhaps partake of some of the crumbs himself.

UC has not yet demonstrated a sincere caring for its LANL staff.
I agree it has not. HIS name was not mentioned once and when Foley DID mention "the former director" in connection with starting 9/80 schedule he was WRONG. Whatever "rock" this moron wants delivered to him was clearly delivered before the 9/80 was originallt initiated under Browne. Or did they pull a rabbit out of their assees. Foley is as trustworthy and truthful as Bush.
I have to disagree with the rest of the posters here, I really liked Foley, he kinda reminded me of my ancient short tempered, mean spirited mother in law, fortunately, I only have to see either of them but once a year. After today, if I were Dynes, I would be looking real hard for another Admiral.
At any rate, I was buoyed a bit by the presentations today, I think that the UC (except for Foley) has clearly got the message that their previous strategy of vilifying the staff to cover for lax/mis/management is bankrupt. They obviously want to forget about it and Nanos. The challenge now is for the staff and management to work together for at least the next 6 months if we want the UC contract to stand any chance of being renewed. Kuckuck has clearly stated he is on this track, he needs us to behave and to relax (don’t do anything that might even be slightly construed to bend the rules) for this period. We can do this and perhaps enjoy the benefits (such as they are) of a UC system for another 5 years or we can continue to bitch, have accidents/security incidents and let LM take over (who knows? might be a good thing). After the UC has rolled over and let the Lab’s name be dragged through the mud for so long, I’m somewhat ambivalent. It will be interesting to see if the UC can keep up the positive vibes or will they go back into the black hole of inaction.
Of course Admiral Foley hates Los Alamos. We 'dissed' a fellow ring-knocker
and a member of his extended family. If UC does win the contract, then watch
out, people. Payback will be a real bitch!
The house belonging to FORMER Director Nanos is now on the market for a big price. UC should give that house to Todd's family;they deserve nothing less!
"He (Kuckuck) needs us to behave and to relax (don’t do anything that might
even be slightly construed to bend the rules) for this period." - Post 10:12

If only that were true. If UC wins the contract, the carping about problems
at LANL will never end! As soon as a minor problem comes up a few years out
from now, Congress will begin blasting DOE about why they ever considered
letting UC re-take the contract. Face the facts. Attacks on LANL won't end
until UC is gone. That's the reality of our current situation. I don't
like it, but that is where we stand.
Is this the house?

Here or here.

Don't know for sure -just guessing.
I may be the only one here, but I do feel that Dynes came across as the best of the three. I think he was more direct and more to the point than Kuckuck, who wanted to sound like everybody’s best friend: ours, Foley’s, Brook’s, you name it. Yes, Kuckuck may have sounded more “congenial”, but if we pride ourselves on being an “educated” crowd, we got to actually pay attention to WHAT was said, not just whose intonations sounded smoother. To say that we shouldn’t trust Dynes because he “stuttered” is a laughable argument.

Dynes basically admitted (as much as he could without getting UC in legal trouble) that there have been mistakes made and promised to fight for LANL in the future. Kuckuck admitted nothing in particular and was smooth. You could see a seasoned operator. Foley showed to us the true meaning of “arrogance”, “culture problem”, “incompetence”, and quite frankly just plain “low IQ”. If UC is to have any support here in the trenches, the old drill sergeant must get the boot. And soon. This is an emergency.
UC forgets that a huge portion of the lab population doesn't care if it wins the contract. New hires, contractors and others not vested in the UC system might have more to gain if a new manager takes over.
Robert Oppenheimer would not like to be associted with the mess UC has turned LANL into. As far as the Labs not existing without UC, grow up, the US would have the bomb regardless of UC. UC must not win.
Folks seem to miss where Bob Kuckuck has been for the last 2 1/2 years. Since January 2003 he has been Senior Advisor to the VP of Lab Management at UC; currently Bob Foley. Kuckuck is part of the problem, not the solution. But, his social skills are better than Pete's.
Ask the folks at LLNL's SPSE how honest and straight forward Bob K is; they know him real well. Bob K was the Jim Jackson of LLNL, in more ways than one.
I'm getting a queasy feeling...
I think that what was said in the new director's meeting isn't anything that Nanos wasn't saying previously, only in a better tone. I think Foley set the tone of what is still to come for us.

PS division is out of control, they treat their employees like children and don't show any respect towards them. If the rumors are true of Angelo leaving this is most welcomed news. Maybe a new leader will bring in a better management style and pressure for another inadequate manager to leave as well. What is UC or upper management waiting for?
5/16/2005 09:50:05 PM said that Foley needs to retire and go milk cows. I disagree. Foley should not be permitted to put pressure on any creature who has an IQ greater that his.
If you are depending upon SPSE at LLNL for opinions on Bob K., then you are in trouble. You can do much better...
5/17/2005 06:24:58 PM're inferring we are back to the Mormon Mafia again?! Good Grief!
On the subject of PS Division: I believe that this is now the worst-performing organizational unit at LANL. It is staffed by the arrogant unemployable. They made a complete mess of the DOE Order 420 issue a year ago. They are really screwing up the Conduct of Engineering activity at present. Angelo must go!
Kuckuck is an incremental interim improvement, and he will not have much long term effect. The whole Lab, not just a few divisions here and there, is out of control. The Lab is approaching paralysis by bureaucratic strangulation. There is no real hope for the Lab without a clean sweep of upper management and a new charter from DOE/NNSA.
Foley's first name is BOB not JOHN. Let's not insult JOHN FOLEY. He's someone the lab should pull out of retirement to help straighten this place out!
I never took 9/80s but it is the least UC could do to show its employees they made a big mistake allowing Nanos to take us to a stand-down for a stupid administrative mistake.

A man is dead, and wounds need to be healed. 9/80s is the perfect start to begin the healing process.
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