Monday, May 09, 2005

This is from today's radio interviews by Sen. Domenici:

01:52 Domenici says he believes Robert Kuckuck will serve well as an
interim director at Los Alamos National Laboratory as the NNSA moves
forward with the process to award a new operations contract for the

02:47 Domenici says he is troubled by reports, factual or not, that
senior scientists are opting for early retirement because of
uncertainty over the LANL contract process. He stresses that all
employees will have at least six months after DOE lets a new contract
to decide whether the management plan is personally advantageous. He
encourages the media to carefully report on the contract process.

13:32 Domenici says he is not aware of any DOE and NNSA plan to
establish a permanent pit manufacturing facility at LANL. He says a
decision on creating such a facility has been put off, but that the
intent is not to place such a plant in Los Alamos.

15:18 Domenici says he does not see the federal government effort to
recover $14 million from the University of California for the
security shutdown last year as an effort to keep the University from
making a bid to retain the management contract at LANL.

16:18 Domenici says there's no question that the discord over the
LANL shutdown played a role in Dr. Pete Nanos decision to resign as
director of the lab. He says he believes Nanos believes he did what
had to be done for the lab and that it was time for him to move on.
Domenici says the laboratory and its mission are "bigger than the
grousers" who should get on board to restoring LANL's image as being
on the "high rung of the ladder of excellence."

So Domenici says that he "stresses that all
employees will have at least six months after DOE lets a new contract
to decide whether the management plan is personally advantageous."

So where exactly is this six month guarantee, signed, sealed, delivered and non-refutable, for those who need it?

The fact is that few trust the DOE, Tyler or the bidders to do what is right for employees.

June is the best time to retire from UC, it seems, due to the COLA timing, so guess what?

Lots of people are retiring than risking their retirement positions on the cardboard-cut-out promises of the DOE, Tyler or the policians like Domenici.

I'm in for a while longer, but I suspect there will be more free space in the NSSB than originally forecast.

That's sure one way to solve the problem of an $80M building that's not big enough to house all of those in the one it's replacing!
I would like to see this 6-months business in an official document from the DOE. Otherwise, nothing that St. Pete says is binding!
Dominici -- sorry, I just can't spit out the the Saint part, is promising a 6 months guarantee to all who stay on, but employees aren't that gullible. They have checked with other employees who have been involved in takeovers of National Labs on what happened to them. In all cases we have heard, there was a promise of a grace period, there was no grace period and all vacation and sick leave vanished the day the contract changed.
The DOE and Senator Dominici take us for slaves without communications skills. The problem with managing smart people is that they are smart and they are eager to learn the truth. Who do they take us for?
Poor Dominici. Lots of people are retiring on July 1 to save their benefits. They are sick of LANL and all its mean spirited treatment of employees and they want to save their retirement while they can.
But there will be a second wave in August and September of those who are trying to get special projects done, who are hoping for an extension of the contract, and those who are waiting for just a few more months of seniority or age before retirement.
If Dominici is just now figuring out that employees won't stand still for the treatment they have been given, then he is way more out of touch than any Senator ought to be.
LANL's handling of the whole mess with the "lost" zip-drives and the stand down and Tood Kauppila's firing were all disgusting. Why would anyone trust LANL or Dominici for supporting such a worthless piece of theater -- because that is all it was.
Nanos couldn't have done as much destruction as he did without the help of Senator Dominici. I, personally, hold Dominici as responsible as Nanos, because we all know, the the "good" Senator micromanages all LANL directors, not just Nanos.
Is Dominici so naive? or dumb? or disconnected from the people New Mexico? I don't know, but I don't think he gets how bad this shutdown and contract change and his policy of "tough love" have been for the people who work at LANL -- topmost scientist to the lowliest clerk. If he is so disconnected, I feel sorry for him.
GROUSERS? Domenici in his sour article calls us GROUSERS? Why in hell shouldn't we grouse after being screwed by Nanos? Since when is FREE SPEECH grousing, especially after Nanos or his stooges shut down READERS FORUM and created a reign of retaliation? Do these idiots know how frustrating it's been at the Lab. Can these smug morons fathom it at all? In the blink of an eye we moved into an era of lies, retaliation, and peril with NO ONE safe from Nanos or his hatchet men (and women). Get rid of Marquez, Beck, Kaye, Immele, Cobb and all their soul mates. And then let's see what kind of GROUSING we get.
There can be no question. Dominici is at least deaf. He is not dumb in one sense. He talks and talks and talks. He cannot and will not hear what has happened at the lab. The grousers are the seeing majority.
Pete Dominici's benevolent treatment of Nanos is a sad commentary on political accommodation with evil. I would have expected at least the same silence that characterized his office during the past two years of Nanos' abusive behaviors. I am a Republican who has repeatedly contributed to the senator's campaigns but I see in his statement that he is totally disconnected with the people who made this a great institution and who have worked so hard for his reelection and the party. I believe he would be shocked were he to see how many of his faithful supporters are numbered among the "grousers."

We need specifics, Senator! Recollections of what Brooks or some other party might have said are not adequate. Without such specifics your city on a hill might look like a ghost town come this June.
Senator Domenici is no longer on my list of smart politicians. First we're cowboys and buttheads. Now we're grousers? Get rid of more of Nanos' hatchet men on the fourth floor. We all know who they are. So why doesn't the Senator seem to know? Then again perhaps he does. There HIS hatchet men!
I wrote Domenici and our other political representatives in January and warned of a pending mass exodus unless things changed at LANL and with the draft RFP. I guess they are just now seeing the signs. 5/9/2005 07:31:45 PM is correct, there will be departures in periodic waves (depending on people's own reasons). However, if there are not some significantly positive incentives, some encouraging wording in the final RFP, AND a clear binding preservation of our UCRP affiliation during a contract extension (in writing), then don't stand in front of the doors on September 30th.
Pete, I love the work I do at Los Alamos. However after my 20+ years of dedication and then seeing what you did to my colleague Todd K., I quit. Life is too short.
games games games.... Nanos and all the politicians and UCOP. UC can't even say that they WILL BID? What bullshit. Maneuvering games and politics and LIVES and CAREERS hang in the balance, and they play games. Nothing is in writing. Nothing is assured. How many thousands of employees could get screwed? Maybe they can stall the RFP for 2 years and keep everyone hanging in suspense that much longer.
I am leaving the laboratory now. I lack 6 months to retirement age. However, I can no longer work for an Orginization that is built on lies. The intimidation and retaliation that not only I have endured, but my colleagues as well has left me empty, and without motivation. The light that once burned bright within all of us is gone. There are no more smiles in the hallways. I miss the smiles, the enthusiasm, the challenge and respect that managers in another time extended toward their employees for hard work and a job well done. I would rather make half my salary and be happy in my work that to continue to endure this nightmare.
I'm almost afraid to ask this, but what were the circumstances surrounding the death of 41 year old Todd?
The mass exodus from LANL is going to include the best and the brightest, including foreign nationals. DOE/NNSA is planning on more restrictions on their access, computer use, etc. not because of any data that says they are more of a risk but simply because they are foreign nationals. Another strike against LANL research.
In 1623 John Donne wrote, "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." Strange how these poignant words written so long ago echo this day among the still scarred canyons of Los Alamos.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Todd Kauppila yet I have no real understanding of the intense weight that this man bore for himself, for his family, and for all who seek justice and fairness. His death is a death we share. The bell that tolls for him tolls for each of us.

My heart and prayers go out for this brother and for his wife Sara and their children, John and Tia. I pray that in the quiet hours that will come, they will find the peace that passes all understanding.

Terry Hawkins
To 5/9/2005 09:52:03 PM, you can read a little more information about the tragedy of Todd's death in the thread below this one [Dr. Pete Nanos joins DTRA Team!].
Thanks Terry for making your presence known. Your kind words for Todd's family and his memory speak for me in this time of few words. You do also speak to us from the few of those who were at the highest levels of our Laboratory who did indeed care. My sincere condolences and prayers for healing to Todd's family. Terry, my wishes for the very best for you and yours.
A very sad day indeed. If only we had
more men of honor as Tod K. We owe him
so much. I wish his family well and we
should do what we can to support them.
The departure of Nanos will not stem the tide of retirements on June 30th. If the RFP that is to be released in a few days still has those requirements that the pension be separate and also "comparable" (within 5%) of the other DOE labs, those of us who are 55 years of age with >20 years of service are leaving on June 30th to get the COLA! To do otherwise would be foolish. The rest will stick it out until the UC contract terminates and then will resign.
Dear Pete,

If you plan on running for the Senate one more time, don't expect to win in Los Alamos.


A lifelong, rapid Republican.
I am so glad I got out when I did. Pete should have paid more attention to what has been going on at the Lab rather than assuming his job was done when the pork was delivered. I'm no longer in NM so I won't have to make the decision, but if I was there I would have a hard time voting for Pete again. Where was the so called saint when we needed him?
The last time I was rapid, I was still a Democrat.

A rabid if somewhat slower Republican who won't be voting for Pete again either.
This terrible time at LANL has not only cost Todd Kauppila his life, but let us not forget Tony Andrade. No job or career is worth your life and the loss to your family. Thank you so many LANL employees for the kind words for Todd. To some people who actually cheered at the news of his death, shame on you, you should have the wisdom to quit. Just because you had some interaction with him does not give you the right to judge him so harshly. You are a disgrace to all humans.
I'm glad you brought up Tony. I had almost forgotten. This terrible time at the Lab takes its toll on all the good people who try to do a good job there. I left at a small fraction of the retirement I could have had because I knew the place was killing me.
The news of Tony Andrade's death has been kept very quiet. I'm sure that his family has suffered emotionally, also. It would be a fitting tribute to have his untimely passing recognized.
Yes let's remember Tony. I worked with him briefly in ADWEM, and he was always pleasant, polite, responsive to needs---a professional and a gentleman.
It is my understanding that Ted Handel probably was a victim of the director's new policy regarding retirees. Ted had been told that his services would no longer be needed and died of a massive heart attack only a few days before the end of his employment.
Regarding individuals dieing of heart attacks: In the good old days, > 15 years ago, LANL gave employees over the age of 40 a regular annual physical. I remember getting an EKG on some occasions.

This is no longer the case. We are all responsible for our own health and that includes regular physical exams. While heart attacks are not always preventable, an EKG and other tests can predict problems.
"> 15 years ago, LANL gave employees over the age of 40 a regular annual physical."

Hey, join HRP!
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