Sunday, May 29, 2005

They haven't paid yet

From Anonymous:

One sees numerous posts to this blog objecting to UC's handling of affairs at LANL. Many focus on how DX personnel like Todd Kaupilla and John Horne were mistreated. Here and there you see a sprinkling of posters repeating Dominici's demand for us to "Just get over it!" One comment from the

post sums up my reaction to that advise quite nicely:

"... You see a lot of comments here in this theme because there has not been accountability for UC's mishandling of LANL's affairs. Until there is accountability, we will not let the matter drop. Somebody has to pay for the incompetence. That somebody is UC. They haven't payed yet."

The correct spelling of the word is "PAID"....
How correct you are. I should have caught that at submission time.


So you will hold the entire laboratory hostage until you exact your revenge on UC or UC admits fault, or ... just what will it take?

Perhaps you should focus on what is best for the long term future of the entire lab.
I fail to see how one staffer can hold the entire lab hostage. On the other hand, I see that it is clearly an option for staff to decide that UC is not worth staying around for, given their recent failures, and their unwillingness to fix problems that they caused.
Anonymous : 5/29/2005 08:44:40 PM has it wrong. This blog is NOT holding the entire lab hostage. UC did not do the job and is paying the price.
I think you're missing the point. UC showed that they were more than willing to abuse innocent people if it suits their needs. This lack of ethics should serve as a warning that any one of us could end up in the same situation as Kauppila and Horne. Which one of you is willing to be the next scapegoat that UC kills.
I think that many of the UC problems get fixed if Foley goes away and all of the other ring-knockers are purged. There really is nothing in the academy education and military experience that qualifies these people for employment at LANL (or LLNL or LBL, etc). Indeed the Navy has a particularly bad record of scapegoating (checkout the story of the USS Indianapolis from 1945) and protecting guilty highe-up officers (check out the Tailhook incident in 1991).
Add Abu Ghraib to the list of military scapegoating!
Its not just the Navy...Air Force is in it just as big and bad.

One way to express your disgust at UC's handling of the Kauppila case is to make a donation to the family, so put your money where your mouth is.

Instructions to set up a regular transfer from your bank account to theirs are on the sidebar links. I'm in for $100 a month and, like most of us, won't miss it.

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