Wednesday, May 25, 2005

TEC Series is going to be reduced to 4 levels?


This should be a post of its own, sorry but this is the only way I know to get it on anonymous.

Does anyone know anything about the rumor going around that all classifications lower than TSM are going to be restructured. This is supposed to hold true for OS, GS and all series below the TSM level. This is to take place in June.

I understand that the TEC Series is going to be reduced to 4 levels. Instead of a level 7 that it will be something else, not a TEC level.

I was told that this would make us easer to outsource us.

That is about all I know, does any body have any information.

We had a presentation by an HR rep on this about 2 months ago. The story we heard then was that all structured series were being merged into a 15 level, non-titled, structure. It was to be implemented in October. They never said anything about the tech series going back to 4. My percerption was that all non-TSMs would fit into this new 15 layer structure.
Why not wait till the new management takes over? Is this just another way for Marquez to earn his gross salary?
Currently there are effectively only four levels: 4, 5, 6 and 7. There are very few level 1, 2 and 3 techs. Going to back to four levels will make little difference other than level 4 sounding more impressive to an outsider than level 1.
Indeed, doing anything like this at the present time makes no sense at all. These HR idiots need to walk the plank with Admiral Butthead.
As much as you can want to blame LANL HR.. its always lovely to see people blame another group that they probably never try to have lunch with... this isnt an HR action.

DOE put this in as a corrective action and you get to like it or lump it.. as they have plainly told HR. Which is why it is being implemented as Oct 1st.
Good, I hope they also review Tec's that are doing the same jobs or better than TSM's. This is especially true in the Computer support arena. Either knock the TSM's down a notch or elevate the Tec's.
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