Friday, May 13, 2005

A special thanks goes to John Horne

I was moved by all the love and support displayed at the memorial service at Ashley Pond and the reception that followed. Todd had definitely made his mark in the lives of those who knew him there in Los Alamos. Todd and I go way back. We've been friends since the 9th grade. I was deeply saddened to learn of his death. My heart goes out to Sara, John, and Tia as well as Todd's parents, John and Marie, his brother David, and sister Diana. I'm sure the healing process will take some time for us all. I miss my friend Todd. Todd was a good friend to everyone that he called friend. That was his nature. I'm sure that the legacy that he leaves behind will encourage all those who knew him. A special thanks goes to John Horne for being there for Todd especially through the tough times. I'll always remember Todd's courage and hope to face my adversities as them come with the same tenacity. May God comfort Todd's family and friends during this time of mourning.



Thank you for your comments about Todd and John. It is during this time that it is good to have people like you express their views.

It is fitting to remember who stood by LANL and its employees.

Indeed, during a period of crisis, change, and transition that some might attempt to take advantage of this.

In this spirit, I have taken the time to look into a matter. I believe this warrants your review and I believe it is appropriate to include this link in these rememberances about Todd.

I do not speak for Todd, but I can only guess. In my view, Todd would want others to know the truth.

Thus, during this time, I must share with you a word of caution. I hope that you are able to accept this "gift" of information in the spirit that it is intended: To let LANL know that people are rooting for you.

And also at the same time, sharing with you the concern that others may attempt to take advantage of the turmoil.

I have a link to a blog that outlines a concern I have and I believe it relates directly to what is going on now with Todd, his legacy, and the future of the Lab.

My reason for writing is to lend support, and also share what I have come to realize and I hope that you accept my gift of information in the spirit it is intended: A frinedly word of caution at a difficult time, especially when much work lies ahead in planning, reorienting, and doing what must be done to fight for the lab.

Thank you for considering my remarks.

Very respectfully,


You stood up for Todd from the start and did a great service to your fellow employees. I hope that in time the Laboratory will be a better place for what you did, and both your good names will be cleared.
John, You and Todd were both heros and patriots in that you decided what was best for the country, and did what you thought needed to be done. I am truly impressed by the success of the "impossible project", but apparently that was never considered in the decision to punish you two. I guess "patriot" is a label that goes along with "cowboys" and "buttheads" and "grousers". I always thought it was a good thing!!

Keep doing what you think is right, you inspire us all. We will miss Todd dreadfully, a good man is a treasure beyond all others.
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