Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shameless promotion

This is a shameless promotion of one of Los Alamos' newer business
establishments. I am sitting here, enjoying a wonderful lunch and a
glass of Stone IPA; my laptop is open on the table in front of me, and
I am reading the blog and catching up on my email via the Trinity
Beverage Company's new, free wireless internet. Why am I telling you
this? What does it have to do with LANL, the blog, or anything else

I'm telling you this because Ron Selvage, one of the owners of TBC,
has made my job of maintaining the blog both easier and more pleasant,
and I wanted other people to know that. Comments on this post will be
turned off: if you want to complain about the crass commercial nature
of this post, use the email address at the top of this blog and I will
make sure both of those complaints are properly handled.

The rest of you should come down and enjoy some good food and beer at
Los Alamos' only smoke-free bar/restaurant.

Bring your laptop.

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