Thursday, May 12, 2005

The response to the rumor, however, was quite telling

From Anonymous:

The IM picture-taking fiasco turned out to be a non-event. Either there never was a work order issued as claimed, or there was, but somebody eventually realized how incredibly stupid it would be to use LANL resources to photograph the memorial service of a former LANL employee whom the late, but not lamented Director Nanos had thoroughly vilified. The response to the rumor, however, was quite telling. A violent response would have been the likely outcome had LANL photographers showed up. I begin to wonder what, if anything the new interim director can do to even start to earn back some of the trust that Nanos and his cronies destroyed during that past year. Monday starts a new week, with a presentation by interim director Kuckuck to LANL staff. It will be interesting to see what impression he leaves.

Nanos is gone, but his cronies still remain.

I predict Kuckuck will lay words on us like, "we have had a difficult year, but now it is time to put that behind us, and look to the future", or some such. True enough, of course, but impossible without closure on a number of the raw, gaping wounds that remain from Nanos' interregnum. Like how Todd Kaupilla was unfairly fired over a security incident that turned out to be an institutional bookkeeping procedural flaw, for example. Or addressing the fact of the large numbers of staff who have left because of Nanos' unwarranted shutdown. Ditto the customers who have left. Or the mountains of unnecessary paperwork procedures Nanos instituted, like LIRs, IWDs, STOP training, etc. Or the incompetent staff he gathered around him.

If he mentions even one word on any of the above abysmal legacies of Nanos' short, but all too-long tenure, then I will sit up and begin to pay attention. Otherwise, different director, same LANL.
Look, eventually people have to either stop b*tching or leave! It is one thing to get behind a focused goal and target (Nanos), while it is another thing entirely to just complain about LANL in general without offering solutions. It is time to start focusing on how to improve LANL! No more b*tching without realistic, constructive suggestions and solutions!
Sorry, 10:59, but I found 10:44's post quite constructive.

Nanos has done tremendous damage to this laboratory. The task before us now is to reverse that damage. That can only be done by first acknowledging the specific damage that has occurred, then setting a course that corrects that damage.

The original question posed in this thread was "what can the new interim director do to restore trust?"

One piece of the answer was suggested by the 10:44 poster: acknowledge the disastrous mistakes committed by Nanos, openly and specifically, and then present the ways he intends to undo the damage. That would go a long way toward convincing the staff that he is serious about making LANL a productive laboratory again. Conversely, any appearance of whitewashing will be yet another in a long line of disastrous blows to morale.

One thing I can assure you is NOT constructive is telling people to "quit b*tching or leave!" Solving problems requires first pointing out the problems (i.e., "b*tching"). So you'd better get used to it. A lot more "b*tching" lies before us before we can solve these problems and get back onto a productive path.

Now, 10:59, let's hear your "realistic, constructive solutions."
I agree something more has to be done.
In my division two of the best people
just got faculty offers this week.
They said they will not stay. People
are leaving and it is going to get worse. What should we do? That is tough. Of course riding ourselves
of Nano's cronies will help. Also
saying how Nanos was a huge mistake will help. However I think we are going to lose a lot of the best
young people now who have options.
Advice that we not recognize and highlight abuse, inefficiencies, and waste is the advice that got us to this sad state of affairs. It was the advice followed by President Dynes behind his wall of silence. Such a strategy does not serve our interests as employees, the interests and reputation of the institution that must rest on the foundation of veracity and principled actions, or the interests of the American people that depend on us for this vital sector of their common defense. Silence is the coconspirator of evil and incompetence.
Could it be that the publicity generated by the IM order resulted in it being squashed? Even so, I do not believe the IM order, if it existed, was generated by Kuckuck's office. Again IF the order was written, there are more likely candidates in the oofice of the Associate Director for Administration and in the Security Division for two examples.
It was not and will not be Kuckuck's office until Monday May16.
I noticed on the original IM work-order thread that there is a possibility that the purported memo never existed. Seeing that a memo this explosive has not leaked to this blog(especially as the "IM employee" who leaked its existance has not sent out a copy), we ought to consider the possibility that it never existed.
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